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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’m really pumped for Bendis’ Superman.


I wasn’t so much but his recent Marvel work has been some of his best and he laid out his plans in a Word Balloon interview that sold it very well. I’ll be trying out Man of Steel.


Someone just reminded me that there’s only 11-12 issues of Uber left in general.
That made this issue extra enticing. Gillen is gearing up for something big.


I didn’t get a chance to read everything I picked up last night but enjoyed the two I did read.

Superman #42 - I’m honestly not the biggest Bizzaro fan but this was pretty fun. I would have to go back and compare them side by side but I’m pretty sure the first part of the issue mirrors the Rebirth Superman #1 except as Bizarro. The big introduction with this issue is Boyzarro. I’m looking forward to the rest of this story.

X-Men Red #2 - The first issue of this book was likely my favorite read last month. This one didn’t let me down. It’s playing just the right notes between classic X-Men and something new and fresh. Even the cliffhanger feels like something classic and fresh at the same time.


I hope he meets up with Lobdell’s Bizarro. GOAT Bizarro. He needs a fam.


Oh, thanks. That means about 3 trades then - hope it makes it.


I think it will.
Avatar Press might be winding down still, but the new Crossed mini that comes out in 2 weeks means they’re still in it for a few more months.


Finished my pile for the week.

Captain America #699 - Another great Waid and Samnee issue. This storyline seems to have wrapped up a little quicker than I expected. Cap is still stuck in 2025 but the big bad just introduced in this issue is already defeated. I’m curious what issue #700 will handle now and if/how Cap will be sent back to the modern timeline. I’m also a bit sad realizing that Samnee will leave next issue and Waid a couple issues after that. This really could have been a long fulfilling run.

Wild Storm #12 - This really felt like another wink wink nudge nudge to the old days of Wildstorm issue. I have to admit that I really didn’t pick up on a lot of it especially whoever the guy in the cliffhanger reveal at the end of the issue was supposed to be. I really like a lot of this book but feel sometimes it leans a little heavy on the too cool for school nostalgia trip.


I don’t know, I think that part has been set up for several issues. I have no memory of his role in old Wildstorm books but (and look at the dedicated spoiler thread for more) he has been mentioned several times as a threat and it’s clear who he is because of the seal on the document.


Didn’t even seen the document. Will look back over it. Thanks, Gar.


it was when Jacqui King opens the folder called Thunderbook. I actually did not see any nostalgia except for the end. see my post in the Wildstorm thread if you are still confused.


Jacqui King thinks it’s a failed explosive but it’s actually trigger for him to know the file has been opened, which is why he is activated at the end.


He’s Midnighter right?
I know he is.


I was a bit confused by the ending of The Wild Storm #12 too, but it was quite late on Wednesday night that I read it and I missed some of these pointers. Sounds like I need to give it another look.


Tom, Tom, Tom. that joke failed in the Wildstorm thread yet you try it again here? shame on you


Hey, last time it was Voodoo.
And yet you say failed?


jokes fail when they are not funny.


I suspect the greater issue is Ellis’ usual style, really more than any current writer, of writing for the trade, this actually had a cliffhanger of sorts rather than ending in the middle of a scene.

I did binge 3 or 4 in a row before #12 so it may be clearer read that way.


I guess it will work well in trade as #12 will (presumably) be the end of the second collection, so a good place for a proper cliffhanger.


Pardon the phrasing, but a taste of Nicola Scott from Action #1000.