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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


It’s set a year in the future of Rebirth. Johnny Thunder from Rebirth shows up again. Still in the same position as he was in The Button.


Weird. Lex and Batman from issue #2 both seemed like something out of an Elseworld book.


I wonder if his Scottish cover band follows the same pattern :smiley:


I think Moore’s bit on Lee’s show (the absurd bit with Pig-Churchill) might be one of my favourite things he’s done.


All of the interviews I’ve ever heard with Morrison give me the impression he has a healthy sense of humour about himself too - he’s quite pisstakey about his much-reported ‘supernatural’ experiences and the like.

I think both of them can be quite dry and deadpan which often is hard to convey in print.


I was looking for the pig Churchill bit actually but it didn’t appear on a Youtube search, it’s brilliant.


I just tried to find the same clip, with the same result. :slight_smile:

Moore’s humour comics are really undersung too, I think the gag hit-rate in stuff like Bojeffries or Skizz is well above average, but they never seem to get talked about in the way that his more serious books are. Cinema Purgatorio is in that vein too, and some of them have been brilliant.


We are agreed on that. I think a lot of it like Bojeffries may be very attuned to British humour and references but no writer has made me laugh out loud more than Moore. Dourdevil, D.R. and Quinch and parts of Tomorrow Stories had that too.

I bought a D.R. and Quinch ‘Nuke Your Parents’ t-shirt in the late 80s and my mother is very chilled out, she is a writer that likes horror, has read most of Moore and Gaiman’s work and has every episode of Stargate on DVD when I have never seen a single episode.

She fucking hated that t-shirt and told me off. :smile:


Yes, all great stuff.

There is lots of humour in Jerusalem too, of many varieties (some very high-minded and intellectual, some very base and slapstick). It makes me wish he did more overtly comedic stories.


Dismantling Joe Pasquale is up there for me.


Oh, I meant a favourite of things Moore had done.

For Lee I have a very long list too (but yes, that whole Joe Pasquale routine is fantastic - I caught that tour live and was really glad I did).


Anyway, Wild Storm was good this week. I liked the flashback (is that the first time this book has mentioned Science City Zero?) and the art just seems to be getting better and better. Loads of lovely small moments that are really given life by the visuals.


I think it might have been on the Board early on.
But that segment was wonderful.

Good ol’ Bendix.


Wasn’t Science City Zero originally from Planetary?


Yeah, it belonged to Reed Richards


Yeah, but the concept of Science Cities is a real world thing from the Cold War.


The scene with Angie going full engineer was both sweet with the dialogue and gorgeous with the art

the other part I liked best was when Shen and Jenny discuss making it the triangle of IO, Skywatch, and Halo into a pyramid with their as yet unnamed team(most likely including the Mayor and possibly Voodoo).


Some random thoughts:

  • Betty & Veronica Vixens 3 & Jughead The Hunger 3: crazy permutations of classic characters continue! I am enjoying these Archie books in general.
  • Star Trek Discovery issue 2 : More Klingon backstory, but nothing that really capture my attention.
  • The Wild Storm 11: I am really enjoying Ellis’ new take, but the pacing is killing me sometimes. It doesn’t help that I read issues 3-10 and Deathblow in one run…

And some detailed thoughts about Doomsday Clock 3: It felt a really light read, with some really forced moments:

  • I guess Johns is reusing the Hourman “picked right before his death” plot from his JSA run, so probably before the series is finished the Comedian will be restored to where and when he was taken from… or else he is a complete recreation of the original.

  • The Arkham Asylum bit seems to be forced, I think, to have Rorscharch II met the time lost character introduced in Rebirth, Saturn Girl, representing DC’s future (while J. Thunder representing its past). Not the best idea to lock up a lunatic that broke into the batcave and knows the secret just like that.

  • The Nathaniel Dusk b&w movie bits seem to be echoing the pirate comic from Watchmen, and the behind the scenes of each of them are also mirrors (Max Shea’s dissapearence and Coleman’s murder being hints of something bigger). The backup adds some bit about a room full of clocks.

  • Coleman’s head being smashed using an award echoes Nite-Owl I’s death.


Yes, that’s one of the things I found interesting about it. If I remember rightly, I think Ellis said this new series wasn’t going to include elements from Planetary. I wonder if he’s changed his mind…


Yes, that was great.

The bedroom scene had some lovely little ‘acting’ moments too, and the closing sequence really benefited from some nice art touches as well. Ellis knows how to pick his collaborators (and write to their strengths).