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Now on Millarworld, @Tom_Punk stars in Dr. Manhattan or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Doomsday Clock.


Putting Stewart Lee, who’s a friend of Alan Moore, into Doomsday Clock #3 really makes it seem like DC is deliberately trying to annoy Moore.


Putting in Stewart Lee, and having him get hit in the face with a beer bottle underlines that.
Whew, what a crazy thing.


Say what now?



A Gotham dive bar though…he was asking for it


Maybe they’re trying to see if Moore is actually reading it. :wink:


So it’s that time again. It looks like some have already beat me with their reviews. What’re you reading?

I should have Action Comics #996, Doom Patrol #10, Wild Storm #11 and Marvel 2-in-1 #2 today. Looking forward to reading tonight.


Ok, I might have to buy it just for that.


What the actual fuck


That’s got to be a Gary Frank in-joke. I know his stuff is on Netflix so available but it’s much more likely the Brit in the partnership drew that in than Johns asked him to model it on Stewart Lee.


Ya. I had no idea who the guy was until now.

Edit: Didn’t realize Frank was British either. :wink:


You’d think they’d at least tweak the scene so he’s getting bottled for telling a joke that goes on and on and has no punchline.


He is a brilliant mind and comedian, I think he’s fantastic and a comedy pioneer who tells jokes that go and on and have no punchlines and features his own bad reviews on his publicity material.

He’s also a good friend of Alan Moore. He’s interviewed him several times and even had Moore do a cameo on his BBC TV show.


And he wrote the Jerry Springer Opera!


I’ll be cast as a Moore defender forever but if you listen to the stuff he does with Lee and also other comedians like Josie Long and Robin Ince he’s pally with you do realise his voice in print is never really reflecting his real personality. Almost all of the time in them he is taking the piss and is very jovial.

The miserable ‘hermit’ I have never once seen on film or heard on tape but the voice is consistent.

Like Lee mentions in that interview about his newspaper columns he’s mainly just trying to wind people up.

In truth I doubt he cares any more about Doomsday Clock or what it contains than anyone here.


The Wild Storm #11: Oh Grifter… That’s about it.


One of the more intriguing elements of Doomsday Clock #2 was the return of the Comedian. Did they follow through on that in issue #3? What was the outcome? If you answer, please spoiler so as not to ruin it for anyone who doesn’t want it ruined.


Oh, it’s amazing.

Here’s the spoiler: Manhattan just teleported him out of his death at the last second into the DCU.
Presumably he left behind a body copy in his place.


Also, do they give any clues as to which DCU has been represented so far in Doomsday Clock thus far? Pre-Crisis? Post-Crisis? Pre-Flashpoint? New 52? Rebirth? Something else entirely? It just didn’t feel like any current DCU.