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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Get them. Best thing he’s done at Marvel for a long time! We’re not talking Daredevil level, but definitely better than most of his other team books.


I read the first Defenders collection and enjoyed it quite a bit. I’ll definitely grab the second.


Vol 2 is due June, Vol 1 I can grab for a crazy low price - probably later this week.


I do think that the guys behind the development of the cover of The Beef should have acknowledged Rick Veitch’s The One on it, or at least the backmatter.

It’s a great cover, but I find to to believe it was not influenced by this, at least subconsciously at first.

Ironically, The One is being re-released in the same week. IDW now having the rights since it long ago went out of print after original publication under Marvel Epic.

I recommend it if you have not read it before. It’s an often forgotten peer of the likes of Watchmen from that mid 80s era of high quality medium shaking, seminal comic books. Although i do think it was in itself possibly influenced by Miracleman.


I’ve never read much Rick Veitch but was intrigued by an ad for Brat Pack in the back of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #30 that he wrote and drew back in the day.

I always wanted a band called Disposable Heroes after I saw this ad.

I would like to give both books a shot but fear they might be a bit too cynical for my sensibilities now.


Cover of the week from that selection is Superman.

(Hey that could be a new feature). :smile:


My vote goes to the Star Wars cover :slight_smile:


That is nice, would have been my second choice.


Have they stuck price tags straight onto the covers?


Yes, they always do. Good you have noticed it on the 175th time I have posted that pic. It probably warps them too by putting them next to a radiator.

It’s a pretty terrible practice (but the ones they use are very low adhesive so the make no mark if you peel them off).


I don’t venture into this thread very often. My pull list is 2 books and I forget to read them for months sometimes.

Even the tradewaiters thread is too fast for me.


Keep with the pipe and slippers, I do envy that pace. :smile:


Even without the worries about marring the comics, it just seems like a lot of work.

My local has (or at least used to have) a simple little card showing price conversions that they stuck on each shelf, so you could see that a $2.99 book would be £2.49, a $3.99 book would be £2.99 (or whatever) and so on. It saved them having to remark the price on each issue.


Looks like Superman #42, Wild Storm #12, Captain America #699 and X-Men Red #2.

It’s a strong week but I’m really excited about X-Men Red as I really enjoyed last issue.


I like the Capain America cover mainly because in my head Cap is saying “Leave him Hulk. He’s not worth it!”


I’ll be honest and say despite in my last couple of years in Wales they were 800m down the road from my house I never used them much as the prices were very high. I used Ace Comics advance ordering at 40% cheaper but the staff are great and I did buy there to pick up stuff I may have missed.

It is a strange practice to use the price stickers but they have done it for 3 decades or so, what can you do?

It is handy they post that weekly pic of the standing orders on Facebook.


Uber #12: Really impactful issue. A lot of set-up, but a lot of good set up. Clearly something that’s going to be lead to a lot of new developments down the line as the second half of this series continues.

Wicked + Divine #34: Now that most of the larger picture stuff has been unfurled, this is a really satisfying capitulation issue. It feels like there’s one last door at the end of this journey, and the momentum is holding a good weight to it.

The Wild Storm #12: Halfway through this series. Grifter is a bad-ass. 10/10.


I’ve been reading JLoA and I see they are guest starring in JL. Is anyone reading JL? why are they there and is there a reason why I should buy this. I am not a fan of Priest so don’t just tell him he is a great writer.


Not really.
I haven’t found any JL title worth reading since Forever Evil.


shame on you! Hitch’s run was great. but it is you Tom so I shouldn’t expect any better.:grinning: