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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


New Zealand? That’s a territory in Australia, right? :wink:


Ah, nah, sorry if that came off as a rebuke.
It was more of an odd notation of my own.

But yeah, while it’s still not up to par, I actually enjoyed #5 just as a regular read. Felt kinda fun.
Although @markabnett is making salient points about the representation.


It’s okay Ronnie.
Canadians always male that mistake


Sorry about the essay. It’s just amazing how little effort was made to understand a culture where a story of is based.

It makes me want to use allllll the panda gifs



Oh yeah, and it wouldn’t have even changed much of what was enjoyable about it.
So the lack of accuracy is just not putting in the effort at all.


Ouch, I felt that burn all the way over here!



Only WildStorm: Michael Cray for me today.


Have those comics been price stickered and placed next to a radiator?!? :wink:

Looks like Action Comics #999, Mister Miracle #7, Marvel 2-in-1 #4 and maybe VS #2 for me.


No, it’s an optical illusion.


Only New Super-Man and the Justice League of China, Mister Miracle, and Scooby-Apocalypse for this week.


Nothing’s standing out as cover of the week for me this week.

I guess I’ll say Detective just because it’s trying to do something different by being a “scene” rather than a “pin up”.


No not a great week for covers from that selection. I think for me probably the Flash and the Avengers/Hulk one have the most impact.

I’m quite a fan of a ‘scene’ cover but none of them speak that much to me.


Does that translate as “it’s got a speech balloon on the front”? :slight_smile:


Well duh :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re looking for an old-school “story” cover then it is easily Flash.

If you’re looking for something that just grabs you, it’s Avengers.

In other words, I agree with Gar.

Really, however, Darth Vader is the best cover—it just loses points for being a reproduction of a shot from a film.


Flash and Vader are the ones that stood out for me too. The Flash one feels very familiar - almost like it’s a classic template - but the only example that springs to mind for me right now is this one:


Mister Miracle #7: Any issue away from King’s thematics and generally blandly executed Apokolips/New Genesis war drama is a good issue - relatively. It’s a small issue with a few naggling things, but on the gradient scale of this series - it’s on the high end if just for sidestepping all of the dumb stuff. For the most part.

Sideways #2: Better handled than the first issue. Less splashes and large one-page panels means more times for actual character bits and gags. Which, it turns out, makes for something actually briskly entertaining. Hope #3 continues this trend as the cast is growing on me now.

New Super-Man and the Justice League of China #21: Great issue. The series maintains a proficiency for low stakes but high marks in character development. The Aqua-Man of North Korea is just a delight and this arc is really hitting a good groove all around.

Scooby-Apocalypse #23: It’s aight.


I really like the Detective cover, plus the Avengers No Surrender and the Flash covers stand out for me.