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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’ve never heard of the comic before, but the Family Trade cover is really eye-catching.


Crossed + 100: Mimic has been delayed twice and now it’s been delayed until the last week of June.

Oh wow.


Captain America has Jack Kirby’s name on the front so it’s the best cover of the week for me.

Someone has to let me know how Immortal Men is. I’m interested in it but have not enjoyed this last round of new DC books.


Looks like Captain America #700 and X-Men Red #3 for me.


Is it pointing to the elephant in the room that Kirby died 24 years ago? :smile:

Is Waid scripting over some old artwork?




Interesting. Is it something that was previously unpublished or just re-scripting an older story?


It’s promoted as a previously unreleased story, IIRC.


The Originals are well known, or at least in military circles. I read a fascinating book on them called Rogue Heroes, detailing how they came about and their exploits in WWII. Well worth the read.


Is anyone else sick to death of Sentinels being used as generic villains of the week in X-men comics?

Especially since they never actually do anything aside from cause millions of dollars in property damage.

Anyone? Just me? Cool. I’ll go back to my box.


For me, Flash, Cap 700 (love the jokes here about this ish), WW, Barbarella, Vader, Old Man Logan and catching up the last few issues of Saga. Though I went ahead and bought it for posterity sake, this cover below represents how I feel about comic books and now Mad magazine overplaying the reboot to # 1 angle ad nauseum. Way to rape one of the few demographics that still reads print media, peeps.


I may have to go back and grab that issue of Mad. I loved that as a kid.


Same here. Ditto for my Pop, who is 76. We both have grabbed issues over the years and shared them amongst each other and we enjoy grabbing old issues at flea markets and antique stores. He was pretty ticked off about this reboot. Not sure if he’ll want to read my copy, lol, but for fans, it’s all the same ol’ stuff, which is at least to the good…maybe a hair more lowbrow. It’s just annoying that this institution of lampoon has to resort to this kind of trickery to ramp up sales.


I’m more thinking… Jaws.


I think Dave got it right with Apocalypse Now but it can be applied to a lot of references.


Yeah, pretty sure it’s a reference to this.

All your other suggestions are funnier though.


Few first issues of note this week that I’ve picked up.

Crude # 1
steve Orlando Image book. I’ll give this first issue a try despite being far from convinced about his writing

Domino # 1
Not a character I give a monkey’s about, but still, Gail Simone, right?

exiles # 1
I think this looks really pointless but I hear a lot of great things about the writer so I’ll give it an issue

the immortal men # 1
I will buy anything Tynion IV writes (apart from backstagers which is twee pish and I’ve been looking forward to this for a while)

dead hand 1
Kyle Higgins new image book. I’m not the biggest espionage story fan, but I’m at the stage I’m giving all Image first issue a read.

I was really tempted by both Gideon Falls and Oblivion Song # 2 but I managed to persuade myself to be patient enough to read in trade as I do with almost all Image books bar mini’s. It was a hard mental battle as Gideon Falls was excellent and Oblivion song also started strongly

Never picked up xmen red # 3, I’m enjoying it but I’m thinking I’ll hold out and see how long Marvel continue this 69p collections sale for. If they don’t still do it by the time it’s collected I’ll probably go back and pick up the issues I’ve missed.


Captain America #700

You might have seen some spoilers online about what happens in this issue. While the event that they describe does happen here, it isn’t really the point of the issue, or even a major shock. Instead, the story is more about showing the spirit of Captain America, and how it endures even in the direst circumstances.

That sounds soppy and dull, but there’s actually quite a lot of action here, as well as some lovely scenes of Cap trying to rebuild American society in the dystopian future that he’s been stuck in for the last few issues. We see quite a lot of time pass, and we see Cap’s resilience tested to the point where even he finds it difficult to hang onto hope that him and his resistance movement can make the world a better place.

What happens after that, I won’t spoil, other than to say that it provides a satisfying and circular resolution to the current mini-arc, while also setting the stage for future Captain America stories to pretty much go wherever they want.

Chris Samnee’s art continues to be beautiful, and perfectly in tandem with Waid’s writing (as we’ve discussed before, that division isn’t even a particularly clean one with this creative team). There are lots of nice visual moments here - including a sequence that evokes one of the most classic Cap sequences of all time, in a thrilling, vibrant and dynamic way - but for me I think my favourite page of the issue might be this weird but wonderful sequence of panels.

I don’t think I’ll follow Captain America now that this team is leaving the book (although I think Waid is staying on as writer for a bit longer?), but this was a lovely way to go out.


Detective Comics #978 was another fantastic issue by Tynion and Javier Fernandez. This final arc does justifiably feel like the culmination of everything Tynion’s done on this book since the beginning of his Rebirth run. It’s weaving together threads from every direction. And, it’s topped off with another fantastic cliffhanger.

Immortal Men #1

Okay, let’s note straight away that Jim Lee couldn’t even finish a whole issue before he abandoned this book. That’s appalling. The Ryan Benjamin pages are alright, but his current style is noticeably different to Jim’s, and that is jarring. Furthermore, it’s a bit galling to read “Created by James Tynion and Jim Lee” right there on the credits page of this, and I assume every future issue. It’s a terrible bait & switch, and I’m disappointed that DC let this happen.

Putting that aside, Tynion’s story was just alright too. There’s a lot of exposition in this issue, but not much actual plot. The new team of characters also feels a lot like Tynion’s trying to bring some of his more quirky independent sensibilities into the DCU, and I’m not sure they fit. I’ll give it another issue or two to grow on me (given how much I adore ‘Tec he deserves that much), but I’m not hopeful after this debut.

I still have Captain America #700 and Gideon Falls #2 to read. Looking forward to those.


Yep. Waid’s got one more 4 issue arc, with a bunch of high profile guest artists. Looking at Cap’s legacy in the far future. I think that could be fun. But, I’m done after that too.