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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’ve given up trying to read Justice League/Doom Patrol: Milk War

I’m into something a bit different or surreal, but this is a pile of nonsense.
The art looks great but the storytelling is non existent, there’s no sense of place or scene setting it’s just floating heads and bodies.
Zero idea what is going on and I’m not really interested in trying to work it out either.

Weird for weird’ sake.


I agree. It’s how I felt about Doom Patrol for a while.


Ya. That’s largely how I felt about it.


It’s a real shame that Bendis can’t keep writing Defenders, because this is a brilliant series. It’s funny. It’s exciting. It’s gorgeous to look at. But, sadly it looks like #10 is the last issue. I’m going to miss it.

I’ve tried to drop X-Men Blue a couple of times now, but those Art Adams’ covers :heart_eyes: … I know. I’m weak. Thankfully, he’s only doing them until #22 next month.

X-men Gold/ Blue: Mojo Worldwide (#13-15 of both books) - was kinda fun in an old school X-Crossover way. But, entirely skippable.

X-Men Blue #16-20 “Cross Time Capers”, on the other hand, was really quite decent, as the O5 travel through time and meet up with the X-Men 2099, old school Generation X, and Bendis’ Brotherhood (from his All New X-Men). In doing so, Bunn manages to rectify the horrendous ending to the Hopeless All New X-Men book, by restablishing the “O5” as the O5. Yay!


I’m a big fan of the first Doom Patrol trade but this Milk Wars thing sounds way too cutesy.


Maxwell’s Demons #2 – holy moley :open_mouth:

I’m not going to say I liked this more than #1, because it’s so different I can’t really compare them. For me (personally) it didn’t have the emotional impact of #1, but it was intellectually satisfying and beautifully written.

On the strength of these two issues I’m going to say, in all honesty and not just because I kinda know him from the forum, that Deniz Camp is the best new voice in comics for at least the last couple of decades. (Before that goes to his head, take it with a pinch of salt, because I haven’t checked out that many new writers in the last couple of decades :wink: .)


Hungry Ghosts #1 (Dark Horse / “Berger Books”)

This is almost certinly the first time in my life I’ve bought a comic because of the editor’s name, not because of the writer or artist.

The comic is exactly what it says on the cover: ghost stories with a “food” theme. It’s an anthology, with two short stories and a framing sequence. The editorial page tells me they’re based on traditional Japanese ghost stories.

I wasn’t completely bowled over by it, but enjoyed it for being something different. The writing is good, and the art, while not being a style I usually go for, works very well at evoking the horror atmosphere.

It’s enjoyable enough to keep buying. Would I recommend it? That depends entirely on whether you go for this type of comic. If you do, I suspect you’ll like this.


I’m proud of you, Meadows! :+1:


“And that camp, he’s handsome too!”

Haha, thanks so much david, for reading and checking it out, much less that really, really kind review. I wanted to do something with issue 2 that was surprising, and it’s so hard for me to BE surprised, so I decided to just go for it. Issues 3 and 4 will be a bit more conventional and emotionally driven (especially issue 4).

Happy you dug the first couple! More to come soon!



Looking forward to Batman #40 and Superman #40 today.


Will the new releases section be up to date for the uk by now or do I need to wait until 3?

I’m taking a 30 min break from work and having a coffee so right now would be ideal…


Looks like it’s up but there may still be some things missing.


It’s usually up at 10pm my time which should be 2pm in the UK. I see the new books.

Tempted by Swamp Thing special but the price is a bit steep.


Cheers guys I’ll jump on now


Slightly quieter week for me as I’ve dropped a few titles recently to try trim down on time and money spent on new books when I have stacks of stuff I’ve not got near touching yet.

Looking forward to Snagglepuss and the Swamp Thing special - I’ll let you know what I think, Gar.

I notice ex-millarwolder Sarah Horrocks is doing a back up in an image anthology, but I’m not too keen on the other creators there so can’t justify shelling out £2.50 for a few pages. I looked at the preview pages and it’s not really my thing.

It’s called Twisted Romance, is anyone else picking it up.

On the subject, what is Deniz’s book called again?


$7.99 for 80 pages, which by my calculations makes it the cheapest comic I’ll buy this year :wink:


Maxwell’s Demons. #2 was out last week.


Per page is not bad but I’m always slightly wary with these big books how much of it ends up being filler material, anyway as it was a light week I bought it anyway.


Also, my 10% Forbidden Planet discount looks even bigger on expensive books :wink: