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The perfect actor for the perfect superhero movie!


Anyone else think that if they made a Dark Knight Returns movie 18 years ago Brian Dennehy woulda been perfect too?


Not me.


Not seeing it.


Face-wise, for the last two chapters where Batman gets truly bestial, yeah. But otherwise, not so much.


you are all wrong! :joy:


I didn’t even know Dennehy was a prefect, were you in his year at school Matt?


i’m sure i have no idea what you mean? :confused:


Ninja thread-editing! :spy:


I’m looking at that face and I’m thinking: Cable…!


I’d say more Steven Lang for Cable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah…Lang’s too small. Lundgren all the way.


Good call!


Thank you. I think Lundgren could do the deadpan, straight man that is Cable against Reynolds’ wacky Deadpool.


Perfection! I’ve always been of the opinion that Lundgren is a pretty underrated actor in the Kicksplosion department. Sure, he’s a bit of a one trick pony, but he does that one trick so very, very well.


He’s turning tricks?! :grimacing:


Ask him that question to his face. I dare you :smirk:


Sure, I’m tired of eating solid food…


Come to think of it, in his younger years, Lundgren would have been the perfect Colossus.


That’s my only issue of having him in deadpool too as cable…too many accents :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Boize moi, tovarich, are you dissing the Lundmeister…?! :grin: