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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Terrifics really did surprise me though. Definitely more optimistic about it then I might have let on.

What really has sunk his previous attempts, for me at least, is that he doesn’t really handle interplay/banter/humor all that well. I’m still haunted by how many times he repeated that dumb as hell Animal Man joke. But this definitely had a good energy to it.


Totally agree, I felt some of the dialogue was incredible turgid and inane - JL Dark was really bad for it and put me off in the end.


Exactly. There’s a falseness to the voices in his team outputs.
I only noticed it a slight amount here, I could probably elaborate, but it’s not as obnoxious as it had been. So chalking it up as a win.


I either didn’t know about the last page, or I knew and forgot about it, but it was a surprise to me and blew my mind.

Pretty good first issue. Not amazing but better than a lot of these recent DC/Marvel first issues. I’m not sure what kind of book this will end up being from here.

I’m assuming it’s bimonthly from the price?


Aw that’s great to hear, as that’s the impact it should be having!

I’m not sure about the frequency of it actually, I think it is monthly


Action Comics #998 - For a storyline that I really haven’t cared much about, this was a pretty great wrap up. One more issue before #1000.

The Terrifics #1 - Wow, they’re really going hard on the Fantastic Four vibe here right down to Metamorpho and Plastic Man playing the Thing and Human Torch personalities. The crazy thing is it kinda works and doesn’t feel as derivative as it sounds. That was a pretty great cliffhanger too even though I’m not that familiar with Tom Strong. I’ll likely give the next issue a shot.


Has anyone been reading Avengers: No Surrender? I’ve been checked out of most of the mainstream Marvel stuff for awhile, but decided to jump in and check this out and I’ve been loving it. It reminds me of Avengers Forever, with a cosmic backdrop that’s really there to give the characters something to do while showcasing their personalities, powers, and interactions. There’s also been a nice focus on unexpected characters like Red Wolf and Living Lightning.


I read the first couple but it didn’t do anything for me - I gave up halfway thru the second issue IIRC.


I am 2 weeks behind on Avengers: No Surrender but I am enjoying it. What I like is it seems to be disconnected with the MU as a whole and you can enjoy it without knowing what is going on elsewhere. @ChrisS the story was slow starting so if you like big time battles, i’d take another look. Basic premise is Grandmaster is involved in one of his games where the Earth is the playing field and the Avengers are native impediments to the 2 teams accomplishing their objectives. The 2 teams are the Thanos’ Black Order and a group of cosmic beings the Grandmaster has gathered and called the Lethal Legion

as for current comics, I’ve read Terrifics #1 and am in love with Reis’ art. He knocked it out of the park. I liked the intro of phantom girlher name is Linnya not Tinya, the last page reveal, and the characterizations.

I’ve also Infinity countdown prime It’s a primer for the event to come and does its job well. The info dump at the end was a good because I was a bit rusty on my infinity stones. Deodato’s art was not at Reis’ level but it was very nice to look at just the same.I really liked the fact that the main villain is not Thanos. Ultron in a cosmic event reminds me of Annihilation which brought us the GotG that many people adore.


Doomsday Clock #3 - I know this book isn’t being viewed particularly favourably here, but I continue to enjoy it far more than I expected to. It’s a slow burn, full of atmosphere and building tension, rather than super heroic action. So far. Pieces certainly seem to be being moved into place for fireworks to come. #4 should be crazy, with the Joker showing up. Artistically, Gary Frank’s work is genuinely amazing on this. It’s a gorgeous looking book.

Detective Comics #974 - is one of those between arc issues that this series does from time to time. It picks up from the abrupt climax of “The Fall Of The Batmen”, and provides several character vignettes as the cast deal with the consequences of Kate’s actions.

Detective Comics #975 - however, was a wonderful issue, presenting an extended look into the character of both Batwoman and Batman, and their relationship. I’ve said it before that this book saved Kate Kane, after she was so badly managed by DC previously. This issue showcases that again, and in a much better manner than in her own title (which is, frankly speaking, dull). The rest of the Bat-family get some lovely time in the spotlight too: Alfred, Tim, Damien, Dick, Jason, and Barbara too. There’s this one brief scene with Cass that brought a huge smile to my face, despite the somber mood.

Tynion’s final arc starts next issue. Building off the back of this issue it looks like it’ll be a pretty special arc.


Yeah Im of the same mind on this book - I’m enjoying it.

I think may be viewed in a higher regard in hindsight when it’s read in one sitting.


I think it’s silly, very silly, but the entertaining sort of silly. It’s energetic and never really hinders itself - although the jankiness of tone/desired effect does rear its head. I’m enjoying it as well.


I didn’t particularly enjoy it but I’m glad you are. :slight_smile:


I want to see the Joker show up and see Supes too later on.

The story will be a big reveal story as to which DC character was you know who all along.

Still to see the Watchmen shoehorned in the main DC universe… I have some mixed feelings over it as I like Moore, but if the storytelling remains entertaining without being that sacrilegious, fine…


I dropped it after the second issue but I look forward to taking it out of the library in two years.


I must admit that I haven’t actually read all of the original Kick Ass comics. I read the first mini, and most of the second (whilst it was reprinted in Clint, before I cancelled my subscription to that - Millar’s work around that timeframe was too nihilistic for my tastes), but have no idea how the cycle finished. So, I didn’t quite know what to expect with the two new books.

Kick Ass #1 was really great. Immediately sucking you in to the life of Patience, her domestic situation and motivation for putting on the costume. Romita’s artwork was awesome here. Full of so much more energy than I’ve seen from his work at DC the last few years. Really happy I gave this one a try.

Hit Girl #1, on the other hand, was pure set up, and wasn’t as satisfying. Ortiz’ artwork was also fun, but difficult to follow in a few places. That being said, I liked it enough to come back for more; but I’m not jonesing for the next issue like I am with its sister title. I think I’m more excited by the prospect of what the subsequent creative teams will do with the character and this world than I am with this particular arc itself.

Moving away from Millar’s work, I also picked up Moonshine #7, by Azzarello and Risso. I have no fucking clue what’s going on here! I liked the first arc of this book, but it’s been a long time since that came out, and there’s no recap or anything. I’m completely lost. I think this one’s going to be a “super trade waiter”.


Saga #49

Saga returned from its regular hiatus with a new chapter and a new story arc this week. At a point where I’ve been thinking about dropping the book (after a fairly weak run from #43-48), this issue actually turned things around quite a bit for me.

The book’s overall situation doesn’t change much here (bar the traditional final-page cliffhanger), but this issue does a pretty good job of restating all of the current major character relationships, as well as dropping some hints as to where the various story threads might be leading next. And in amongst that there are some interesting asides about war and society that are pretty standard for this series but continue to be done well.

So for now, I’m sticking with Saga to see where it goes next. I wonder if anything big is planned for the big anniversary issue next month.

Jessica Jones #17

This issue marks the culmination of the book’s story arc involving the Purple Man, which (as any fan of Jessica Jones and Alias knows) means it’s a pretty significant moment for the series and the character as a whole.

And Bendis and Gaydos pull it off. Really well.

It’s a talky issue, even more so than usual for Bendis, but the extended conversation between Jessica and Killgrave makes for compelling reading (and also allows for the return of the old ‘client interview’ layout that dates all the way back to Alias, with a fun twist here).

By fully addressing the morality of Killgrave’s offer to Jessica, and exploring the implications of the Purple Man’s power set (whether you intend to do good or evil), Bendis makes their encounter feel much more meaningful and final that it might have with a more conventional comicbook violent solution. Especially given the naturalistic conversational dialogue that really helps to ground the whole thing.

There’s a finality here that is very effective, and ties this series back to the end of Alias nicely, giving you that rare thing in Big Two superhero comics: real, genuine character development.

Gaydos also turns in some great art, often with unconventional or abstract layouts or visual approaches. And he really made me chuckle with this little Easter Egg addressing Bendis’ move to DC.

Did you spot it?



I had no idea this was back. I need to grab this.


Defenders #10 - is Bendis and Marquez’ final issue, and I’d hazard a guess the end of the series too. It’s a joyous, feel good finale. It even harks back to Bendis’ run on New Avengers too. There’s this one gag that had me laughing out loud. I’m going to miss this book. I really am. I don’t know why it took so long for Bendis to do this; it was clearly a dream project for him, and it showed from beginning to end. Definitely worth a read, folks!


Both volumes are getting Panini trades.