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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


The Titans cover as well, although I need a close look at it


Bane Conquest #3 issue. So far so good. And I adore Chuck Dixon. I love his run on Tim Drake, Punisher and ofcourse, Knightfall is classic by now.
About Conquest: one thing I dislike is Bane design. That noseline - wtf?


Have you read it yet Jerry?
Honestly, I know I ragged on it the last Issue but a least this issue there wasn’t even a mention of it being in NZ.
In fact, there wasn’t even a location box in the whole issue except for one reference to London.
This book would have been impenetrable for someone picking it up off the shelf for the first time.
I was amazed at how incoherent the artwork was and the storytelling was extremely poor with a terrible panel to panel transitions.

But jeez this was really rough.

EDIT: It is entirely plausible that I hate-read it.


I read the Avengers No Surrender issue. I think it might have been written by Waid because it is a very historical view of the Hulk and his “immortality”. From the scenes with Banner, it is my impression that this is a Bannerless Hulk.


I didn’t even know if it was out today.

Damn, now I’m worried it’s fallen back into being barely passable drywall.


Didn’t get a chance to read everything but got a couple in last night.

Action Comics #999 - I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the Phantom Zone especially as an alternative to killing for Superman. Through most of the time I’ve been reading, the way the Phantom Zone was described would make it a punishment much worse than death. So I like that this issue was him thinking a little out of the box to come up with some other way of dealing with the most egregious offenders. This is nicely juxtaposed as him taking care of issues he has with his father, Jor-El, while Lois deals with her father, Sam Lane. The issue has a nice wrap up that seems to move those relationships forward. I will be interested in the special issue wrap up of this era of Action Comics along with the much anticipated issue #1000.

Marvel 2-in-1 #4 - I’m really loving this book Zdarsky nails Thing and the Human Torch’s voices perfectly. This issue took a bit of a turn that may influence future issues positing this as an alternate dimension hopping book. I thought I would be disappointed once Jim Cheung left the book but I’ve really loved Valerio Schiti’s art too. Looking forward to where the book goes.


WI’ll be able to tell you next week. Jim sub posts fulls scripts I’m his patreon.
I think it was mostly al Ewing as he leads into immortal hulk.


I only shied from this because of the cover price. I feel like a slacker for leaving my Swamp Thing section bereft of it, lol…I might reconsider after your glowing remarks.


I had both of these in my pickups for the week and I nearly put 2-in-1 back since it looks rather helter skelter behind the first three issues, which were quite good. Drumrolling all the way to Action # 1000!

But first, Mister Miracle # 7, as that has been my absolute drug, sending me scurrying for a re-read of the Kirby years during the month there was a lag on MM.

Not sure how Iong I’m staying with this Barbarella series, but the first three issues were fun in that classic Heavy Metal mag sci fi looniness. If it retains that feel, I’ll keep on it.


King’s story is great, with an unexpected twist. I heartily recommend it on that alone. If you haven’t read the Swamp Thing issue of King’s Batman, I’d recommend that, too.


I finally got to Gideon falls and Oblivion song.
Gideon falls was great. Very atmospheric. The art was a perfect match for the tone, and Lemire was great, as ever.

Oblivion song felt very brief. Interesting set up and definitely enough to make me pick up the next issues, but it felt pretty thin, and the reveal at the end felt like it came a bit early.


I only went with Waid because he is known as a comics historian but I could be wrong. won’t be the first or the last time.


I indeed read that story. King’s been KILLING IT in Batman and he had heavy shoes to fill, obviously. Brother’s been on absolute fire with MM and Batman.


I’ve been buying very few comics recently, but King has been my main priority. At the moment he’s peerless.


Mister Miracle #7 - Another great issue in this series. I love that it is taking Scott and Barda into new territory while using a lot of the visual language this series has developed. King and Gerads are really weaving a story of depression, loss, love and rebirth here that is pretty amazing.

VS #2 - This book has beautiful art and design but the story is still a bit confusing in parts. I wonder if it would read better in trade.


I’ll tell you in 6 months.


Really enjoyed the first issue of Gideon Falls; Lemire and Sorrentino are a perfect team, on par with Brubaker/Phillips or Hickman/Dragotta.

I like the storyline of Oblivion Song #1, but not sold on the art yet. I’ll try it for a few issues to see if it grows on me.


Does every page of Mister Miracle still have nine panels?


It still uses the 9 panel grid a lot. The way they use it is one of the things I love about the book.


Cover of the week? Nothing really stands out hugely from that selection, I’d go with Kick Ass, simple but JR Jr knows how to make an image stand out.