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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Yeah, Kick-Ass and Kill Or Be Killed both stand out there. It makes you realise how important a bold trade dress/logo can be in helping draw attention to a book, along with the cover image.


I like the Cave Carson cover the best out of that lot.

Plus the Kill or Be Killed, Star Wars and Xmen Gold covers all stand out to me.


I go with Kick-Ass. Not a very exciting image in itself, but it does stand out in a sea of orange and pastel shades. (I suspect that if I was viewing full-size, I might go with The Brave and the Bold.)


Yeah, the Kick-Ass cover is very strong and wins the week.

FYI, for those who are interested, such as @BenObiwomble and @Christian, there is supposedly a new issue of Berlin coming out this week. I can’t imagine anyone buys floppies of it, except maybe in digital, but it signals that the rumored next volume may be coming out this year after all.




I should have Super Sons #14, Superman #43 and Kick-Ass #2 this week. I’ll mostly likely give Cable #155 a shot too.


Kick-Ass #2, Youngblood #10, and Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #33 are on my agenda.


I saw there’s a new digital first Suicide Squad book from DC for 69p/99c. It’s written by Jeff Parker who’s stuff I have enjoyed so will give it a go at that price. Other than that it’s Batman.


if you open up the image the 3 on the right edge(Batwoman, Avengers, Spiderman) are good covers. Unfortunately Spiderman’s cover is cut off so i extrapolated what it may look like.

My pull this week is Bats and Thor so I will wait till next week to pick them up(my LCS gives 20% of if you spend $20 so I wait until I hit that before picking up my books)


Kill Or Be Killed was great again this week. I like where this arc is going, even if it’s almost impossible to predict what’s going to happen next. I liked the cheeky ending to this issue too.

Oh, and there are more of those lovely full-page illustrations with narration. Here’s my favourite (spoiler-tagged so it doesn’t give too much away).


Infidel is a new horror mini series from Image, written by former Vertigo Editor Pornsak Pichetshote, art by Aaron Campbell and colours by Jose Villarrubia.

I was really looking forward to this because I love books where the main character is from another culture and I love horror, so this seemed like a winning combo from the sales pitch.

Unfortunately, the writer turns it into a lecture akin to the level of ignorance I see in online discussions.
The reason Ms Marvel works is because G Willow Wilson, a Muslim woman, presents to the reader a Muslim character that serves to both 1) diversify the Marvel line and 2) educate non Muslims like myself about Muslim life -
not an immature lecture, like we get a few pages in
But what really grates is the writer using the word ‘racist’ to describe what is actually ‘sectarianism’. Islam is a fucking religion, it’s got fuck all to do with race. If you are going to lecture get facts right and believe that no-one at Image picked this up.

Additionally, the cure to racism is education. It is not incurable. People can very much change their minds and attitudes when educated as we very much have done as a society in general and I’ve witness multiple people change how they view other cultures, religions and others differently abled.

This and the massively overt political themes aside (it could have been a lot more subtle), I did enjoy the book. The scares are not quite well paced or artistically realised enough to be fully effective for me - however the premise is really interesting to me; the main protagonist is a Muslim woman, married to a non Muslim man whose previous wife died.
Added to that the the mother in law having some potential issues with fully adjusting to the idea of Muslim ways and how that will affect her granddaughter & also the Muslim mother who is not ready to accept her daughter’s integration into non muslim life.


Kick-Ass: TNG #2: Just a really fun second issue that keeps the momentum and the character intrigue going. Continually excited about where this series is going.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #33: Fantastic issue. Moreso knowing that the end of the arc is on the horizon.

Youngblood #10: Woefully cliche in parts. I might drop after this arc is done.


The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #2 W&D by Liam Sharp.
Aquaman #34 Art by Kelley Jones.
Iron Fist Vol. 2: Sabretooth – Round Two (99¢!)
Kick-Ass #2 by what’s-his-face.


I picked up the 99c iron fist volume as well. I figured for 99c it hardly matters how good it is.
Also nabbed ine of the star wars legends epic collections for 89c those are big collections so it like 3c an issue…


A very good day for Comics

Kick-Ass 2 was brilliant. Laying the foundations and motivations for the new KA. Expertly done by Mr Millar as usual. fingers crossed the kid doesn’t do a heel turn.

