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I found it bland as hell. So goddamn bland.
Pretty though.


This post is bland.


Well, the white on gray scale design doesn’t help.

Now if the background was shocking orange we’d be more exciting :wink:


Yeah I’ve been reading both series. JLA from the start and JL since Priest’s run started.

It’s hard to sum it up in a few lines but Priests run is taking the modern day lens of hypercritical society to a JL book, where pretty much like arseholes in real life, the public, media, social media and leglistators are focussing on the downsides of these people protecting the earth rather than the positives.

So the JL have kinda been tied up dealing with bullshit and Batman’s JL for the JLA book have had to step in and fill the void, actually saving people while the JL deal with the bullshit and politics.



Nice. Where is that from, Chris?


Sounds like a warning


It should have at least 20 word balloons for the full effect.




I mean, you know


It’s just, you know




That’s a lot of panels


That’s kind of Bendis’ thing, right?


You know…


Come on…


Benny…you’re gay

(Of course this is a reference and not a derogatory attack)


Wild Storm #12

Frankenstein, Alive, Alive! #4 Niles. Bernie Wrightson. Kelley Jones.
Good stuff!


Advert running in this week’s DC books - I’ve only read Jusitice League but it should be in your superman.