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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


To be fair with Williams I think he got an effective promotion by getting the Suicide Squad book as the film came out and Jim Lee on art (at least for a little bit).


Certainly. I haven’t read too much of that. Similar at all?


It’s a lot more mainstream and standard work, I enjoy it without it being essential fare but it maintains a lot of his signature humorous dialogue. I’d say it’s a book to pick up in a sale for some fun diversion but not as inventive as MM was.



How have you managed this Gar?

Wait, you’re in the Philippines or Malaysia, aren’t you?

The beast from the east is taking hold here in the UK and there will be no new books for anyone this day!


It’s my old comic shop in Swansea. They put all the standing orders together on a Tuesday night and post the photo on Facebook.

The clue it isn’t in Malaysia is they are always lined up in front of a radiator, not much call for them here. :smile:

(The photo comes in handy because there’s often questions asked if a book is actually out on a particular week, it settles that when you can see the actual issue).


Oooh first issue of the Terrifics, been looking forward to that!


I didn’t realize that. That should be two books for me then, Action Comics #998 and The Terrifics #1.


Just Saga #49 for me.

UK and Texas have that in common – a few inches of snow and you all hide under the couch. :wink:


The Terrifics #1: Better than Justice League United so far. Reis was good, as usual, but I’m staying cautious until Lemire makes it through an entire arc without fumbling the ball like he usually does with Big Two teams.

Gwenpool #25: Neat little end to a small but nice book.


A record 6 inches at the moment!


It’s a real pity that Deathbed is not going to find an audience.

It’s better than most of Image Comics recent new series and it’s an ideal concept for a nice short 6 issue series.

The real star here is Riley Rossmo’s art, which rather strangely floats under the radar despite having a fairly unique flair, that actually elevates storyteller rather than impeding it.
Williamson is king of concept and is writing is on point as ever here - dare I say it, he’s almost channeling his inner Mark Miller here.

But yeah, shame no-one will read this or Frostbite. Both would make good pitches for the big screen.


On the subject of books that no-one is reading - I dare anyone to take a look at this fantastic cover from Tess Fowler and not be intrigued as to the contents inside


What do I win? :wink:


A punch in the baws




I agree with Tom that Lemire, although he is a writer who has written lot of books I really like a lot in a relatively short career, is weaker on some books.
I’m not sure I’d agree it’s team books per se, just because Black Hammer is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. However some of his books at DC and Marvel have been pretty mediocre, and there’s a few team books in there.
I do like Green Arrow, Moon Knight was pretty awesome - albeit the art was the biggest factor, parts of Animal Man were up there with Morrison’s best issues (if I were DC I’d release a collection with the Rot World issues removed, because it’s helluva strong otherwise.

So his mainstream stuff is a bit variable.

The Terrifics gets off to a promising start though.

For the long term DC readers a really interesting mix of characters, and I would hope that would be the case for those of whom are not so familiar with the likes of Simon Stagg

The issue wastes no time getting into it Mr Terrific locates Stagg, knowing that Stagg has recently acquired some of his technology - using it to open a portal to the Dark Multiverse, where we see an imprisoned Metamorpho.
Stagg admits to being out his depth and Mr Terrific calls in some back up, in the form of an egg shaped ‘object’ that many of you will be familiar with… :slight_smile:
We find that Metamorpho has taken the form of Nth Metal and is going apeshit.

This is all in the first handful of pages and it is of course fantastic fun.

Ivan Reis is on tremendous form here and it’s clear Lemire is having a blast. In fact it’s clear they both are.
Some of these characters need to have pretty big personalities, both visually and in their dialogue, in order for a team book to work - especially one with lesser known properties - and the creative team have brought them to life really well.

The last page is a doozy, just a pity that it wont be as big a surprise with the amount of coverage we get now as it would have been mindblowing otherwise.


I always hear Black Hammer be brought up in Lemire’s defense, but to be honest it is structured much more different than your standard Big Two team book. Which he has a resoundingly bad track record with.

Which is why I specified that category. As Black Hammer is formatted to fit his writing strengths more than Justice League United was - which was awful.

Terrifics is at least less twee and forced than that was.


I didn’t see/digest the ‘big two’ when I read you post - I stand corrected.

Pretty much in agreement with you, when I began writing the post I never caveated it, it just said 'I agree with Tom, Lemire’s weakness is team books - then I remembered Black Hammer


Well shit. I hadn’t planned on going to the LCS today since this is the only book I’m interested in but I guess I’m changing my plans.