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The perfect actor for the perfect superhero movie!


It would be interesting to cast actors from previous eras as superheroes today. Didn’t Millar do a piece about Orson Welles considering playing Bruce Wayne?

Warren Oates in his prime would’ve been a good Wolverine. Burt Lancaster as a Terminator Slade with Kirk Douglas as Deadshot would be my dream 60’s team up. Young Shirley MacLaine as Harley, maybe? Tony Curtis as the Joker.


Not at all! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Just think a Russian accent and a Swedish accent from two of three main characters might be a little too much for some people! :wink:


Errol Flynn as Nightcrawler. Harold Lloyd as Dr. Strange. Buster Keaton as The Vision. Klaus Kinski as Loki. I can see that…!


I can agree to that too!



Jim Brown and Yaphett Kotto. Throw in a soundtrack by Curtis Mayfield or Bobby Womack (and maybe some Memphis Horns) and I would watch the hell out of that thing.


Plus, Michael York as Iron Fist…!


That was a prank. :wink:


A great prank


He’s had a very interesting life - chemical engineer, bouncer, model, Grace Jones’ boyfriend, actor.


Miley Cyrus circa-2014 as Carrie Kelly!!!


A noble and, without a doubt, fascinating profession, I’m sure…!


Oh, and Grace Jones as a female Professor X in a radical X-Men reboot? Please, take my money!


Who is/ should star in Starlight, Superior, Huck and Nemesis movies?


Clint Eastwood circa 1988 Heartbreak Ridge would have aced the Dark Knight.

The 80’s tv show the Fall Guy had a bloke playing the role of ‘Howie’, Colt Seavers chum. He looked like Kevin Maguires Captain Whitebread/captain marvel in the excellent late 80s justice league.


HUCK obviously Channing Tatum
McQueen: jk Simmons
Nemesis: Armie Hammer


Don’t forget John Cena as Superior. :wink:


I woulda said Jon Hamm, myself and make him younger when the kid is watching a “superior movie” Lind the dud with mike Douglas in ant man


I always liked Jon Hamm for Superior. I think that he has said that he’s not into the idea of superhero movies though.


No. No. Chris Evans is so much more charismatic.

Actually, John Hamm would be a good choice for Superior.