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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Today I picked up Dark Nights Metal #6, The Terrifics #2 and Hit-Girl #2. I also had a ComiXology coupon so I decided to give Judas from IDW a shot. Anyone else read it?


Anyone have spoilers for Daredevil 600?


I didn’t know this was out this week. It hardly seems like any time at all since issue #500!

I’m following DD in trade but Soule’s run has been pretty good so far.


Love the Aja variant cover too.

And Quesada’s three are pretty cool.


aquaman 34 takes things in pretty dark direction - bringing on Kelly Jones for this arc was really good decision.


So, Daredevil #600, here you go:

The big bad guys meeting was a trap, they get arrested alongside a lot of heroes there to stop them, Daredevil gets away, confronts Fisk but doesn’t attack him, and gets quite a beating from the Mayor and is arrested. Fisk goes out to give a speech, and the Hand fills him with all the arrows in the world.

Due to REGULATIONS, Murdock becomes acting Mayor, while Daredevil is in custody… DUN DUN DUN

Oh, and the sidekick almost gives into The Beast, defeats Muse, who basically kills himself.


So Kingpin will be back in an issue or two, right?


He is in critical condition , so make it three.


This is starting to sound like we’re riffing on A Fistful of Dollars.

“Get three coffins ready…”


That’s Stan Lee’s standard plot #3 from every title he ever wrote in the 60s.

Naturally I approve :+1:


I skimmed through Doomsday and it gave some background. Now we are 33% done and I am expecting the book to take off in action the rest of the way. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: in hope…


Read Metal this morning. I’m still not quite sure what it was all about, but it seems like Snyder came up with the plot high as a kite, listening to Judas Priest in his van covered in Boris Vallejo airbrush art.


I enjoyed it but feel rather relieved Metal is over.

The Terrifics was the second straight issue where nothing really happened, the jokes are pretty bad, and I don’t get a sense of the point of the book. Dropped.


I feel the same way. I really like the characters and wanted to like the book but the dialogue is stilted and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The first two issues could have easily been done in the first.


Dark Knights Metal #6 - I feel like I’ve missed an issue or two somewhere. I’ve only read the main series for the most part so maybe that has something to do with it. The meat of the story was properly bonkers and a fun ride. Then, the outro seemed a bit tacked on. Saying this, I’m super pumped for No Justice.

The Terrifics #2 - At first I thought it would be fun to basically have DC’s version of the Fantastic Four. However, it seems like they’ve went a bit far with the pastiche of character traits even if they don’t match up with the equivalent power sets. It really didn’t do much for me. So like others, I’m dropping this one.


I seem to be in a minority that I liked The Terrifics, it’s nothing amazing but it’s a fun book and I like Reis art.

I’m with Robert on Metal, I liked the bonkers nature of it all but I think that was just about enough or it would have outstayed its welcome.

Watchmen 2, I’m still conflicted on this book. It’s incredibly well crafted, it’s a bit dumb in many places, this character piece on Rorshach 2 had some really good parts despite the fact that the overall concept is ludicrous.


I agree about Watchmen: The Sequel.

Johns knows how to write good moments, but that’s not really meshing well with his attempts to bring in pathos on this other level. Rorschach Deux had some great scenes, but then you have this ridiculous bit with Mothman. And it’d work where it not…Watchmen.


Why didn’t the guards just stop Mothman going on the roof all the time? Is it normal in US prisons to let the inmates up on the roof? It seems highly unlikely.

What strikes me is I’ve read a decent number of Johns books and they’ve mostly been fun but rather throwaway superhero fare to me. Gary Frank I’ve followed since he was at Marvel UK and this is probably his best work.

You can see a load of thought and care has gone into this book, in the script and the design etc. but it seems it’s just because they are emulating Moore and Gibbons. I prefer what Tom King is doing which is taking a lot of the good lessons from Watchmen in those areas but applying to new material.


I would agree were it not for Mister Miracle being a huge dud for me.
For all of it’s faults…Doomsday Clock remains, for now, possibly the “best” way this could have gone.

And I was thinking more of the whole Moth to a flame thing, which is a total Johns beat - but it’s just real silly.


Captain America #699 - Mark Waid’s first run on this book was over 22 years ago. #444 was the first original (non- UK reprint) Marvel comic I bought, and that run made me care about this character like few others. Steve Rogers hasn’t always been treated well by Marvel in the intervening years; it’s like they just don’t know what to do with the guy (killing him off, replacing him, making him an asshole, making him an evil dictator, etc.). Thankfully, Mark Waid still remembers, and this run with Chris Samnee has been all sorts of awesome. This issue was a great continuation of the time travel story arc, with some great cameos, pointed political commentary, and some superlative storytelling. Loved it.

Hit-Girl #2 - I wasn’t so fond of the first issue in this book, but this second part was much better. The story picks up speed, and we get some much needed background on what the hell’s actually going on. I suspect fireworks to come in the next issue.

Hellboy- Krampus by Mike Mignola and Adam Hughes was a wonderful one shot. A little light on story, but full of beautiful artwork, and some lovely little extras in the back.

Wildstorm #11 & 12 - Ellis and Davis- Hunt ramp up the tension between Skywatch and IO, with some believable techno babble, whilst the Wildcats continue to put a spanner in the works. We’re half way through the series now and I can’t see how it’s going to wrap up in 12 issues time. There’s just so much more story telling potential here. When are they going to announce the next spin off, btw? Anyone heard?

Michael Cray #4-6 - I continue to like this book. Not as much as the main title, true, but the strong characterisation and evil mirror DCU antagonists make it a compelling read every issue. It has to be, because the artwork is still extremely off- putting. Sienkiewicz’s covers rock, though! Having read #5 I can see why Tom hated this issue with a passion - I’ve seen similarly unpleasant portrayals of Indian life that annoy me immensely - so he has my sympathies. The next issue should be fun, with Constantine’s last page introduction echoing perhaps his most famous depictions.