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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I suspect it’s part of an agreement that Williamson has with DC

He’ll write some mainstream books if they publish some of his own ideas under Vertigo

The last mini he did for them, Frostbite, was pretty good


Bloodbourne 1 is pretty thin. Kowalski’s art is great, but the story is lacking.
I kinda expected this would be the case, I wish I listened to my instinct before splashing out £2.49. It also took all of 5 mins to read and that was with me stopping to admire some of the panels.

hit-girl 1 was good for what it was aiming for, but it’s not really a style of book I’m looking for personally at the moment. Ortiz art was great and really worked well for the glee infused anarchic tone.


I agree with this bit.
Not so much the rest.


When Vertigo fist started most of their books were mini series. Then if they were a hit they extended them.

The idea of a mini series now seems to be hated in the comics biz but they aren’t following the same model as the superhero stuff. It has always been a system where most ideas fail but some are massive hits that sell on and on. There’ll be a Fables that appears and sells a boatload.

It’s the most logical conclusion for the past few years for Garth Ennis the reason he works on smaller publisher and limited appeal titles is he’s getting a cheque for Preacher every month or two. Always in stock, always selling.



This kinda stuff really worked for me



I understand what you mean by the more frenzied tone of this book.
But Ortiz’s art is too “stylized”, for lack of a better word that won’t sound too critical, and comes off as just off and distracting.


Three of my favorite people. Layman just dropped this.


Nearly took Deathbed along with me and Punks Not Dead. Maybe next run. For completion of the miniseries, Redlands # 6, WW/Conan # 6, then Moonshine,the latest Thor (this arc is white-knuckled epic stuff), and of course, Batman, Aquaman, Nightwing, Black Panther annual, Supes and…obviously Hit Girl # 1 had to come along (middle finger cover, natch).

I feel like I should jump back into Sex Crim. It’s always been a great series, just a casualty of the budget when I dropped off.

Tank Girl continues to be amusing as all-hell.


Hit Girl #1 - @Mark_Millar has done it again. There is so much raw energy in this first issue. I’m loving it and loving that it’s going to be an ongoing with rotating teams. It’s a good time to be a Millarworld fan.

Super Sons #13 - Just when I think I’ll drop this book from my monthly pull list, it pulls me back in. There was a lot of interpersonal interaction between Jon and Damian in this issue which is the lifeblood of this book. It was nice to see Carlo Barberi and Art Thiberts names in the credits. They did a great job here. Looking forward to what Tomasi has in store for the remainder of this series.

Superman #41 - I haven’t really cared for this storyline. It’s felt a bit heavy handed and one sided. I haven’t generally been a huge fan of Ed Benes’ art but he did a great job here. I’m excited to see what Tomasi and Gleason do with remainder of their issues starting with the next issue.


Black Panther Annual #1 - Three stories by three of the best writers to ever write BP: Priest, Don McGregor (yes, I know I’ve criticized him for writing T’Challa taking too many beatings, but he never wrote him as a milquetoast unlike a certain current BP writer whose name I won’t mention) and Reggie Hudlin. All three stories had each writer still true to form. For me, Priest and Reggie’s stories tie for 1st place, with McGregor in second.


I just read this, after picking it up on a whim (having not read any of the other Metal stuff yet), and I loved it. It really recaptured the imaginative and wild operatic feeling of the likes of Final Crisis, Superman Beyond and Multiversity - and even though some of the larger story details escaped me, it gave me everything I needed to enjoy it. It certainly lives up to its big-name creative team.

Is it representative of Metal in general? If it’s all this wild and this good, then I’m seriously considering tracking down some backissues.


Hi dave, I would say so yes.

Metal has been pretty bonkers the whole way thru and I think the tone is similar to the likes of Final Crisis etc even if it does not quite match Morrison’s level of creativity and imagination (although do think that is what Snyder was aiming for).


This was co-written by Morrison, so you’re feeling a lot of his influence and idiosyncrasy here.

I don’t think the other issues of Metal have had that same sensibility; they are much more concerned with and connected to the work Snyder has done in the DCU. But they are certainly wilder and larger scale than most of Snyder’s work.


Yeah. Metal really just hits with conceit after conceit.

It might not be entertaining for some, but I feel it keeps the momentum going every time it seems to start to lag. In fact, I think the only bits that do lag are the origin one shots.


Yeah, as always, skip most of the tie ins. Anything written by Snyder, Tynion, and Williamson are pretty core. Everything else is superfluous.


How come Morrison co-wrote a tie-in issue anyway? It seems like a small job for him.


Probably as a nice concession.
Snyder probably would wanted to use the characters but acted in a polite manner and asked Morrison along.


I think it’s probably the combination of Scott Snyder asking him, him getting to play with HIS themes, and getting a nice check for what I suspect was very minimal working (plotting plus some script revisions).

He’s supposed tod o the same for some issues of Sideways, the book with Didio/Rocaforte (and Jordan I think?). I suspect they bring him in and pay him a premium (his page rate is insane) to goose their numbers as well.

Didio has a lot of respect/admiration for Morrison (rightly). He can do pretty much what he wants, but I think that also means Didio constantly trying to get him to do more work.

I was talking to Burnham about what the process was for their Batman Inc run and even HE was shocked by how much freedom Morrison has.

Major props to Snyder who is one of the sweetest and most conscientious guys in comics, by the way. HE wanted to use some Morrison stuff so he asked Morrison to help. He wanted to use Sandman so he pitched it, rightly, to Gaiman. All our mutual friends say Snyder is a great human being, and he really doesn’t have to be.


Yeah, it’s Jordan.

I can’t wait for those issues. Didio’s writing really can’t handle all of those spreads. And Didio has a good track record of picking people to carry on his bastions.


I think it’s just a short stint (for Morrison).

It’s shocking to me that Captain Marvel/Shazam isn’t going yet. Could they really be waiting for the Doomsday Clock team? Seems like a no-brainer to put someone on that book, given the talent they have and the relative clarity of a way forward (unlike the Legion, which I think is a little bit harder to make work).

I could name at least 3 guys at DC who could do a great Captain Marvel, and two at Marvel I wouldn’t mind them stealing to do it. :slight_smile: