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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I already did tell you more.
The definition is right below that :wink:

And I’ve never been a Rob Liefeld fan. I respect his creativity and ambition…but his output has never appealed
Sorry about that.

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He’s been doing New Super-Man since it started. He’s very good, more than a hint of Capullo in his faces but his work has a nice polish to it. Looks like he’s been promoted for his good work onto a higher profile book.


Must… wait… for… the… trade…


TPB 2 is due out on 9 August, so not long to wait. :slight_smile:


And perhaps a little earlier still - but it’s harder waiting when seeing imagery that’s that good.


That looks lovely - very “European”.


I don’t think Snyder is doing anything different here than in his Batman comics. He’s using the same logic. He keeps coming back to the Court of Owls, and why they exist and what they signify. And you can go all the way back to “Black Mirror.” This really shouldn’t be any kind of surprise. If anything, the surprise is that it took this long for him to be given a bigger platform.


I picked up Superman #26 based on reviews here and it’s worth the money. If you’re a parent or want to be one, read it.

Also really liked Dark Days: The Casting. Wasn’t sold on picking it up, mostly due to the price and because Snyder can be hit or miss with me. This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.


Playing catch up:

Doctor Strange #19 & 20 - wrapped up the Aaron & Bachalo run. I enjoyed their run a lot, but it never quite hit the awesomeness of Wolverine & The X-Men. The wrap up deals with Stephen re-capturing the escaped Misery and Wong’s “final” fate.

Spider-man/ Deadpool #14, 17 & 18 - are the final 3 parts of the rather awesome Joe Kelly/ Ed McGuiness epic. This was an awesome story, that I suspect many of you skipped. It’s definitely worth checking out though. It’s a fun, albeit quite dark, story examining the relationship between the two characters and Mephisto’s continuing desire to mess with Peter. It’s OHC worthy, I think.

Batwoman #4 - wraps up the initial story arc, with an epilogue of sorts to come in #5. Epting’s art is beautiful; but this series is just so, so dull. I’m incredibly bored. Marguerite Bennett’s writing just doesn’t click with me. I’m sticking around for #6 (the future issue, with Kate leading the Colony) but after that I’m done.

All Star Batman #10 & 11 - this series hasn’t been up to Snyder’s usual standards, but this new storyline is ace. Rafael Albuquerque is on art, for a high octane adventure set in Miami. Alfred’s the star of the tale. I wish these two would finally get back to American Vampire, but this is a fun distraction in the meantime.


Cinema Purgatorio #11 was the best issue in a while. All the stories did pretty well.

Moore and O’Neill’s title strip is a strange musical recap of the Black Dahlia murder. Moore’s musical comics have been hit-and-miss for me in the past, but he seems to like the approach, and this one works ok. There’s a lot of research and references to real-world events packed into the lines here, and the idea of him taking on a real-life unsolved murder has obvious parallels with From Hell. O’Neill’s artwork here is really impressive too, with some very detailed and crowded panels.

Code Pru is really good too, not least because it finally circles back around to the setup of the series that was provided by the original Code Pru #1 & #2 issues released by Avatar before this anthology even began (which I enjoyed when I read them earlier this year). It’s also as funny as ever, with some great gags that occasionally take a bit of thinking about to work. Most of all though, I’m pleased to see some forward movement in the overall story of the strip, rather than it being largely separate standalone shorts. I’ll be interested to see where things go from here.

Modded is probably my third favourite strip, and there’s plenty more gamer-influenced fun here, with the usual silliness coming from the cast of absurd characters. This is one where the overall story doesn’t really interest me that much, but the gags and the character interactions we get on an issue-to-issue basis are enjoyable. The Vast takes a bit of time to flesh out its characters here (although we still get some giant monster action), and A More Perfect Union plays up some interesting human elements of its story as it continues to mix fantasy and real-world US civil war history.

As far as I can tell, there’s no official word yet as to whether this series will run past issue #12 (currently due for September), but I hope it does.


So what has everyone got coming up this Wednesday?

Just the latest issue of The Wild Storm for me.


Thinking of giving Astonishing X-Men a try. I haven’t read much Soule beforehand, but the artist rota on this, and the character mix, is pretty cool.


Good to see some people already excited about New Comics Wednesday. This is my fat week. I should be picking up:

Justice League #25
Super Sons #6
Superman #27
Trinity #11
Wild Storm #6


The Wild Storm
Totally Awesome Hulk
Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe Again
Super Sons
Injustice 2


Defenders #1, 2, 3 - I enjoyed the FCBD preview issue enough to give the series a bash. It’s very good. It’s not amazing like Bendis & Maleev’s Daredevil run, but is a return to that milieu, and definitely has the potential to be something special if editorial just get out its way and lets it be. Marquez’ artwork is gorgeous to look at. Almost Cassaday-esque in places. It’s clearly influenced greatly by the Netflix shows, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing when the end product is so good. Recommended.


Thanks for this Vikram, I had been waiting for some opinions on this book. As a fan of that older Bendis stuff it sounds like it’s for me.


I also enjoyed the FCBD issue and suspected they were trying to make it more like the Netflix shows. I really like Marquez too. His run on Iron Man with Bendis was one of the last books I was picking up at Marvel. So I’ll likely have to give this a go at some point.


Wild Storm for me.


The Wild Storm was good this week. It’s an issue that provides a fair bit of information about the world and some of its characters, even if there isn’t a huge amount of forward momentum in the overall story. The art seems to be getting better by issue, and this chapter even has a decent cliffhanger to lead us into the next, rather than the usual abrupt ending mid-flow. Good stuff.


The Wild Storm #6
Go deathblow!