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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Enigma is incredible

All time classic


It’s on Millar’s all time favourite books list (and mine).



That Quitely self-homage on the JLA/Doom Patrol cover is nice.



I just can’t get enough of this. I think I have a problem. It’s worse now that we’re in the “monthly only” portion of the story.


Definitely picking up Dark Nights: Metal #5 today and I might give JLA/Doom Patrol Special #1 a shot.


Joe Golem #2, Astro City #50, and Outcast #32 for me.


Thumbed through Flash War, even though I’ve dropped Williamson’s run for being a lot of build up and weak pay-offs.

Seems like a great start, but it includes some stuff that I’m sure people will be upset about once it inevitably reaches its stilted finale.


Today is the first time since I went digital that I’m completely up to date with all my current singles and ready to read the new books as they come out

I’m so excited


Y’all this MAXWELL’S DEMONS book that dropped today is pretty great.

That is all. :slight_smile:


Metal was SOOOOO Metal. Great to see old friends, as well as the final chords being played before Barbatos shreds.

Flash Annual was excellent, but Wally West is my all-time favorite super hero, so I’m incredibly biased. So glad to see his thread moving forward now that Titans seems to have forgotten what to do with the Wally/Linda plot.

Detective Comics Annual was a really strong issue, telling a really compelling story. Then it ended abruptly. That was weird.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra continues to entertain, and include side references to Legends concepts like the 100 Years Darkness. More please!

Star Wars: DJ was stupid. Too much interior monologue that often felt completely unconnected to the “action.” A disappointing character establishment of a character who was really wasted in TLJ.

I also bought a bunch of the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny comics, but they’re admittedly for my daughter, so I have no idea what’s in them. Judging from the Padme and Ahsoka one we read last night, probably kid-friendly, girl-empowering tales that she’ll love. Mission accomplished!


Seriously lots of comics worth your time – VOID TRIP from image, Milkwars, ETERNAL from Black Mask is an artistic tour de force. That one, I suspect, is flying under a lot of your radars but it’s really special storytelling. Eric (the artist) is I think the most exciting up and comer in comics right now and this will be his last published work for a bit. Check it. (he also drew DREGS at Black mask, which was similarly thoughtful/innovative)

Hope eveyrone finds something they love today.


the silencer # 1
JRJR and Abnett

JRJR sets out his stall right from his amazing fold out cover and doesn’t let up until the book is over.
This is top comic book artist on top form and he’s really taken this opportunity to take this concept of artist driven books and run with it.
He looks great here and it’s not just pretty to look at, his panels are all carefully thought out and in the action scenes it all really pops off the page.
There’s a fight scene quite early on and despite a bit of a fantasy edge to it, it’s all feels really brutal. But my favourite pages are just after that where the Honor is fooling around at home with her husband and kid. It really is an amazing little sequence using body language to very quickly establish what kind of people they are and their closeness to each other.

To add to the wonderful art I can confirm that writing is also on point, while clearly letting JRJR hug the spotlight.
Abnett is a popular guy with a few us on here, I know Ben shares my fondness of him as a writer and i actually think the guy is one of the most impressive writers in comics history.
At any given time you will find he’s got maybe 3 series running between the 2000ad & the Meg, 3-5 books for DC/Marvel, plus loads going on elsewhere across publishers like Titan, Dark Horse etc as well as warhammer and other fantasy & sci Fi novels.
The key thing here is that unlike other writers who have a lot of output, he doesn’t come across as spreading himself too thin.
He very rarely dips below good and much of his work is excellent. He’s such a solid storyteller, brilliant world builder, with an ear for dialogue, a head full of ideas and a wonderful character writer.
So choose to wax lyrical about him here because The Silencer just bobs along nicely but at the same time you can feel tension ratcheting up like something is just about to happen and it’s almost done by sending mixed signals like when Talia turns up at the house and Honor has a pair of scissors sticking out her pocket. I felt that was a deliberate sleight of hand to make the reader think a bloodthirsty Kill Bill style face off is just about to happen in the house with Honor’s family there, but instead they leave and someone blows up the car instead

The comic itself nothing groundbreaking but at the same time it does feel unique.
It’s a great vehicle to showcase JRJR’s undeniable talent and I look forward to the next issue.


Yeah, how the hell does Abnett do it? I’ve just got Grey Area, targeting three more 2000AD trades and all 4 are written by him! It’s gloriously nuts.


Read some comics last night.

Metal is as mental as ever, if you enjoyed previous ones it’s more of the same breakneck speed super complicated stuff, beautifully drawn.

I read it a month behind but The Walking Dead was very interesting with two revelations that should change the book significantly. Spoiler stuff : Michonne and her gang find another group after Eugene was communicating on his ham radio with another community, however this community is 50,000 people strong and have their own sports stadium and concert hall. Outside the town is a bulletin board looking for loved ones as Michonne sees a message from her own daughter who is still alive. I know a lot of people gave up on this book either because it became repetitive or to bleak or both. They are fair accusations but since the time jump he seems to have moved away from a pattern of build up a sense of safety and then it all collapses again and looked at story avenues.


Doomsday Clock #3 (yeah I know from last week, I try my best).

This comic confounds me so much, I kind of tried to dump it but I can’t turn away. I assumed going it would be a very DCU story exploiting the Watchmen characters, it really is trying to be Watchmen 2. The craft is actually hugely admirable, Frank is excellent and I have never seen Johns put this much effort and structure into a book. The back matter included. It’s refreshing it is quite dense and the 9 panel grid is probably something comics forgot too quickly taking the wrong messages from Watchmen. Tom King has revived the structures very well instead of the mood and ‘gritty’ element.

It’s also in many ways really dumb. It’s a fair argument that immediately Ozymandias’ plan is revealed, I always read the slushpile idea that it would be many years down the road but they now managed to remove the entire motivation for the original book and The Comedian never died but was teleported away by Dr Manhattan before he hit the ground. Frank repeats the original almost panel for panel from issue 1.

Rorsharch was pretty obviously a black guy in the last issue and that is made central in this one. The iFanboy reviewers said he was clearly the kid reading the pirate comic (he’s pretty much the only prominent black character in the original) but here they have him driving into the ‘alien’ attack. I thought he was meant to be around 13 or 14 with nothing else to do which is why he hung around the newsstand reading. Is it the same guy, is he now older and could always drive a car?

Anyone else?


Re: Rorscharch II

That kid is dead, he is shown among the victims of the NYC attack, and they show the other Bernard trying to shield him. It is possible he is the son of the original’s prison shrink ,as he mentions getting to “mom & dad”, and the shrink had a cup that read “dad”.


Good point Eduardo, I thought that assumption was nonsense and you are right to confirm it.


Re: Comedian

I mentioned before that I think Johns is copying himself and reusing the Hourman bit from JSA, where the android Hourman plucked the original from right before his death in Zero Hour so he could some stuff before eventually being returned

And it is a really dumb comic, a weird marriage of trying to emulate the Moore/Gibbons structure mixed with Johns’ gory & violence stuff and last page shock pendant.


Yeah it is dumb and also really well crafted. I should just walk away but I really like a lot of it and also think it’s a load of bollocks.

It also makes absolutely no sense that whoever replaces Rorsharch inherits the same limited verbal ticks.