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The Photography thread


So I’ve been getting into photography over the last few years and I was wondering if anyone else on here is an avid snapper?

The photos don’t have to be mega arty and can just be some good shots you’ve taken on your phone.

So Milllarworld, let’s see yer pics*.

You know damn well I don’t mean those pics :smiley:


Off the coast of the Whitsunday Islands, Australia.

A railway track in Bolivia.


And from the phone, drunkenly walking passed the Imperial War Museum.


I played around with a DSLR a lot for a few years, but generally I just use my iPhone these days.

My Instagram is thefourthcraw - a few recent ones:


Here’s a pretty cool pic of my brother and his wife.


A few more from my last trip.


This is my favourite photo I’ve ever taken. My kids last year at bass pro shop :rofl:. Went there to see Santa but the youngest didn’t want to see him, so this is what I got, which was way better than a Santa pic anyhow.


Are you on Instagram?


No, never saw the point of it.
I guess I should look into it.


There’s things I like about it, and things I don’t. I like to use it as a place to give a little behind the scenes, showing works in progress and stuff like that.


Some more randoms:


These are great!


Possibly my youngest ever attentive audience member at a conference lecture (piped to the crèche!)

St Thomas’ Hospital at dawn (this is where I work)

Celestial Navigation