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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Wow. I’ve enjoyed Postal by Hill, but that’s an American-set story.

This sounds like it’s now in ‘so awful it has to be seen to be believed’ territory.


Also, Michael Cray is boooooring.

Complete disservice to the Deathblow brand.


Honestly it looks like they decided it was New Zealand as an after thought.
I just spent 30 minutes cursing at my poor partner how people can think it’s alright to be on the side of one thing without considering the impact of their ignorance on others.
You could pick it up and see nothing of what I’m saying but between the basic errors and the cultural blindness im amazed that something like this can go to print these days.


You mentioned in the diversity thread about not having read America?
Yeah, it’s that. It’s everything you mentioned right there.

And it’s written by a Latin person even.


I feel when I calm down I need to send a version of what I said above to the author.
Do you think it would be helpful at all?



In a funny anecdote, someone sent a prank letter into America comparing it to The Room and they got rid of the letters page right after.


I didn’t even notice it was set in New Zealand.




One of my old bosses’ one-liners was that things tended be more cock-up than conspiracy. So, yeah, if you go on the basis that this is a case of massive ignorance rather than deliberate malice, then why not?

There’s a lot to be said how for you pitch it too. Few will respond to a ‘you’re a total idiot’ email, whereas a more diplomatic tack will probably get a better return / response.

What’s really surprising is no one seems to have picked up on it until you posted, not enough Kiwis read comics?


Not really. you would be lucky to have 10 dedicated comic stores in a population of 3 million.

Just rereading his article makes me even madder

“Representation matters. The lack of representation also matters,” comic book writer Bryan Edward Hill explains to The Root. “Stories ultimately tie back to mythology, and it’s the way we rationalize good and evil. When you’re not represented in stories, especially when you’re not a protagonist or a hero, and you’re confronted with that over and over again, subconsciously you start to question your own agency in the world.”

The story should of been based in Maine


That’s the old rule of “write what you know”, isn’t it?

The other one is what I’ll dub the Rucka rule: If you’re going to write stuff you don’t know, research extensively. (Rucka does.)


Me right now


That is one evil, muthafucking panda.


Yeah, I automatically assumed it was set in Lovecraft Country


The economics of comics making combined with the fairly narrow life experience of most comics makers make Rucka the rarity.

It’s a shame, because some of the best stuff I’ve written (coming soon!) has been the stuff I spent months and months researching. I read a textbook for issue 5 of Maxwell’s Demons. For a project coming next year I’ve read I think 4 books and have at least 6 more to get through.

But there’s no way that’s going to pay off monetarily. You have to want to do the work yourself.


You and me both pal


It’s awesome - don’t listen to them


Are you referring to WILDSTORM: MICHAEL CRAY #5 Chris?


If #1-4 are any indication I have to say that awesome would be an unprecedented and unbelievable upswing.


Watch some of the late '30’s-early '40’s jungle movies. Note how the natives often said “Ungawa”, either calmly or excitedly. Now, why did both “African natives” or “Amazonian natives” (nobody cared, it was the same lot of atmosphere actors all colored out of the same pot of pancake make-up) both use the word “Ungawa”?

KTLA and other studios were right there by the Hollywood Freeway. KTLA is on Sunset Boulevard - and Gower. That’s correct, they were all saying “on Gower”.

Glad to see the impact of education on male writers.