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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I very much did!


I never picked up the Ellis one, but I did read American Monster and it was really good.

However, fuck knows what happened to it.

The story was only just beginning so it wasn’t a natural end if that’s it all over.

Azzarello has been really quiet recently, I’m not sure what the score is with him right now.


Glad you liked it, Chris. I wanted an X-book to love for a long time. This might be it.


Kingsman: The Red Diamond 6 rounded off the series perfectly, a really satisfying conclusion.

I thought this series was absolutely hilarious. Genuinely laugh out our funny at times.

Mark could not have selected a better team than Williams and Fraser, such a clever move - Williams has the humour and wonderfully entertaining dialogue and the story breezed along at a fair old rate.
Fraser knows how to do the loveable rogue from his long running stint on the fantastic Nicolai Dante.

I thought the end of the world as we know it concept was better than a lot of Bond films, but most importantly it was really great fun.

Brilliant stuff

This weeks Justice League, which is part 5 of Priest’s arc has a scene in space with the flash in a space suit that needs to be read to be believed.
Such an incredibly complex few pages, I’ve no idea how strong the science is, but I can’t fail to be impressed at Priest’s serious intellect, even if it’s all bullshit that he’s completely made up.


Actually X-Men Red is the business.
I had my doubts at the start but it’s got strong characterisation and a gut punch final few pages.
Stand out x-team book for me


This is interesting, and hopeful. Like @garjones I’ve been a fan of Taylor for a while and I read his All New Wolverine, which is pretty good.

I don’t know how much I ever bought the fact that Marvel were minimizing X-Men because of the Fox thing; my view is that Morrison’s run (which I love) broke the concept and no writer has been able to put it back together. And to be fair to Marvel, they have tried — look at the writers on the X books over the past 15 years, it’s like a who’s who of creator talent. Perhaps Taylor has found a winning formula, though.


I quite enjoyed the whole Messiah Complex era and I thought Bendis run started really well.

I have to admit though, I’m not the biggest xmen fan, historically at least.

I never really read the xmen until Morrison’s run and it was the first movie that kind of got me into them - despite being really deeply into comics, I didn’t really like the x books or much of Marvel for that matter - other than the Punisher and Daredevil.


Are you guys going to talk me into buying an X men book for the first time in like 5 years…


Here. Lemme help you. :wink:

This is the cover for issue #2 for a little more enticement. :wink:


I haven’t checked the boards in ages, and then I got these pings :slight_smile:
Thanks for the kind words Ronnie! Much appreciated.


You’re quite welcome, Tom. I always love seeing your design work in comics.


Ok you’ve persuaded me. I’m going to pick it up when I do my comixology shop this week. Will feed back after reading.
I basically dropped all X men books after Aaron’s wolverine and the X men run. Since I had no interest in bendis’ X men out of time schtick and the others were pretty terrible.


the swamp thing winter special was indeed special.

Someone at DC has clearly mandated a fanciful notion as part of Rebirth; that being that the specials and annuals be at least as good as the series they are publishing, if not better - and often they are better.

I have not read an annual by them since Rebirth started that wasn’t at a minimum very good and this swamp thing special is a level above again

The whole thing is dedicated to Len Wein and it is a fitting dedication.
The opening story by King & Fabok is fittingly tragic, the letter and retrospective by Rebecca Taylor is beautiful, and the closing, wordless story by Wein and Jones wonderfully grotesque art caps it all perfectly.
(Strongly recommend the mini series the two of them did a couple of years back).
Even the script is worth reading due to Wein’s warm personality, conversational descriptions and creativity shining through.

Well worth the high cover price.


Yeah. The Wein/ Jones mini and the previous 2 issue Convergence mini series were both excellent. Looking forward to reading the Winter Special when I get the chance. It looks pretty great.


I’m going to buy it in floppy as well to put alongside those other issues and box away.

The only thing that ruins the books for me is the advert and preview at the back for the age of heroes stuff - they really shouldn’t have done that because it ruins an otherwise lovely tribute.


Scrub that, I’ve just checked eBay and it’s a friggin fortune


How much? (Just plain nosy.)




What? Are you still talking about the Swamp Thing special? £15 for a comic that’s still on the shelves for less than half that?


Yeah that’s what it’s going for on eBay just now