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At the same token, if you were replacing Batman, would you change that presentation? For anyone who didn’t know what happened to the original, which would be probably pretty much everyone, wouldn’t it be a huge psychological advantage? Whoever this guy is, this is crucial method acting. Even for him.


Well, I guess he read and read the journal and adopted his ticks…


Re: Comedian

I think it’s a body double.


Dark Nights: Metal #5 - This issue was a crazy, rapid fire sink into oblivion as the story barrels on toward its conclusion next issue. There is some cool and insane stuff here as usual. There were some places where the text was a bit difficult to read due to the black on red dialog boxes. I’m really looking forward to how this story wraps up.

JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 - The art by ACO in this book was solid. This books is always a bit odd for odds sake but I’m not sure how well that intersects with the JLA. There is a nice twist in there and those covers are pretty incredible though. I’m just not sure this book is for me.


I’m just not feeling Moon Knight. The writing is generic and the art is serviceable, but nothing unique like the previous two runs. I’m dropping it.


Detective Comics #972 was a great issue, with the Gotham Knights desperately trying to rein in their rogue colleague. The showdown at Arkham Asylum was brilliantly executed, and then the action at the Belfry ramped up the tension even further.

Detective Comics #973 was the big set piece finale to the “Fall Of The Batmen” arc, and it really lived up to its name. It’s a game changer for this book. Huge stuff happens. Things are broken that won’t easily be replaced. This is going to be quite a different book going forwards from here. Can’t wait for the next issue!

The artwork in this arc has been by three different artists over five issues. It’s amazing how consistent the book has looked throughout. Huge kudos to the editors for that.

I also continue to be amazed at how good Tynion’s writing is. The flashback in this issue specifically addresses a niggling concern I’ve had about this book since the very beginning of the Rebirth run. That’s impressive.

This week’s Detective Comics Annual was a great book too. Looking at Clayface’s new origin, it ties in nicely with the recent events in the main book. As Jake said, it does end really abruptly though!

I continue to be really impressed with DC’s Rebirth annuals. Previously these have usually been tryouts for artists not quite ready for prime time. However, increasingly these are by the regular creative team - Tynion and Barrows, in this case - making them really feel like an important part of the ongoing narrative.

What did you think @ChrisS?


Yeah, I’m not really buying it but maybe we’ll see a better explanation as it goes on.

What came to my thoughts today is that it’s a real pity that the same kind of craft and depth can’t be applied to a comic that isn’t a covers band trying to do a follow up to Dark Side of the Moon. I think I’d adore a standard DCU comic done like this by Johns and Frank and it’d probably win a lot of awards.

I really like that it’s dense, they have taken care with the structure and a lot happens. Even with his attention to structure Tom King’s stories move very slowly.

It’d be nice to see more variety in techniques used in comics.


I thought it was outstanding - didn’t want to say anything until you read it

tynion has done a great job of building up clayface and endearing him to the reader that they payoff here was huge
The whole time I’m rooting for the guy
And the final page was like a punch to the stomach - I really didn’t see it coming
The whole run has been brilliant but this particular storyline has been delivered expertly

Not read the annual yet - I’ll get to it this weekend I think


Chris, Vik - you realise you two are the reason I’m buying the OHCs of this Tec run, right?

It’s these damnably joyful reviews that do it every time.



You won’t be disappointed

At least, I hope you won’t

I’d love Tynion to pull of a 100 issue mega run on this

I’ll buy it all in deluxe - I’m actually looking forward to reading it again in OHC instead of digital.

I’m just stacking them on the shelves until the run is done then I’m going to do it all again back to back


So I’ve just finished this and I thought it was excellent. Quite moving really, as could be expected and also some real depth, which Tynion tend to add to most his books - his characters are most definitely 3 dimensional.

I got a real EC vibe from this book, both from the art - which I felt Barrows was trying to evoke to an extent and also the story and the ending.
(I really enjoyed the ending).

Totally agree on your comment about the annuals. I’ve been think the same thing. They are of a really high standard both in writing and art.

Barrows was always kinda tipped for the big time, right back to when he was in Action with Rucka and Trautman - he’s never really got there in terms of hype and popularity, however I’m a big fan.


I agree, I think he’s great. He probably just needs the right run to hit the big time. Probably not his fault as it now seems to be the nature of comics but I tend to see his stuff drift in and out of different books.


I think Barrows’ reputation has been hurt by the fact that he seems to be quite slow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him do a consecutive run of more than 2 or 3 issues.


Super Sons #12 wrapped up the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” crossover in really disappointing fashion. The story never lived up to it’s amazing opening chapter, and undeniably fizzled away in the second half. The inconclusive fate of Tim, Connor, Cassie and Bart was especially frustrating.

Superman #39 was a nice, heart warming read. Kitson’s art is always nice to see, but felt a little looser here than usual (probably the inks).

Whilst I liked this issue, I really think this book has totally lost its way since the wrap up of the Hamilton mega-arc in #25. It probably hasn’t helped that Gleason has been MIA on art since then, and that there have been a number of fill ins too.

Sadly, I think I’m done with both of these books now. The solicits for future issues just don’t excite me much, and with Bendis taking over soon, I don’t think I’m going to be missing much.


My book of the week has taken me a bit by surprise. Mostly because I bought it pretty much by accident.

I had it in my head that Motherlands was Williamsons new Vertigo book (that’s right kids!! Vertigo still do comics!! Good ones too!!) only to click into it and find out that it’s actually Si Spurriers new book.

Spurrier, for those who have not read my boring posts on this subject already, is a bit hit and miss for me. I often hate his dialogue; he always puts little verbal ticks and quirks into his dialogue and some of it I find really fucking grating.
I do like some of his stuff quite a bit. I think he’s a smart guy but I actually think he thinks he’s a bit too clever at times. I feel a smugness in his writing. And I hated his issues of Crossed + 100

However this was a neat surprise. The concept is a wee bit overdone now; I’m really out off buying any new comics about parallel universes - it’s worse than zombies now for overuse.
The main concept is overdone but there’s still some really neat, fresh ideas within - one in particular is when there’s a chase between 2 characters jumping between worlds and the speech balloons are sliced at the point where the jumps are happening (hard to explain, you’ll just need to read it).

There’s very much a 2000ad influence here, in particular, Strontium Dog. And it’s funny because I think Rachel Stott’s art, which is fab, has a wee blend of Paul Marshall and PJ Holden.

So good book, but there’s so much out there right now that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd and ultimately this won’t find a very big audience.


OK, but have you read Archangel? Because you should read Archangel.


That the William Gibson thing?
I have not read it…however your recommendations are always good so I’ll look for it now on comixology



It is the Gibson thing, I grabbed the hardback a few months ago and loved it.


I see it’s on sale just now digitally for £4.99

I’m going to pick it up now


I bought it on sale digitally a little bit back. It’s in my queue to read.