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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


BTW, the jungle sets were nearby, not on that set. Many times they would use a few large outdoor nurseries that had tropical plants. Development in the area forced road trips! With the low-cost stuff, about as far as they would travel would be Vasquez Rocks (in the desert, about two hours, then) or south near the beach (rarely more than an hour’s travel).

It’s amazing what one sees when one lives in or near Los Angeles. When I was living in Reseda I was a house away from the Los Angeles River (which is naught but huge concrete ditches). For a week they filmed the Terminator 2 chases right in that stretch.


We’ve had a lengthy discussion about Michael Cray on the Wildstorm thread. It’s a polarising book. There are those who like it a lot (myself included). There are those who don’t.

Personally, I think you would like it too, Ben. Especially if you like both Ellis’ main book and Bryan Hill.


Ive read 1-4 and thought it was really good fun

Not read 5 yet


Well, it’s more than likely it’ll get a trade buy, especially if I bag it for under a tenner.


Reread Batman Broken City, but this time Risso’s b&w version. And boy, it rocks! Devoid of Mulvihill colors, this truly has noir feel to it. When Batman and Killer Croc fight on the rain, I couldn’t, but to shudder on visual presentation. So stunning.
As for the story itself, maybe it’d sound like a blasphemy, but to me, this is the best presentation of the Batman I’ve seen in comics. Most natural too. It’s almost like modern Phillip Marlowe in tights. And I think that all Batman exploits, dilemmas and choices are very thoroughly examined here.



It’s a story that received a fair amount of acclaim when it was being published, but interest fell by the wayside. So it’s good to have someone like you bring it up. Although maybe not in a new comics thread…


I’ve got a handful still to read from last week.

Managed to read Action Comics 997 this morning when I got up.

I actually really enjoyed it despite really hating storylines with Zod, a terribly overused character who I’ve never found to be an interesting villain.

However this feels like high stakes stuff which puts Booster and Supes in a seemingly impossible position, along with the side story with Lois also having ended on a pretty massive cliffhanger.

Given that Booster is involved here and it’s a time travel story, I do think it will be a timey wimey resolution, which often bothers me - but I’ve found this arc to be quite a lot of fun.

I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m going to really miss Jurgens when this is over - ironic really, since I never liked his writing or art much on his big 90s superman books.
I have definitely grown fond of him as a creator over the years. This run in particular has been full of big fun stories.



You asked about Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt and whether it was worth checking out.

I would recommend you do.

It starts with a Detective Chimp origin story, where along the way he is aided by Swamp Thing and a dog called Rex, who I’m still trying work out in terms of his connection to DCU, if any .

A creative team of Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison, James Tynion, Josh Williamson, Howard Porter, Jorge Jimenez & Doug Manke is not to be sniffed at and it shows throughout the book.

Some of it actually kinda reminds me of the 52 weekly, and that era of DC comics, in its tone at times. A lot of the characters from that series play a part here, including a bunch of DRs that DC fans will be very familiar with. This 3 panels in particular made me laugh out loud.


However it doesn’t shirk the madness of Metal, one of the early scenes of DC playing an organ with the Metal Men & Red Tonrado acting as the pipes in particular being utterly bonkers genius.


Thanks for the review, Chris. I initially passed but might give this a shot now. I loved 52.


Rex the Wonder Dog? A Silver Age character, but had some post-Crisis guest spots, last in Shadowpact about 10 years ago as I recall.


It must be

Cheers David!


Detective Comics 974

I saved this for last out of last week’s bundle, to savour it with a cuppa.

When you have been reading comics as long as many of us have, it’s not often the weight of these events in superhero comics reasonates as deeply as they are intended to.
I’ve become quite desensitised, it’s harder and harder for a pay off to really drive home.

I felt this aftermath really gave consequence to not just the past issue but this entire run this far.

There’s rumours that Tynion IV is about to move on from this book, I feel it has another 2 to 3 years of life left in it. It could be truly epic.
Please DC just give us another 25 issues. Yes I’m bargaining now. I was originally going for a nice round 100.

Doing a good team book must be such and challenging and delicate balancing act, and this is one of the best I’ve ever read.


Some notable books this week for me -

Punks Not Dead # 1 from Shelley Bond’s imprint

Last issue of Punisher The Platoon which I’ve decided not to pick up because I’ve double dipped on it and having not read the last chapter will mean I can look forward to it when I read the trade.

Hit-Girl 1

Deathbed 1 by Josh Williamson over at Vertigo

Bloodbourne 1 (for fans of the game - this is written by Ales Kot, feels like quite an intriguing combination)

Damage 2 from the Age of Heroes line

Is anyone picking up Liam Sharpe’s Brave & the Bold?

I love his art but I’m not really interested in a Batman/Wonder Woman team up. Unlikely to pick it up unless there’s some really positive chat about it.


I was hoping it would go up to #1000 at least. If it stops at #981, I’m going to be pretty heart broken. There’s no way this won’t feel like a truncated run, given everything that has just happened in the book.


Looks like Super Sons #14, Superman #41 and Hit Girl #1 for me today. I might pick up Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt based on @ChrisS’s recommendation.


Dropped money. The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman (2018-) #1 - Written & Drawn by Liam Sharp. Looks like fun. Kick-Ass #1 (last week’s). Now to find some time to read!


I saw there is a new Vertigo title starting on the shelves this week.

People rag on Marvel a lot but it is crazy to me that DC is still putting out these Vertigo books that they’ll cancel by issue 17. It’s like everyone knows this line is dead but them.


You’re talking about Deathbed? It looked interesting. It also looks like it might be a finite book anyway.


I think it’s just a 6 issue mini though

Think most of the new stuff they’ve released recently has been 6 issues