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So here’s the idea - You’re a well connected comics professional and you’ve got one big boiling idea for AN EXISTING PROPERTY that you’ve been dying to pitch. Today, you got the phone-call requesting to hear your ideas:



Deadpool :heart: Gambit. I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

'Nuff Said!


Here’s mine:

To Marvel,

A series of graphic novels reinventing classic icons for the modern era…

…(wait for it).

The idea:
The idea is called “World’s Greatest”, where each Graphic Novel belongs in a self contained universe where the title character(s) are that world’s “World’s Greatest” heroes. This doesn’t mean that the X-men can’t still be hated and feared, or that the Hulk isn’t still perceived as a monster, just that, to the world at large, these guys are the only real superheroes on the planet.

How it works:
There’ll be three GNs all up. X-Men: World’s Greatest, Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest and Hulk: World’s Greatest. These three were chosen because we haven’t ever seen a back to basics approach for the ORIGINAL X-Men that worked, and neither have we for the Hulk in his own title - Fantastic Four have seen a few modern retellings but they’ve all been criticised as missing the heart of the original.

The books themselves fit into Marvel continuity as being individual universes created by The Richards after Secret Wars. A little twist on the “Worlds Greatest Comics” moniker.

The titles:

X-Men: World’s Greatest.

A 192 page graphic novel featuring the origin of the five X-men. No, this doesn’t start with Xavier opening the school to five clueless students, in fact
Xavier is hardly the focus at all.
We start with getting to know the five individual characters as their powers manifest.

Angel is the handsome arrogant asshole son of a loving CEO due to inherit the company, but once his wings manifest stocks in the company start to crash.

Beast is the high school athlete with a love for science, but is encouraged to repress his interests because of his social standing.

Cyclops is the lonely orphan from the wrong side of the tracks, but only wants to do good in the face of all the bad he’s experienced.

Jean is the A-student coming into her own beauty and starting to turn the heads of boys, which causes her to begin to question her value to society at large.

Bobby is the son of his right-wing mayoral candidate mother, and a happy go lucky mothers boy, hardly aware of his families prejudices.

That’s where i’d start … telling their individual stories as teen-agers and then exploring what damage happens when their powers manifest in a world which can’t comprehend them.

Xavier and Magneto, the two heads of the Westchester academy would come into it in the second half, bringing them into the school, the book would end with Magneto taking Cyclops, Angel and Jean on a mission (unbeknownst to them) to murder Bobby’s mother, and ending in a fight between them Iceman, Beast and Xavier until the true violent extent of Magneto’s ideology is revealed and the X-men unite.

That’s probably a bare bones, and I’m sure it seems familiar in concept to many other books, but we haven’t ever seen a deep dive into the Original Five’s growth and character, and I’d love to see it done in a premium GN.

I’ll make writeups for the others later.

What ideas have you?


Birdman 2. All in stop motion.


My pitch for a 4-issuse mini series. Ideally with art by Rafael Albuquerque.

There’s a young man in a small town in America who gets the amazing idea that he’s going to make the world a better place by performing one good deed – no matter how large or small – every day. He does it secretly, because he doesn’t want any praise or glory.

The twist is, he’s actually an adopted alien who has incredible powers.

I’ll call it “Clark”.

Oh, and most importantly of all, he never punches anybody in the whole series. He doesn’t need to and he doesn’t want to.


I might have pitched this before and as yet it doesn’t have a title.

A story set in an alternate DC universe, like Red Son, but involving the main players.

Opening: The Wayne family leave the theatre and head into the alleyway as per every Batman origin story. A shadowy figure approaches the family asking for cash, Thomas Wayne fumbles for his wallet and it falls to the floor. The figure becomes impatient and agitated blaming Wayne for intentionally dropping the wallet. The figure pulls a gun becoming more infuriated, he grabs at Martha Wayne’s necklace she struggles and the gun goes off. Martha falls as a second and third blast fill the panel.
We see the figure pick up the wallet from a pool of blood and splattered pearls before running away.

Skip forward a few months, we see figures standing at a funeral, two headstones are visible but the names indistinguishable. The panels focus on one of the figures, shorter than the others in the crowd. As we move closer it becomes clear this isn’t who we were expecting but it is in fact Thomas Wayne now wheelchair bound overseeing the funeral of his wife and son.

Thomas is a tortured soul, reliving the events of that night over and over. A change in his character is apparent and as a result many of the more charitable elements of Wayne Industries are dissolved leading to rising crime figures and a general descent into villainy and dispair for Gotham. Thomas becomes more reclusive, barely being seen by anyone but his faithful butler Alfred.

One night as a heavily medicated yet still insomniac Wayne is looking from a balcony across the unkempt grounds of Wayne Manor. Something in the sky catches his eye, a star. The star gets brighter and larger and it becomes clear it is in fact a meteorite. The meteorite descends crashing into and through the grounds of Wayne Manor. Thomas, with the help of Alfred, investigates the site of impact. The meteorite has passed straight through the garden and into a formerly unknown cave structure. Their torches illuminate something man made in the cave, a spacecraft bearing a familiar symbol and containing an infant.

Thomas takes the child as his own, seeing the opportunity to claim back the son he lost. His son excels both academically and athletically occasionally displaying superhuman feats. Thomas begins indoctrinating his son with a very black and white world view, right and wrong are absolutes and wrong can never be justified.

Thomas trains his son in secret within the cave system discovered at the time of his son’s arrival. It is clear Thomas has a plan and as the training progresses he unveils suit inspired by the inhabitants of this cave The Batman is born. A true spirit of vengance tasked initially with tracking down and delivering the killer of his father’s former family. Upon completion of this task Thomas compels him to exact vengance and to kill the murderer, he reluctantly accepts but in doing so causes such an inner turmoil that his latent powers are awakened.

The spirit of vengance continues on this path, guided by the will of Thomas Wayne, facing many familiar villainous faces and dealing with them in the way his father expects (making full use of his new powers) but always struggling with this inner turmoil. This turmoil is only exasperated by his interactions with other familiar yet fundamentally different heroes he meets.

Will he continue to bend to the will of his exploitative adoptive father or will his deep seated moral values win through and if it does how will he atone for the wrongs he committed under Thomas Wayne.


Yes you have, I remember it.

But that’s a good thing – it means you’ve got a memorable idea :slightly_smiling:


Rick Veitch’ “The One”… It’s got it all true believers… Nuclear Armageddon, Nazi science, super soldiers, consciousness expansion, good vs evil and a role (Itchy Itch) that Steve Buscemi was born to play… What more could you “ACK” “ACK” “ACK” ask?


Did Vertigo ever do a Matthew the Raven / The Corinthian miniseries in which they have to solve a murder? Because if they haven’t, they really should.

He’s a bad guy reincarnated as Lord Dream’s raven and trying his best to be a good guy. He’s a nightmare serial killer who eats people’s eyes. Together they are…CSI:The Dreaming!

Um… you think that’ll do as a pitch?



Adapting Lovecraft’s works to any other form has been a challenge, but today it seems like there is a renewed hunger for cosmic horror to offset the usual demonic possession, poltergeist and slasher movies.

My idea would be to set a series right at the nexus of Lovecraft’s most influential stories - Miskatonic University.

The protagonist would be Randolph Carter, freshman who earned a rowing scholarship to the New England university. There he meets other students such as Robert Blake and Herbert West and falls under the mentorship of Henry Armitage, chief librarian and his coach.

As Carter and his friends are drawn into the darker mysteries of the university, he realizes that this is not really an academic institution but the DMZ of a cold war between those who oppose ancient sinister and inhuman beings determined to return and dominate the Earth and those who wish to see the Old Ones return to power.

As each student’s occult abilities are drawn out and refined at the University, they are drawn into the conflict and can never be sure which side their fellow students and faculty are on.


Kal L and Kara L might think they are the only surviving Kryptonians, but little did they know sanitation engineer Jor G, an avid follower of Jor L’s “crank” end of the world theories, managed to create a suspended animation capsule for himself, his wife Eth L and their infant son Rej E in the case of an apocalyptic catastrophe. Unfortunately, during the final moments of Krypton’s demise, Ran only has time to put his baby son in the capsule while he and his wife are consumed by the explosion of the planet as she tries to decide whether to save the family’s photo albums or pet cat Gar F.


A crew of space scum descend on the debris of Krypton hoping to scavenge some of its advanced technology and they discover Reg E in his survival capsule. The pirates leader, notorious criminal Twiz Det, keeps Reg E alive and imprisoned in a cage in the hopes that he might be valuable on the galactic black market for rare animals. However, when Reg E turns out to be incredibly durable and strong, Twiz finds a better use for him. He hires him out as a debt collector and enforcer to the galaxy’s worse gang bosses, and Reg - nicknamed “Dense” - does not disappoint.

Sent on what would be suicide missions for any other criminal, Dense completes his assignment with minor injuries and often leaves a trail of carnage and destruction in his wake. He becomes a shadowy legend in the galactic underworld, but Twiz keeps him chained up and caged just as he was as a child so his main profit-maker does’t get any independent ideas.

However, when accidental exposure to a specific kind of stellar radiation gives Dense incredible power and supercharges his mind, he breaks free from Twiz and searches for a new destiny beyond being a cosmic thug. However, with Twiz, the Gang Lords and the Galactic authorities on his tail, Dense soon discovers that old habits die hard and once you get used to solving problems with violence, it’s not easy to change your ways.


I’d take a crack at DCs Major Bummer. Ex-military that gets kicked out for malingering. Gets powers much like the original series, only this time he’s in a virtual reality. All kinds of fantastic things are happening around him, but all he wants is to be left alone.
You could also go into the Vertigo realm & say it God & the Devil have a bet on it. God bet he can make him productive by giving him powers & throwing amazing situations at him. The Devil just puts little distractions in.
In the end God gives up & the Devil wins. The bet? Hell is unleashed on Earth. The main character awakens to this mess sees his place is destroyed gets pissed. God never took away his powers so he ends up kicking the $#!+ out of the Devil while God watches & laughs


Slapstick, Squirrel Girl, Warlock ( New Mutants not Adam ), Imppy ( Impossible Man’s geeky son ), Ms Marvel, Gwenpool, and a time-displaced teenage Moongirl decide to have a movie night. The problem is they can’t find anything good to watch which one or more of them hasn’t already seen. Instead of arguing, they decide to go on a multi-dimensional road trip to find movies and comics that don’t exist in their realities. Hy-jinks ensue.

It’s your classic motley crew of zany characters on a coming of age road trip. While they’ll flirt with adult humor and sexuality, there’s a built in governor because the guys lack traditional genitals. They’ll draw from comics and movies to try and blend into these parallel worlds but that will usually fail miserably. They may try to save the day from something they see as a threat, which that reality might not see as a problem. It would all be peppered with the kind of meta-humor you’d get from Rick and Morty’s Interdimensional Cable.

In the end, they find the perfect movie, escape the trouble they’ve gotten themselves in, and make their way back home. When they pop it in, they realize the blu-ray is region coded and they need to go back and get a player.


That’s imaginative, though it feels a bit too scattered. I like the virtual reality idea.

Also, Major Bummer is really Arcudi’s baby, right? I think you could maybe throw this into something more original and, honestly, timely. Lately, I think there is a somewhat active new genre called RPGlit. Basically, you see it a lot in Anime, but READY PLAYER ONE qualifies as probably the most obvious entry in the genre. SWORD ART ONLINE, though, is much more popular and set deep into it.

Essentially, the genre’s basic parameters are that you follow a character either as both his real world persona and his gamer avatar in the (usually) fantasy world of the game OR, more common, the gamer is somehow sucked into the game’s reality.

So, you could have a lazy slacker character - call him Gabe - in the near future who is actually a noob at gaming. He receives an invitation to join a VR superhero game (or any kind of game honestly), but he’s incredibly surprised to find out that once he links up to the game, he can’t log out. On top of that, he’s also powered up to Silver Age Superman levels. Gabe has to figure out who sent him the link, and what they want him to do so he can get out of the game. And he has to somehow win the game before his body in real life dies from dehydration.

Of course, since Gabe’s such a powerhouse, he finds himself targeted by all the other demigod level players and has to learn fast to survive because if he dies in the game, he’ll start over and be no closer to getting out (a bit of Live. Die. Repeat).





Thanks. Yours sounds way better. When it comes to bigger ideas like that I get nervous. I had a really good idea for the last Millarworld Annual but got scared & didn’t submit. Oh well, could be worse. Ha!


I was just thinking, if he worked at a gas station, that would really sell the concept. And if his trademark image was something like, crouching on a moving truck.



I don’t read much by the ‘big two’ (Batman: White Knight and DK3 are recent exceptions) so forgive me if this has been done before, but I’d be very interested to see a version of Batman that wasn’t supported by a huge fortune. Perhaps some mysterious benefactors for initial training, skills and basic armoury - then he’s on his own…