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The perfect actor for the perfect superhero movie!


not sure if this is perfect but i saw this last week and I liked it and this seems a good place to put it.


Maybe, if she weren’t already Claire Temple…


She was a total Fox in Sin-City maybe go the Bill/Lou route of Dawson as fritzy Ally Mcbeal Dan Slott Betty and Cris Cyborg (when she was big) for when she’s hulkin’ out.

I always thought Li’ Dawny would be perfect for Hawkguy’s Kate Bishop, thoughts?


I like Trachtenberg as Kate Bishop but Cyborg is actually shorter than Dawson by 4 inches. She’s also only 66kg - clearly cut but I’m not sure if that would play as “Hulking Out” on film.

If you were going to go that route than you probably need to cast someone much shorter than Dawson for Walters, or go someone crazy big like Thuraia Sobh for Shulky.


Your face when someone drops knowledge:


Tom Cruise really should play Col. Steve Austin, the “Six-Million-Dollar-Man.” If you go back and read the original novel, Martin Caidin’s CYBORG, it already would work as a movie even if the television series never existed. Essentially, the reader gets invested in Steve Austin long before the crash that takes his limbs (and one eye) and it takes him from a man who just wants to die to one who actually has to fight to survive by the end. Also, much more than the series, Austin is really reluctant to become a spy or secret agent and wonders if his former friends now care more for his potential as a weapon than see him as a human being. Cruise would certainly be at the top of the list to play Austin in a faithful adaptation of the novel that didn’t rely on the kitschy nostalgia of the series.


I no way does that sound like Tom Cruise, to be fair…


But it is something he could play. In the first couple of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE films, he showed more reluctance and a rebellious inability to play by anyone else’s rules. I’m also thinking more of his work from MINORITY REPORT to EDGE OF TOMORROW where he has to have a complete reversal of character.


The perfect Lex Luthor, even if no one in Hollywood apparently thinks so:


Good call


Now that I think about it, Zane could also probably have played Charles Xavier.


John Byrne thinks a young Denzel Washington would have been perfect as T’Challa/Black Panther:


Kristofer Hivju (GOT) would make a good Thor.


That’s largely because he was frozen in a block of ice 1,000 years ago and only thawed out recently.


In that case maybe he’d make a better Captain America.


I’m thinking Jennifer Garner might have made a better Jean Grey than Elektra.


Young Tom Waits as Wolverine, too.

And he should play it with Nic Cage level crazy like this.


Also, as far as comic book characters, Robin Williams was perfect as Popeye despite the (still loveable) flaws of the film. In fact, everyone in the movie was perfectly cast. I wish it had taken much more of a silent film comedy in the style it was shot rather than just in the production and acting.

I can’t really think of a good actor who could have been like Spider-Man from the comics. The movies tend to warp him to fit the casting. Maybe Anthony Michael-Hall as sort of a combination of his characters from Weird Science and The Breakfast Club.

The one mistake I think the movies make is that the New Yorkers all love Spider-Man. I think it works best when we, the audience watching, all love Peter Parker as a hopelessly good-hearted kid who’s trying to do the right thing, but the city mostly thinks Spider-Man’s a scary menace. I think that would be a lot more effective than always having him turn out to be seen as a hero by the entire city too. I don’t really understand why the filmmakers always go that route. We don’t need validation for the hero from the fictional population of the city. We see him when they don’t, so we’ll know he’s a hero when they won’t. And it is much more appealing if he’s a hero even though he’s never recognized for it.


I love casting characters. I’ve always thought it was a super fun thing to do. A while ago, I made a bunch of images (67) of actors/actresses to play certain characters and I was thinking of starting an all new thread for it that would include characters from all companies, but maybe I should post them in this thread. What do you guys think? I’d probably just post a few at a time so as not to be too overwhelming.


Go go power casting!