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"The Play's The Thing" - a theatre thread


On any other week, I might politely decline, but as I am on holiday next week -




Quiet please, some of us are reading.






Alack tis he! Crown’d with rank fumiter and furrow weeds. With hardocks, hemlock, nettles, cuckoo flowers, darnel and all the idle weeds that grow.



Damn, the week has come and gone and I hadn’t realised it. But I am pretty much ready. Just need to record it… I first tried to use a facebook filter for one, but you can only film a few seconds. So unfortunately, it’s only a very quick one of Aquaman doing Hamlet’s soliloquy and the rest will be me.


Oh fiddlesticks…

I had completely forgotten about this.

Okay…I am just in from a small village fair in County Wicklow (it was raining…a lot). I am going get myself warmed up and then attempt to relearn the soliloquoy.

Edit: In the interim…here is someone doing it in the original Klingon… :wink:

And who can forget this classic performance?


Shit, like five attempts and I still messed up some of the lines. Ah well. It’ll have to do.

I filmed it as proof I’m not reading it off anything (not that you’d have to do the same, Simon, I just wanted to make it more interesting for myself really). So, prepare for Hamlet’s soliloquy with a German accent (and a few textual mistakes, ahem):


He wasn’t reading it off anything, Simon: a little birdie just off-camera was feeding him all the lines!

A standing ovation for Christian. I for one am very impressed. My German comprehension is better than I ever dreamed.

And I really can’t wait to see Justice League now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, that was great. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Now when do we get to see the rest? You and Simon could easily perform all the parts between the pair of you.


I was an actor in high school. Took me forever to learn lines. I last acted in college, for a class. I finally made it all the way through Monty Python’s “Argument Sketch” the day we performed. The rest of the cast (and the director, I think) wanted to use British accents, but I stuck with American. Surprised everyone, too, I think, when I wore glasses instead of contacts for it, because they had never seen me with them. I was going for nebbish.


That was fantastic Christian…I am really, really impressed. The gave the words such meaning.

Okay… Geez, you have raised the bar. I spent a chunk of yesterday memorising the lines…I’m not there yet, but I will get there.


Are you there yet?


Thanks, Simon, and Bernadette!

It was fun to finally memorise the whole of that soliloquy. And I do love trying to figure out which way to go with these. In our drama class in school, I also make the pupils act out monologues, as it’s such a great training in order to figure out how to stage a text and what to do with yourself while you’re performing it.


We have visitors at the moment. So I have only managed to memorize about half of it. :grimacing:


Whedonesque Shakespeare reading with the visitors in the garden.

Sorted. :smile:


Not with my in-laws :disappointed:


Maybe they could play the part of the trees?


Bravo Christian :clap:

Seriously dude, that was heartfelt. And don’t worry about the accent, it was fine. I might be English, but my Black Country dialect can border on goobledegook.

I played Scrooge when I was 10 and McDuff at 12, but my confidence left me about then, and has decreased in the intervening 41 years. I would love to have a go at this, but it would be a memory test, not acting like that.


Are you there yet? :slight_smile:


I have had a very trying week dealing with passive aggressive inlaws and a three year old who has never heard the word No.

So the answer is not just yet. :wink: