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The Perfect Ra's Al-Ghul and Talia


This is interesting. A friend of mine briefly dated Caroline Munro before I knew him, which was very exciting to hear. She was apparently incredibly nice and sweet and had a big collection of cuddly toys. Very different from what he expected after seeing her playing spies and pirates et al…



Holy crap… Shes amazing :heart_eyes:


Agreed, really beautiful and she appeared in a lot of my favourite films growing up.

‘The Golden Voyage of Sinbad’ and ‘At the Earth’s Core’ are still great fun to watch even today.


I had a crush on her when I was in grade school.


They would have been perfect!


So perfect, it’s not even funny!


Ah, now you’re in my territory! Of course they would have been perfect. One thing that worked a bit in Batman Begins was famous-face Neeson using the name Ducard. A Ducard. Anagram of Dracula. (Sort of.) Herring comma red comma one each. Sort-of-al-Ghul-ish facial hair choice.

Neal Adams, Christopher Lee, Caroline Munro, Stan Lee - all contemporaries.

C’mon, who wouldn’t want to see a desert sword-fight between prime-time Chris Lee and, say, Ben Affleck? Or Bale (he did better on the training scenes movement-wise). Maybe not Adam West, but who knows what he might have done with different wardrobe design?


Caroline Munro was in every film that made an impression on me in my formative years.

I’m sure I read somewhere that she was considered to play Ursa in Superman. Somewhere in the multiverse there must be an Earth-1978 where she played both Ursa and Talia and became the most famous actress in the world :slightly_smiling:


Caroline Munro turns 68 today.