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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’d rather they wait.
I don’t want someone else to come in and then wash everything away. Like Rucka.

Either that or get Sterling Gates, he’s the only other real potentially good choice.


Different strokes, but I think you need someone young and hungry to really define a whole symbolic universe for the character.

Bring in, say, Jorge Jimenez on art.


Yeah, different strokes. I liked the set up of Curse and would rather that get explored and become more settled. The Shazamily is just fun stuff. And the stinger is such a shame that it’s been years since it happened.


IIRC, that would be one of the names of an original Bat-Hound, circa early '60’s.


Nah, it’s Rex the Wonder Dog. His origin is given in this issue.

He, like Detective Chimp, is a magic sentient animal.


Jason Aaron’s Thor used to be brilliant, but I feel like he really isn’t going out on a high here. I’m getting a real sense of deja vu, it seems like we’ve been treading water with enormous smashy everything-ending threats and Jane about to die if she picks up the hammer one more time without ever reaching any real consequence for about a year now. GET ON WITH IT MAN. Russell Dauterman remains excellent though.


Right-o. It was Ace. Oh, and briefly “Titus”.


This is what I suspected.

I like Snyder’s work but it isn’t a must-buy for me in the way it would be if it was more often like Wild Hunt. I might wait on getting Metal when it’s collected, or in a digital sale.


I haven’t been reading Trinity, but now I kind of want to.


Was that a Rob Williams issue?

Strikes me as his sense of humour


James Robinson, with art by Patrick Zircher.


Ah, right ok - struck me as a Williams line for some reason


Batman riding a unicorn – still not as ridiculous as anything that happened in Batman and Robin.


I really do not have that much of a problem with unicorns.


I don’t have much of a problem with unicorns or Batman & Robin


I suspect the ‘biscuits’ reference after his ‘Mr Biscuits’ in Martian Manhunter.


That’s right! That’s what it will be


I’m sure he wasn’t magical originally, he was a military dog who got his powers and intelligence from a “super soldier serum”. I think they probably retconned that for his Shadowpact appearances, though.


I feel that I should point out that as both Batman and Superman have sons, a unicorn wouldn’t let them anywhere near (the jury’s out on Wonder Woman in current continuity).

Honestly, can people not even get basic unicorn lore right these days? :roll_eyes: :wink:


That whole series ought to be considered a classic. And I’m shocked that Martian Manhunter, Rob Williams, and especially Eddy Barrows haven’t benefited more from its existence.