CABLE 155 by Lonnie Nadler/Zac Thompson of Black Masks “The Dregs” Fame launch their first work for one of the big 2. And oh me oh my it did not disappoint. I own every appearance of Cable. I have a freaking shrine/you spent how much on that? to Cable. I’ve got at least 100 issues of cable storylines rattling around in my head (and a huge file on Evernote) And you know what. The bastards nailed it. Clear storytelling, great conflict and emotional beats, artwork that spoke for itself and Continuity!!

Holy crap I’m in techno-organic heaven. There are 2 little things that I could be nitpicky with but I’m sure I’m the only one who would pick up on it so I’ll give it a pass. One page with Cable and Hope told more about their relationship than any book has in the last 8 years.
Great stuff.

Okay, Basically Cosmic Fight Club at the end of time. And it’s brutal. The trade will be a nice addition me thinks.

Tom King is just a good solid read. There’s a consistency and you could almost set a pendulum to the story beats. All the right ticks and tocks. The ending you could see coming but as part of the whole its a good chapter of Kings Batman.

Matt kindly sent me a preview. Mother! $^&$£@&*()(!@!@£±!**

sigh Matt Garvey wrote a very, very good book. One of the better second issues I have seen in a very long time. Pick it up when it’s available. You won’t be disappointed.

WEAPON H 1 nah. I’ve read this before sorry

THE MIGHTY THOR 705 Ladies and gents the Russel Dauterman and Matt Wilson show!!!
And lo, it twas goooooood. Seriously gooooooood

I’m really enjoying “No Surrender” however this one does go against my thoughts on value for money.
For a 3.99 book, you’ve got 3-4 splash pages and a whole lot of 3-4 panel pages. Lots of action and the story is moving forward but compared to a lot of other stories this week there’s not a lot here overall


X-MEN GOLD, nope I’m out.


So this weekly 69p Marvel digital TPB deal is a thing now? Every week, for one week only, the Marvel collections released that week are discounted to 99c. That’s absolutely ridiculous!

I recently bought X-Men Blue #16-20, the “Cross Time Capers” arc. At $3.99 an issue, it set me back almost £15. If I had waited I could buy the digital release that came out this week for £0.69.

I’m only buying Captain America from Marvel these days, which I will see out Waid’s run on. But, after that I’m done. There’s no incentive to buy their comics or collections in print anymore. When I can pick up the stuff I want literally dirt cheap the day after release in a few month’s time.

You guys buying Avengers: No Surrender weekly are going to hate me when that comes out for 99c too, right?


Cable #155 - I love Daniel Warren Johnson’s cover to this issue but I’m not sold on the rest of this new creative team. I do like that they are continuing to play with Cable’s time traveling aspect. I always like when there might be a question as to when this Cable is from even if only slightly hinted. There does appear to possibly be some alternate timelines that Cable has possibly prevented at play in a couple places. I’ll at least give the next issue a peak but I probably won’t continue.

Kick-Ass #2 - Still loving the Patience Lee era of Kick-Ass. I think our esteemed leader, @Mark_Millar, has put lot heart into her character and has opened a lot directions she can be pushed. It really feels like the unpredictable days of those early issues of the Dave Lezewski era or the character. @JohnRomita is really on his top game here too. I can’t wait for more.

Superman #43 - As much as I’m anticipating Bendis’ run on the Superman books, I’m going to be sorry to see Tomasi and Gleason go. They have this magic for Superman that feels classic but new and I really love the family dynamic that they’ve introduced to the character. Superboy is by far one of my favorite new characters. I’m generally not a huge Bizarro fan but the introduction of Boyzarro helps here. I’m looking forward to how they wrap this series up.

Super Sons #14 - I’m still surprised that this book continues to differentiate itself so well from Superman even with Superboy (and often his relationship to Robin) being key to both series. I love those Jorge Jimenez covers and once again enjoy seeing Carlo Barberi back on a Superman book. The interaction with the boys’ respective mothers in this issue was great. I’ll be curious to see how they wrap this series up as well.


Nice reviews Ronnie

Feel similar about the Superman books - I’m a mixture of sad to see the end of some great runs but excited to see Bendis and his art teams in June


Thanks, Chris.


I only read Batman, and actually re-read this whole three issue arc. Pretty amazing. It’s kind of funny, Tom King is writing a book that rewards rereading and putting it out twice a month into a crowded market so nobody rereads it. The first issue of this arc is a wonder, however.