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The only preview of Reborn by Millar and Capullo...


…you’re going to get until release week. No interviews or previews or ANYTHING until the week it launches. Our theory is that in an age of constant chatters and previews showing nothing is suddenly kinda interesting. So this is all you get until our ONE video interview and ONE written interview get published in week of release.

Gotta love that Capullo!



This page is wonderful:


Looks amazing, Chief. I can’t wait to read it.


Looks beautiful.

Could do with more… text?


I think it’s just an unlettered preview.



@TMasters is gonna be upset when he sees what happens to that little white dog…


This is a dream come true! Millar, Capullo and a dream world of endless possibilities…


Whoa…this is looking like career work by Capullo already.