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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I read the FCBD issue and that was pretty good. I was probably going to give this a shot in trade eventually.


I’ve just read Accell #1, the second book in Lion Forge’s new superhero line. It’s written by Joe Casey, which is what first grabbed my attention. It’s a speedster book and a pretty fun one at that. There’s nothing revisionist or groundbreaking here, it’s just an accessible superhero book with some colourful, cartoony art. I’ll be checking out the next issue.

What is interesting is that the book seems to have been a retooled idea from a couple of years ago (except that original book might have had even cooler art). It would be interesting to see how different that older take would have been, but I guess we’ll never know.


Yeah I agree it was excellent, I think King is now hitting his stride on this book and it’s becoming better than Snyder’s run.


There will probably be a BOGOF offer on Comixology soon because of SDCC.


I finally got a chance to read my books for the week last night.

Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #5 - This was such a good ending to such a great book. The final confrontation between Walter and Hutch was perfect. The best thing about the book was how it wrapped up and commented on this series and how these heroes move forward with a nice little bit of set up for the next volume.

Superman #26 - I’m generally not into fill-in issues that skip the regular creative team but this issue kept the heart and high quality that I’ve come to expect from this series. It’s a nice little tale of Clark being a father with connections to his experience with his own father. Great stuff.


Bump for today’s new releases.

Just Kill or be Killed for me this week, but that’s still a great week as far as I’m concerned.


Mage Vol.3 starts this week, as well as a new Youngblood.

Great week.


Here’s my list for the week:

Action Comics #983
Dark Days The Casting #1
Youngblood #3


Pretty big week for me, mostly looking forward to Dark Days The Casting and The Divided States of Hysteria 2


Youngblood #3: Still very light and very entertaining. Not much to say but if you want to read something that is just a good teen team time (three t’s?) check it out.

Mage: The Hero Denied #0: It’s short, sweet, and and so good to see this world come back to life again.

Dark Days - The Casting: I was hoping for good things with this event, and this issue was really terrible. Snyder was saying good things in promos, but it’s a lot of messily handled concepts at play here.


I finally read the issue of Jupiter’s Legacy. I’m going to read - no, view it a bunch more times. Now, where in my catacombs did I stash my previous issues? Y’know, when this Jupiter stuff started, I was diehard print only. Now I get digital only. It’s YOUR FAULT, Millar!


Just the Casting for me, although I also bought the new trades for Clean Room and Shade the Changing Girl because clearly I’m an idiot who supports trades of books that are likely about to be canned.


Goddamn you, Marvel. Here I am. Perfectly happy ignoring you; gloating in the fact, if I’m honest. Then you go and put Art Adams as the regular cover artist on an X-Men book featuring the O5. I’m resisting. I’m staying strong. Then you bring back the free digital copies, and give away the first issue for free - like an experienced dealer. And … Screw it … I went out and bought all the issues of X-Men Blue to date. It’s a fab book. F.A.B.

I’ve only read the first 3 issues (#7 came out today), and I’m having a blast here. It’s like the Marvel equivalent of DC Rebirth’s Detective Comics. I can’t give the book higher praise than that, can I?

Goddamn you, Marvel, for producing a book I genuinely can’t bitch about.


The Casting was really, really good, although I need to give it another read to get a better mental picture of how all of the threads come together, as there are a lot. And while I know all the characters I’m not sure I’m steeped enough in DC lore to know all of the context. Still, this is looking like a superb event so far.

There is one moment that gets a little “midichlorian” however, so if you hate that stuff (I don’t), be warned.


It’s worse than midichlorian because the DCU has used a word that actually has meaning - and this reduces it down to a doctor being too stupid to write one thing down.

Goddamn decades centered down to one moment - and it’s played as a grandiose reveal when it’s really just…insipid. Goddamn Snyder.


Haha, that’s fair, it was definitely a moment I flagged as weird in my head but it was not a deal breaker for me, and no cursing out DC or Snyder here.


It wasn’t the doctor being stupid. It was the computer system only allowing 4 characters for a slot. That used to be a big thing (still is if you use legacy systems). :wink:


Sorry, it was more of an exasperated wail haha.

But it’s really emblematic of a more pressing problem with Metal.[spoiler] That being that Snyder is injecting the Metal everywhere. I know it can be cool to create long unexpected connections between properties and concepts in comics - but they have to make sense. In Metal’s prologues the Metal is apparently everything.
Melted lazarus pits, Wondy’s gauntlets, Aquaman’s trident, Shazam’s dagger - it’s connected to Hell, Heaven, the dreamscape, Uncle Sam!

The midichlorian thing just really underlines how ridiculous it is getting because meta has a real life definition - it means “beyond” - but now it’s just “oops four letters” and apparently metal can be genetic.[/spoiler]

That’s why written records exist. Especially back then when they were immensely more common. And it also brings up the question as to why the Doctor never clarified any of this.

Also, that’s abbreviations exist - if you were gonna abbreviate “Metal” - why not go with “MTL”?


Spoilers please.

Written records aren’t searchable and generally don’t survive. It’s also quite believable that the first 4 letters would be used instead of some other abbreviation as that is what happened in a lot of cases.


Kill Or Be Killed #10 was very good, a nicely done fairly low-key conclusion to the arc that pushes it forwards into future stories rather than tying it off. I really like that Brubaker and Phillips are making this a proper ongoing series rather than neatly dividing into largely separate arcs like Criminal or Fatale, or making it a finite story like The Fade-Out. There’s a good sense of forward momentum to it all that makes me keen to read it month-to-month.

Also, have I mentioned how great Phillips’ art is in this series? I love that some pages of this book are just text with a single full-page illustration. It not only emphasises the hard-boiled character-centred style Brubaker is using, but it means you also get beautiful stuff like this.