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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Yes! That sense of recurring formal patterns is really compulsive somehow. It leads your eye around the page clearly and directly, and gives some of the panels a real abstract feel.


Analog is Duggan’s new Image book with art and colours from O’Sullivan and Bellaire.

It’s a decent enough start to a near future tale where all the world’s secrets are out in the open and big corporations push the masses further into the gutter with their extortion over healthcare costs and rising food prices.

It’s nothing startling but there’s enough here to get my picking up the first trade when it comes out, mainly due to a likeable protagonist and an enjoyable enough flippant approach to storytelling and dialogue.


I will have to amend my last response, since I will admit after reading the three Bizarroverse installments in Supes that it was VERY well-crafted and I loved where it dropped and who/what it brought into the zany arc. Yes, the Bizarro dialogue starts to numb you after a while, but the execution and research going in to precisely presenting how Bizarro folk would speak, and how Supes and son and entourage would have to try and interact…great writing. I also say that the latest Star Wars…freakin’ riot. Keiron, you mad bastard, that bathroom scene was priceless. Took me everything not to wake the household from laughter this morning. Even the latest Nightwing one-shot story and the homage to Game of Death was so refreshing and very witty…now that batch of books is how you property start a Sunday.

I will need to go grab Xerxes…that looks stellar.


the curse of brimstone is the latest age of heroes book from DC and it is by far the weakest.
There is a decent kernel of an idea in here, which feels like it is influenced by early Stephen king novels. Unfortunately it is delivered in a completely unengaging fashion in both writing and art.

Justin Jordan’s pacing and dialogue is really boring and the art fails to deliver in a number of key areas; sense of place, storytelling, design and it also looks really rushed and loose, to the extent that looks like it’s missing a lot of lines and the colourist has had to fill in the gaps.

I’ve been enjoying this new line so far, but this is not a book I will be reading any more of.
Not sure who the target audience is.


deathstroke v Batman part 1 was good.
Although I enjoyed the idea of Alfred and wintergreen bantering about the English Premier League better than the scenes themselves.
Fair play to Preist for his research but no-one talks like that. It sounds like they are reading out newspaper headlines rather than 2 blokes in the pub chatting about football.


I appreciate deadlines are tighter nowadays but it so easy to run this shit past people for tweaking, Greg Rucka does it. He could have just emailed it to Rob Williams (a fellow DC writer and also a past sports journalist) and I’m sure he’d have helped.


Well, to be fair, they’re not exactly two blokes in a pub. It’s two “gentlemen’s gentlemen”.

I note this saying that I haven’t read it, so don’t know the dialogue in question, but have history with both characters.


It’s the first few pages, so it’s in the Comixology preview:


Just to balance this out - the ‘hook’ of this arc is great. Don’t want to spoil anything. It it involves fathers and sons.
I also love the timing of the credits page popping up, just as the BM vs DS action is about to kick off.


Cover of the week: some pretty generic superhero covers there so for me it goes to the new Lady of the Lake, Darth Vader.


I have a soft spot for the Darkstars so that Hal Jordan cover is pretty exciting.


Yeah, the Darth Vader Apocalypse Now one is pretty striking.


Weird i was going to say this almost word for word.
I’d dropped that book but preordered this issue digitally when I saw that the Darkstars were making an appearance.

Other than that I agree the Star Wars cover is the standout but I also like the design of the Avengers No Surrender cover and the art on the Detective Comics cover.


There are more problems there than the stilted football conversation:

“William Randolph Wintergreeen, Squad 22 of her Majesty’s Special Air Service.”
“… And I am Penelope Blake, Major.”

Unless it’s a plot point and clue to Alfred that these two have met before, how does she know he is a major?

I’m also not convinced that even a retired SAS soldier would admit to being in the SAS.


Agreed, though it pains me to vote against Supergirl :slight_smile:


I don’t think they are supposed to are they?

People figured out his real name but Andy McNab is a pen name and he appears only with his face obscured, the SAS didn’t even officially exist until they had to be revealed in the Iran embassy siege and then they were all obscured in balaclavas.


He’s trying to impress a woman in a bar, the rules go out the window.


A few more covers from the Big Bang this time.


IDW’s new Sonic title is coming out quickly, the first issue was only last week.

Edit: looking at the dates on Comixology, it seems like the first four are weekly and then it settles down into a monthly.


It’s a potential plot twist, he’s just made it all up to impress the ladies, he was really a postman.