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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Vik…are you still reading titans?

Issue 21 was really good. I’ve found the series to be a bit of a mixed bag, I kinda expected it to be a bit stronger, given Abnett is the writer.
These last couple of issues have been far closer to what I was looking for. There’s a real old school vibe from this arc that I’m enjoying a lot.

There’s a couple of characters pop up here as well, who have a very odd relationship and they are a lot of fun.


Those two have always been fun, imo. They go way back to original Doom Patrol days. are were frequent foes in the NTT days of Perez/Wolfman.

I also enjoyed the return of Chesire.


I’m way behind on Titans. I buy it digitally, and only pick up a few issues at a time in ComiXology sales. I’ve only read an issue or two after “The Lazarus Contract” at this stage. I’ll definitely pick it up again as I like Abnett and love all the characters involved. Plus, Booth and Pelletier are both amazing.


That’s a hell of a job selling both Cable the character and Cable right there. I love it when someone comes along and figures out a character’s potential.


Kick Ass #2 - this was very good; as strong a second issue as the first. The journey from self- serving to altruistic superhero was a little cliche, but done with so much polish, it was never less than entertaining. Great book. Already up there with my favourite Millar work, I think, ever.

Moonshine #8 - my reaction last issue was pretty much “WTF?!”. This time round I got into the rhythm pretty quickly. I’m still a little hazy on who’s who, and how this connects back to the first arc; but, Azzarello and Risso delivered a great issue, and an ominous cliffhanger for the next.

Gideon Falls #1 - Chris gave this book a glowing review somewhere up thread, and there’s not much I can add that will convince you to give this book a try, if you are still on the fence. It wears its Lovecraftian influences in plain view for all to see, setting up an intriguing new city, mystery and primary cast from almost the very first page. Similar to the other creative teams on the titles above, Lemire and Sorrentino are wonderfully in sync with each other, and are producing something that could become pretty amazing in time. I look forward to seeing more as the series develops. Dave Stewart is on colours and does his usual bang up job too.


I’m glad it didn’t disappoint


I read the new Suicide Squad 99c/69p digital book from Jeff Parker. It was quite intriguing for the setup, Amanda Waller is in trouble and seems to be looking at a deal with the ‘devil’. I like these books when they have a good writer on them, the price of a can of pop and the weekly cadence keeps them moving at a good pace, I’ll pick up the next one this week.

The only downside is the schedule tends to mean there’s rarely any great art but as long as DC keep it fairy decent that will have to do.


Cover of the week I think is Doomsday Clock, Rorschach pancakes.

I like the old school vibe of the JLA one on the right though and Saga just because Fiona Staples is such a great artist.

(Also these are standing orders being prepared so always have a little snapshot of the popularity of the books, DC’s two big event books killing it, Hit Girl and Flash not looking bad, X-Men Blue looks the smallest pile).


It’s hard to beat the Joker dragon on the cover of Dark Nights Metal.


Is Crossed still out this week or no?


Don’t know, you can maybe try the Avatar website. The photo I share is only the first batch of the most popular comics each week (hence biased to Marvel, DC and the big name Image books) and doesn’t cover all they have delivered.


It says “On sale March 31st” but I can’t remember if the rule with Avatar is if the digital is out before or after.


March 31 is Saturday so that is weird.

Also Rorshach panckaes ftw. I saw that cover a few weeks ago and literally laughed out loud.


It’s the Black Magick cover that draws my eye most out of all of those, although Doomsday Clock probably comes second.

Again, both have a bold logo/trade dress that helps them stand out.


Doomsday Clock cover is the standout for me, but I do like the Black Magick, Hit Girl and Old Man Hawkeye covers.


Agreed. Though I think Spider-Man would be most likely to hook me if I saw it on a shelf.


It’s set after the new Suicide Squad animated movie:


I was wondering what the ‘other media’ link was as pretty much all those comics are based on games, toys or tv stuff.


Having just read Action Comics 999 I get the sense that Jurgens is not finished with the character yet and that he has some more stories left in him, particularly with regards to General Lane and Hank Henshaw.

I feel he has brought those arcs to a very good conclusion of sorts, but that he perhaps further plans.

We’ve had 2 years and over 40 issues of quality Jurgens Superman since Rebirth and it’s a very exciting new era coming up with 1000 & Benids just round the corner.

That said, I would welcome a return for Jurgens again when Bendis has finished stint.

He may not be the exciting name that the masses are looking for to send copies flying off the shelves, but he’s done more than most for Superman over the past 75 years and knows how to tell a solid superhero yarn.

I hope he is getting another book to replace Action.


Doomsday Clock #4: Alright, this was a good issue in the Johns mold. This series is always going to be blunt as a brick, but as a character piece for two of the characters in its spotlight it does a good job. Even if it can be rather silly at points.

Metal #6: Somewhat muddled, rushed, and vague in terms of pulling the conclusion out it is still packed with entertaining and enjoyably ridiculous moments. Which was this event’s bread and butter. The only points off I have to give is the terrible Janin art at the end. It’s a shame they couldn’t do 100% Capullo.