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The perfect actor for the perfect superhero movie!


Maybe if Jon Hamm or Chris Evans did more charity work. :wink:

I don’t watch wrestling. So I’m a little late on the Cena bandwagon but I think he’s perfect because of the energy he would bring to the role. You could believe that there is a kid inside that huge body. If you don’t believe me watch some of his stuff from last week’s SNL. It’s like if Big era Tom Hanks was also jacked as fuck.

Cena is very much into charity work especially for sick children. Last year he was the first celebrity to grant 500 wishes in Make-A-Wish Foundation history. From what I can tell the next celebrity down is Justin Bieber at around half that. So I think he also embodies Superior on the inside.

Edit: I mean seriously. How could you not love this guy?


Yeah, I agree Cena all the way…anyone who has a tea party is ok in my book!


I know I beat this one to death a bit and for that I apologize but Superior is a bit personal for me. It’s one of the reasons I would like to see Cena get the role. He already makes it his job to help kids suffering from debilitating diseases and seems to love doing it. I would love it if if he put MS in his crosshairs. I think he would be the actor to do it on top of being perfect for the role.


I agree with this a hundred times over, he has this real innocence and naivety about the way he gets on, even in that recent Amy Schuler one he just seems like a big kid. He’s ridiculously likeable because of it. Alot of people act like good guys, but you can really tell when people actually are, I definitely see the Cena/Hanks comparison in that way.


Other than “acting” in the squared circle is he a decent actor?
I’ve never Actually seen him anything other than WWE back in the day…


He’s no Oscar winner right now but he’s definitely believable and he doesn’t think he’s very good himself and is constantly trying to learn and get better according to interviews. He’s very humble about it but in that Amy Schumer film he has brilliant self awareness and all his delivery is spot on so I think he’s a lot better than he’s thinks he is which is a great sign, The Rock was the same.


I think he’ll admit that his acting career is just getting started. When he was on Colbert’s show he said it was all just a trial run or warm up to this point. He was one of the best things about Trainwreck even though he only had a small part. His recent SNL hosting gig was pretty great too. With the right director, I think he could be gold. I think Superior would play to his strengths.


We do t get SNL over here to my knowledge…plus I never watched train wreck…wasn’t my demographic! :joy:


Trainwreck is way better than you’d think… It’s just a genuinely good comedy it’s not really a chick flick, it just more hangs its coat on that hook. You can see the worthwhile bits of SNL on Youtube because we are living in the near dystopian future we always dreamed of.

First one is from ages ago but came up first


I think that it is true of a lot of actors have a very limited range, but within that range they can be brilliant. I would give the example of people like The Rock or even George Clooney.

So he could be fantastic if given the right material…I still haven’t seen anything with him in it (Go Team Evans :smile:).


Cena is also fairly self aware and willing play with the perception most people would have of him.


So far, Ryan Reynolds was pretty perfect as Deadpool. Benedict Cumberbatch was pretty perfect as Doctor Strange. Christopher Reeves was perfect for Superman.

Very few other actor/character combinations were really as close as those even for Tony Stark and Logan.

However, the most perfect combination was Jim Carrey for The Mask. He would’ve been terrific for an actual faithful adaptation. It would be a strange if Jim Carrey had actually taken a career path closer to Robert Englund’s with Freddy Kruger, but it would’ve worked.


Someone has already had this idea but my girl, Rebel Wilson as Faith from Harbingers (Fabian Nicieza not Jim) in a standalone movie but less X-men-y and with a more BtVs female empowerment clever/witty/nerdy vibe.


He would be a lot poorer and a lot less famous though.


When Michael B. Jordan was in his teens, I so saw him playing Static:


Robert Pattinson as (Warren Ellis’ run) Moon-Knight? Because I think Cosmopolis was an influence on Ellis writing Moon-Knight and Pattinson was absolutely going bonkers in that film.


Oh Christ yes, make this happen Valiant!


I can actually see that working. Nice one.

No one suggested Arnie for Cable? Really?


Arnie as Cable was talked about quite a bit in the Deadpool thread just after the film came out.


Ah. I forgets. I blame… you.

edit: For not reminding me sooner.