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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


That’s because you don’t have a soul. :wink:


This is true.

Why do you think I left NZ for Scotland?


1940s-style Action Comics wins top cover award from me. I have no idea who the artist is just by looking at it.


Love that one but I personally feel like Michael Allred won the Action #1000 variant award.


Ah, it’s a while since the horn sounded to call me to war.

Pass me my fighting trousers please.


Trousers? Isn’t this cause for a war kilt?


Checking my digital copy (which thankfully has all the covers included) it is Michael Cho.

I have to confess not being familiar with his work, it seems he does a lot of illustration in both comics and outside, not that much in interior work.


After reading Action Comics #1000 this morning I can’t help but think Marvel missed a great opportunity with Cap #700. Instead of getting their best talents to create stories of why Cap is such a great character we get the end of a fun but forgettable arc.
It doesn’t surprise me they dropped the ball and the contrast in how each company handled huge milestone events is telling.


Was it that good? I didn’t bother buying it because I don’t love the format (or price tag) but maybe I’ll go back.


I haven’t had a chance to read it due to other obligations last night but I’m very much looking forward to it.


It was good. The creators told some fun and interesting stories, love letters to Superman. I’m glad I got it but I didn’t enjoy it as much as Superman 400. This could be the nostalgia factor, though as I adored it when I came out.
The two issues are very similar in a good way.


It’s a celebration from various creators of what Superman is all about. What Waid and Samnee made a short run of in an effort to “redeem” Captain America, these guys made explicitly clear in each short. If you read this and still don’t understand Superman, then that’s on you.


I went in expecting nothing different. I am not a huge Superman fan, I’ve only really followed the comic when Byrne did it.

I liked the short stories, all the artwork was awesome, such a thrill to see Garcia Lopez with modern colour and print techniques, he’s a genius.


Superman hovering above Lex Luthor with Neal Adams pencils? That did me. It don’t get much better than that!

(Except maybe Neal on Batman…)


I read the latest Batman. Not quite sure what’s going. Part of the storyline with the wedding seems current but the timey wimey aspects have a very different world. I trust King to have it explained as it goes on.

I do feel he’s very confident on the book now after the ‘voice’ not really being clear in the first few arcs he did. As an aside I heard him on Word Balloon say his plan was for a 100 or 103 issue run on the book, why maybe the extra 3 he didn’t explain.


103 is a bit of a landmark number in comics, it’s one more than the number of issues Lee and Kirby did straight on Fantastic Four together.

I remember a big fuss being made when Bendis & Bagley passed that milestone on Ultimate Spider-Man.


Ha, maybe that is the relevance of 103.

It is weird with this double shipping that he’s nearly halfway there and feels like he’s just started. Almost certainly on the scripting level he’s already passed 50 issues.

It was a thing a year or two back to say creative teams switch all the time in modern comics but from the writer aspect the runs are really longer than ever before. Due to his speed I suspect Bagley will keep that record for a very long time.


Booster Gold figured the best wedding gift for Bruce Wayne is to show him how needed his (Bruce’s) Batman is. So he goes back in time to save Thomas and Martha. It’s a nod to Superman: For the Man Who Has Everything and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Of course, things don’t end up as planned.


I did get that basic idea, it just seems weird to me that the entire world is changed completely, Jokers all over the place, Dick now Batman who seems to kill as first option, yet the wedding is still the same.

It’s a very accurate butterfly effect that changes everything apart from one thing.


Ah, ok. At first I thought there’s no way Gar didn’t get that if even I can figure it out :smiley:

But the fiancee wasn’t named that I recall. I assume she’s the same, maybe not.