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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’m strongly considering giving X-Men Red #1 a shot. Anyone give it a shot yet?

Also, VS (which looks amazing) was graphically designed by Millarworlder @helloMuller.


I was going to try xmen red but I just can’t get enthusiastic for the creative teams on the x books - I think they need something drastic


I really liked the preview and the team for X-Men Red. I’m not very familiar with the creative team but I liked the art.

I’m not sure whether I want to pick up VS #1 or just wait for the trade.

Edit: Bit the bullet and picked up both issues. I hope they’re good.


Dastardly and Muttley #6 - that’s going to stick with me for a bit. A fantastic ending to a Lovecraft story done right.


I usually buy everything Ennis does - but the first issue didn’t quite sit with me

Sounds like I need to come back to this

The trade is in this month’s previews and I’d considered it again, so you’ve just made my mind up


Hope you enjoy it man.

A lot of Lovecraft comics don’t really rank with me because of how they focus on the superficial aspects, like the Deep Ones or that overused couplet. But Ennis hits a deeper truth to it in this. And it’s equal parts funny and frightening.


I like Tom Taylor, he’s an Australian writer (the only one I know of) who did the Injustice digital comic for DC. As a video game tie-in it had no right to be as good as it was, I only picked it up because it was 99c when digital comics really launched. I followed him on to Wolverine which again is very entertaining even though I have no affinity for the Laura character.

He’s no Tom King with clever techniques but he writes very solid superhero comics.


Maxwell’s Demons!


Previews World:

(Issue 1)

Previews World:

(issue 2)



If you put the links on their own line, it will generally show a preview like my above post. :wink:


Thanks for editing it Ronnie!! I’m no @Mark_Millar -esque whiz kid with the technology, as is obvious :slight_smile:

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No probs. This board can do wonderful things but it is very strict in liking them on their own lines. Embed a link or a video and the ‘enter’ key is your friend.


We need a much better title for Deniz.


Why? I think it’s a great title.


I wondered if it was some kind of board-automatic thing or if one of you guys made the effort to put it in.

If it was the board, I’m genuinely concerned by that level of artificial wit.


I was thinking more “Da da da da da Camp-Man!”


Done …


Awesome! Hope you like 'em!


Scooby-Doo Team-up #33 (featuring the Legion of Super-Heroes)

By Sholly Fisch, Dario Brizuela and Franco Riesco

Before I even opened the comic, I guessed it was going to be about the Ghost of Ferro Lad. I mean, what else could it be?

The story opens with a Legion time bubble arriving in the present (or possibly in 1969) to enlist the help of some famous ghost hunters. The ghost hunters’ reaction is predictable:


Yes, obviously it’s a comedy. What else would it be with Scooby-Doo? It feels like it expects its readers to be unfamiliar with the Legion, and it crams in most of the members, so there’s a fair bit of exposition and random demonstrations of their powers (it’s just like the Silver Age!), but the various Legionnaires are actually well written (within the constraints of it needing to be a comedy), and there are several nice touches for Legion fans:


And the odd sacred cow being gently mocked in affectionate ways:


The main problem I have is that the plot requires the Legionnaires to be extremely stupid, otherwise they wouldn’t need the Scooby gang’s help. But that’s fair enough, it’s Scooby’s comic so it’s only fair that he (well, actually Velma, obviously) gets to solve the mystery.

Overall it’s a nicely written comic, with enough of the jokes working to keep me smiling.

By no means an essential comic for anybody but the most completist Legion fan, but it’s a fun read, and there aren’t many comics you can say that about these days.


At least I didn’t have to say it this time.