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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Ellis first used a science city in Stormwatch, so it’s fair game.


Ah, ok. That makes sense then. I’d forgotten that.


It could be argued our own Manhattan Project was one big, sprawling Science City. I tend to think of it as more USSR Cold War schemes, but Germany had some, Britain had some, and I do not think it so obscure an idea that others did not do something similar.

You never know about those sneaky Canadiens!


Yeah I realize that, I was just making a joke.


Yes don’t worry, I got that. :slight_smile:


Action Comics #996 - I’m not loving this storyarc but not hating it either. The best part of every issue is usually the cliffhanger reveal at the end of every issue. This one opens up questions from a previous arc to me. Mostly, is this Lor-Zod still the one that spent time as Chris Kent when Johns and Donner were on the book? That could introduce an interesting wrinkle in some of the relationships.

Doom Patrol #10 - I’ve been on the brink of dropping this book off and on. Once an issue hits with the insanity of it all and the great art, I’m usually back on board. This issue was no different. I’ll at least hold on until the end of this storyarc. I am curious about the upcoming Milk Wars crossover.

Wild Storm #11 - Once again, not a whole hell of a lot happened in this issue but there was enough interesting exposition to keep me interested. I also like the way the art was handled in the flashback to look like old newsprint.

The preview for The Terrifics in this week’s DC books was also nice.

Marvel 2-in-1 #2 - I’m still really loving this book. It has a great take on Dr. Doom and involves a lot of the fun, somewhat wackiness from the early days of the Fantastic Four while telling a little story behind the story kind of thing. Cheung’s art is still incredible. I just wish he was on the book for the long haul. I’ll be sticking with it.


Does anyone know how Shelly Bond and Karen Berger’s lines are getting on at IDW and Dark Horse?

It’s early days but I want to know if those pushing for more female led presence in comics are actually backing them with their wallets or as I slightly suspect, just like the sound of their own howls of derision.

The reason I ask is I’ve read the new Kid Lobotomy and it is wonderful. Now I know that it’s written by Milligan but it sounds Shelly has a fair bit of influence in all her Black Crown book, plus it’s drawn by Tess Fowler, who is fantastic.

This is classic Milligan but I get the sense that the line isn’t long for this world, as I never hear anyone talking about it.

Which is a shame because there’s a vocal audience out there on the internets and I’d like to think even a portion of them are supporting their words with actions and supporting the good books financially.


Did Nocenti and Aja’s Seeds come out yet? That’s one that I was looking forward to.


I didn’t realize they’d started.


I didn’t realize they had started yet either. I read the Beat regularly and assumed I would have heard there.

I don’t even look at non-Big-Two books when I go to the LCS. There are far too many and they all look the same.


The first Berger Books series starts this week. Hungry Ghosts by Anthony Bordain, Joel Rose, Alberto Ponticelli, and Vanesa Del Rey.


Kid Lobotomy is now 4 issues in and I can’t recommend it highly enough to fans of 90s Milligan


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye open for that. Looks classic Vertigo from the sample pages alone.

The Milligan book…I have to admit that it’s been quite a while since I’ve loved one of his books, but I do want to support the imprint. Maybe I’ll kick the tires around the trade when it surfaces.


Legion # 1
By Peter Milligan and Wilfredo Torres

I’ve been hugely enjoying Milligan’s recent work (he’s actually been really good since his Hellblazer run a few years back) particularly Dan Dare and Kid Lobotomy, which are both excellent.

This wasn’t up to that standard unfortunately.
It’s very much a modern Marvel book, in that it feels like it could be written by any one of their recent breakthrough creators and it’s not really what I expected from Milligan here - I could could probably read a Milligan book without being told who the writer is and guess that it was him who wrote it, whereas I can barely hear his voice here.
Milligan has excelled in his writing for 20-30 years on the subject of identity and I felt the nature of Legion as a character would lend itself to a book that Milligan could run riot with.
It’s all a bit safe and it feels like he’s been neutrered a bit by Marvel editorial - it’s certainly not as risky or adventurous as his X-Force/X-Statix run.

I really like Torres as an artist but I’m not sure he was the right choice here. He’s not quite wild enough for the Legion concept so the art is also a bit safe.

I’ll probably read on through benefit for the doubt, but I’ll be honest if this book said ‘Bunn’ or ‘Soule’ or whoever on the front I probably wouldn’t bother picking up the next issue.

Not that it’s bad, I just don’t like the character enough to read something that is just ok.



Have you read Detective # 973?

(Same question to everyone else btw, if anyone else has read it).


Not yet, Chris. Work has been crazy, and I’m way behind on my reading. Is it epic?


give me a shout once you’ve had chance to read it :wink:


I remember how Milligan gave me headtrips when I read Dark Knight Dark City trade with his offbeat tales of bizzare.

Did anyone read Enigma? Is it worth?I know that Duncan Fegredo is doing the art and he blew me away in Kid Eternity.


Enigma is a great read. It does a little bit of the “aren’t we crazy” monologuing that might seem out of place right now because of how oddball and wacked out books have held a healthy niche - but its ideas and general structure are real good.


Enigma is very good, both the writing and art. Well worth a read. Some interesting ideas in there.