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The perfect actor for the perfect superhero movie!


Agree to agree!


SimonJones - Exactly.


Who I wanted to see as Wonder Woman for years:


Is she a good actress? I haven’t seen anything from her credits.


She’s decent.


Richard Brake as Joker


My choices for Storm:


Vanessa Williams

Nona Gaye


I love Iman as Storm! Great call.


Speaking of TDKR, the only one name comes to mind - Clint Eastwood. But he is too old now. But I’d love to see it as Michael Keaton playing, in Tim Burton interpretation. Also, Willem Dafoe as Joker… Whew!



I’m on board.


Found this linked in a topic on the Hudlin Entertainment Forums. Omari Hardwick (Power) as John Stewart:


I would’ve loved Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Niteowl II.




Finally we can say it about a casting: doesn’t have big enough boobs :wink:


My pick for the Riddler:


Ooo. That’s pretty brilliant.


Yeah, I’ve seen him in a production of Harvey and he does have a sense of amiability that could be great for Riddler’s cloying saccharine riddle telling


I think he could handle the aloof, condescending intellectualism of the character well.


Definitely, they go hand in hand I feel. You have to have the showman in there.