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Fair point.

Still - it’s a really ineffective idea when the simple conceit of “Nth Metal has this mysterious background we should explore” is interesting enough on its own. Doing what he has done - Snyder has made the classic mistake of having nice build-up for a revelation that actually isn’t as amazing as the atmosphere is trying to sell.

By a long shot.

And he does it again in the same issue when it’s revealed that Nth Metal is actually Ninth Metal - despite “Nth” also being a real word with a real definition


That’s good to see, hoping to read it soon, I enjoyed the previous one shot.

I’m catching up on some other books as I’m a bit behind but should get to this in next few weeks.

Incidentally, on the other books I did catch up on, I really liked the Judas Contract crossover, moreso the Preist issues of Im honest, there was some pretty smart stuff in there.

Preist’s run on Deathstroke has been pretty great, I think it will be up their with his BP book in a few years.


It does seem like a situation where Snyder noticed a similarity between the words and let that “reveal” drive the story, rather than flow naturally out. Almost like a “Martha” moment in that respect.

I don’t mind that, and generally don’t mind the whole line-wide retcon/reveal thing (Well the spider totem at Marvel was dumb), as those things are usually fun for a stoey arc and then forgotten quickly. However I know a lot of fans mind all this stuff, so it is a calculated risk on DC’s part.


Aye, a friend of mine did a more analytical breakdown of why the reveal as a whole doesn’t work outside of the reveal being implicitly simplistic.

I wouldn’t mind if it was something clever that made sense in retrospect. A real ‘whaaaa’ moment.
But it’s not. It turns a real world with a real definition - and makes it something that was missing a letter.
Almost like he underestimates his readers.


I think mileage on this stuff will always vary. For instance, I really liked the spider totem thing but don’t think it’s something every writer on the book from that point on needed to acknowledge. Like most of these things, it can be take it or leave it.


I agree, the Spider-totem thing was quite good, and often seems to be dismissed by people who haven’t read the full story (or maybe don’t remember it). The big reveal at the end of the first JMS arc was that Spidey ultimately rejected the whole notion.

Peter realised that, even if there had been a history of a spider-totem, the circumstances that led to him becoming Spider-Man and using his powers in the way that he chose to were wider than that, and he refused to be pigeonholed in that way by Ezekiel. He rejected the idea that he was purely a spider-totem character, and it’s ultimately what enabled him to win his battle with Morlun.

A lot of Spider-Man’s interactions with Ezekiel at the end of that story (and subsequently) revolved around refusing to go along with the whole spider-totem idea, because he didn’t feel that it really said anything meaningful about who he was. Which is pretty much the same argument that the fans were making. :slight_smile:

I haven’t read any of the current DC Dark Metal stuff, but I wonder whether Snyder is maybe ahead of the readers in the same way here.


I agree with what you mean, but…

I’ll believe that if it happens.


That’s good. Otherwise I would question your grip on reality.


Definitely, and well…it’s still a bit worse than the Spider-Totem thing because making him a “totem” is way different then one letter being missing and this is played like an incredibly clever reveal.


Should probably spoiler that just to be safe.


I haven’t read the book but as a result of this conversation I had a quick google to see what you were talking about - is the thing that you’re talking about corroborated by anyone other than the Joker?



And Snyder is playing with totemic imagery in Metal as well, and I don’t think that’s a bad idea overall.
It’s drawing from Morrison and Barbatos and such.


Action Comics #983 - This story is really functioning like an older style long run book. It seems like the wrap up will happen in this issue for what would be a more recent arc style book. Then, the action in the issue pushes things in a different direction. The art by Viktor Bogdanovic was quite good and reminiscent of Greg Capullo (see preview page below). Still looking forward to what is next for this book.

Dark Days: The Casting #1 - I’m still quite pumped for Metal. This issue felt like a lot of set up for seemingly disparate elements. I didn’t following Snyder’s entire Batman run. So I’m not sure how many of these things I should already be familiar with. I enjoyed the different artists and the meta reveal but hope the series can bring these disparate elements together a bit better.

Youngblood #3 - This series is still a fun riff on the original Youngblood concept. It’s been too long since I’ve read anything Youngblood to know if the Cyberdyne reveal is something that should be meaningful. I’m sticking with it at least through this first arc.


Maybe the person is lying but you got to take into account that Snyder did the same thing again in the same issue with Nth Metal standing for Ninth Metal. So even if the character is lying - it’s not really that far from what Snyder is doing.


The Nth Metal change I took as being a little more like Grant Morrison turning Weapon X into Weapon 10 and allowing for other options to be explored.


The creative team has got enough goodwill from me that I’ve already decided to stick with it until they leave.
It’s such a fun teen comic and gotta support that no doubt.

Damn, was counting on you to explain Cyberbyne.


[quote=“Tom_Punk, post:155, topic:10170, full:true”]

Maybe the person is lying but you got to take into account that Snyder did the same thing again in the same issue with Nth Metal standing for Ninth Metal. So even if the character is lying - it’s not really that far from what Snyder is doing.
[/quote]Obviously I can’t comment on this specific example, but I tend to quite like it when creators take stuff like that and offer a possible new interpretation of it. It reminds me of Morrison in his X-Men run repositioning Weapon X as the tenth iteration of a programme that also included Weapon XI, Weapon XII and Weapon XIII.


Ha, I was writing my post at the same time. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it’s why I’m not really railing on the Nth thing as much as the other because it’s not as reductive.
But still, part of the reason it was called Nth was because of the magic golden age and sci-fi silver age separation.

Nth being titled that due to the scientific/mathematic connotations

denoting an unspecified item or instance in a series, typically the last or latest in a long series.

So there can be other kinds of metals, but making it bluntly a numbered one is…less cool.


I got out of comics not long after the initial Youngblood mini series. I’ve also never been much interested in the book without Rob involved on art until now. Even now, I’m mostly interested in how it might dovetail into his Brigade series that is still forthcoming.