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How does the Kirby story work?


Oh yes, I meant to mention that. It’s Waid scripting over old Kirby art, but the finish to the art looks pretty modern (probably largely due to the colouring).

To be honest it didn’t come together brilliantly for me, the story is only short and is quite action-based but Waid over-writes it a bit during the action scenes, when the art doesn’t really need it.

It’s a nice little retro curiosity though, and Waid deliberately apes the Silver Age style of writing in places, which is fun - those bits don’t feel overwritten, just authentic. :slight_smile:

I can’t place the art exactly but it feels like something from Kirby’s '70s Cap run, so if it’s ‘new’ and unpublished Kirby art then I guess it’s probably left over from then.


I hope you got all the variant covers!


Did he overwrite because the word bubbles were already in place on the page? That is what I assumed. I agree it did read weird.


That’s a good point, I don’t know. It might be that he had to fill that space like you say.


Captain America #700 - This issue was bittersweet. I’ve really enjoyed Waid and Samnee’s run. It’s been incredibly refreshing and just a solid book that didn’t feel like it was serving any other masters. However, it was cut way too short. This issue was a nice wrap up to the current arc that puts all the pieces back where they were before it started. I enjoyed the Kirby back up story. I agree that it felt overwritten but I just assumed that was Waid trying to do a Silver Age take on the story as most of the comics from that era have that feeling to me. I’ll probably take this as my chance to jump off the book too. If Waid’s subsequent issues get good press, maybe I’ll watch out for the 99¢ trade. As I said above, I would have preferred this to have been a much longer run but if the only thing this entire run gave us was the Cap vs. Kraven issue, I still think it was worth it.

X-Men Red #3 - I’m still enjoying this book but would like to see more of what was promised in the first issue. I understand why they would jump straight in to the new status quo but if it takes more than one arc to get there, I’m not sure I’m along for that ride. I really want to see what Jean Grey’s new vision is.


Is there something controversial in the issue?


Some people have played up the fact that Cap dies in the issue, even though it’s obviously not as straightforward as that. :slight_smile:


That was a bit of a weird way to close the loop. Plus that there was what I presume was a nuclear explosion that destroyed the sub but didn’t affect anything around it.


Yeah, that bit wasn’t totally clear. I assumed that future-Cap managed to sabotage it in such a way that the nuke didn’t go off, it just made the sub explode.



The Devil In Disguise #2

Second issues are hard. You’ve got the setup out of the way, but now you actually have to do something interesting with it, and give people a reason to stick around.

With the second issue of The Devil In Disguise, @mattgarvey1981 and @bedtime143 pull this off well, mixing humour and enjoyable plot progression with a subversive twist on super heroics to help this book offer even more than you might have expected from the first chapter.

This issue explores Nate’s new relationship with his demonic possessor, with some fun interplay between their speech bubbles and captions (that uses colour cleverly but unobtrusively), and which reminded me a bit of the fun that Kill Or Be Killed is currently having in playing off the book’s various interior and exterior voices.

(Talking of which, this scene comes just before a great movie-homage that you see coming a split-second before you read it, and which works perfectly as a result. No, I’m not going to spoil it here.)

The mixture of humour and darkness works well, and I like the core concept of the book - a Devil who wants somebody to tackle bad guys by ‘scaring them straight’ (again, for reasons that I won’t spoil).

Ahmad’s art is very solid, with one or two real standout moments like an early transformation scene, or a later ‘hero moment’ that evokes the kind of exciting city-swinging visuals you associate with Spider-Man or Batman (or even Moon Knight, which seems to be a bit of a visual influence).

Ahmad also does well with the smaller moments, capturing expressions well and telling the story clearly. His style is really likeable - without comparing it directly to the work of any other particular illustrator, it definitely reminds me of some of the more consciously retro modern-day comics artists, with its clear lines, bold colour, and elegant figure work.


I always check out Matt’s books, as so far each has managed to offer something distinctive and fun. This is no exception, and given the way that certain plots are moving forwards here, I’m already interested to see what issue #3 brings.


BWAHAHAHAHA! Well-played.


Agree on all points. Looking back, I think what I enjoyed quite a bit about this arc is that one can easily see Marveltryingto turn this into yet another 10 issue series, with 18 ancillary tie ins, with separate prelude and conclusion issues, yet they told a great, contained story in about four issues. I hope this is a sign of things to come.


Even if that’s the case it would be an effective dirty bomb spreading the fissionable material around the blast site and through the water but maybe that’s getting a bit too far into the the minutiae/science of the thing.


Exiles #1
There are two things bugging me about this book. First is that it’s really drawn out. The previous Exiles series launched by introducing their whole team within an issue. This spends ages with chained-to-the-moon Nick Fury monologuing, spends quite a while reintroducing Blink and then sends her on a tour of different realities to pick up her new team (and we don’t even get all of them in this issue). It feels pretty slow and I don’t think there’s much gained from going to the team’s home realities. Jeff Parker did a very similar idea much more succinctly within his first issue. Given that, let’s be honest, the book’s unlikely to survive for more than 12 issues, I’m not sure it has the luxury to be so slow in just setting itself up.

The other is that Ahmed and Rodriguez don’t seem to have captured Blink properly. I don’t just mean because Rodriguez is highlighting her (forgotten) Bahamas ethnicity/nationality by drawing her with distinctly Afro-Caribbean features (though that is a little jarring and isn’t being done by the cover artists let alone any other artist who’s drawn her before), but Ahmed doesn’t quite get the character. When she’s summoned and told she needs to save realities from being destroyed, she baulks and says she’s upto it, despite it literally being the point of the previous Exiles series. Blink is experienced, self-confident and a natural leader. Having her go “shouldn’t you call the Avengers?” is a really limp attempt at adding a rejection of her call to action. Which it wouldn’t really need if the book has just thrown all the characters together at once and she’d been forced to step up and lead as usual. (and this is the Blink of previous Exiles series, although references to her back story line up more with her exit from Claremont’s run rather than how the Parker series ended up).

There’s some interesting art though and the final pages is somewhat intriguing, so I’ll stick around for the next issue at least.


I am shocked that they actually brought Phantom Stranger back.
I thought for sure they’d quietly sweep that under the rug.


I agree with the sentiment, but I preferred the Swordsman issue, with the dam. Perfect issue. Great run.

I’m hanging on for the next few issues, but I’m sorely tempted to dig out my back issues from Waid’s earlier runs to relive the magic for a few more weeks.


YOU’RE WRONG! The Kraven issue is objectively superior to the Swordsman issue in every way! :wink:

Honestly, I couldn’t fault you on any issues in the run. I wasn’t particularly enamored with the current storyline as a standalone but it felt like a piece of a larger puzzle that we’ll never see.

I had hoped to chat with Waid a bit about his plans last weekend but never ran across him.


What are you, some kind of engineer?

Huh? What? Again?


He’s the Marvel Universe’s Kenny.