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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


To divert it briefly back to comics, I was catching up on the Miles Morales Spider-Man on Unlimited and there’s a funny bit where Ganke is revealing secrets and uses a pseudonym.

Also while I have had a go at Marvel for some sub-par artwork recently that book seems to always escape it. They had a really strong fill-in artist and then a new guy called Oscar Bazaldua that is really good with a nice clean line and very expressive faces.


Is it a good book, worth reading month to month?


I would say so. I think Bendis has been very consistent on this book over years (in its various incarnations, it is Ultimate Spider-Man really).

Saying that he just tweeted he’s sent in his last script so it’s not exactly time to jump aboard. :smile:


batman: creature of the night is just total class, from kurt busiek and John paul leon

It’s such an enjoyable read and I’m sure those of you who have read a lot of busiek’s work will k ow what a great author he is.

It feels very much like something that would be very much lauded and hyped if it was released 15 years ago, but is being lost in the saturated comics market, much like other recent classic mini series like strange fruit and airboy - both of which feel more like cult classics rather than widely discussed successes.

My finger is not exactly on the pulse of what is being hyped though, and from listening to rick remender talk about how well his Low series sells, which is far more copies that deadly class which is his most hyped and talked about series on social media, I don’t really know what the right barometers are for these things nowadays anyway.

Sales charts are not great because they don’t include digital, so you could be throwing out half an audience there, particularly if that audience is young.

But, not too go off on too much of tangent, I recommend this series highly for the trade waiters, it’s different to anything else that is being done with batman, and has been done with batman, and I’ll be double dipping on it.

With this and White Knight running alongside King’s Batman and Tynion’s Detective comics, Batman fans have never had it so good.

This is a real high point for both Batman and Superman comics.


I read Creature of The Night #2 yesterday too. Not quite as strong an issue as the first, but still a beautiful, thoroughly engrossing book. It really is a prestige book, in every sense of the word.

I really hope that Busiek gets the chance to complete the trinity with a WW book too.


That’s a great point, Chris. You know I’m not exactly enthused with King’s book, but there are so many other quality Bat-books out at the moment (in addition to the ones you mention, there’s Metal, the Shadow crossover book, and Batman/ TMNT II) that I’m still a really happy Bat-fan currently.


I’m actually at the stage now where I’m thinking of going back to picking up these prestige format books in paper again

I’ve been reading digitally because I like the idea of having it on release day, plus I just can’t keep bring more comics into the house - the last house flitting was really hard going

However, I’m often a few weeks behind release day and 4 prestige format books will just fit on my shelf the same way the collected edition will if I need up buying that as well

The preorder thing is a pain because often you get to a 3rd issue on Previews before you’ve even read the first - but If I don’t like them I can always sell on eBay

Definitely going to consider it for future DC prestige releases with this calibre of creator on I anyway


Not having to worry about pre-ordering or not buying something that changed from when I ordered it is an unintended benefit from going digital.



Is this an attempt at redemption? Liefield never shies away from controversy.


Looks like Superman #39 and Super Sons #12 for me. I’m also going to pick up Batman #39 on the strength of the Superman part of this story.


Damage #1: Very thrilling book visually. Love giant monster characters smashing through things. Decompressed and jumpy storywise though. Still, it looked very nice. Will keep on it for a while to see if it produces a hook with the narrative.


That’s a great cover

Cap’s got a good dick


“posts I didn’t expect to read today”


well, he may be overcompensating to compete with the “boobs of yesteryear”


I’ll not list everything, but a few highlights from this week I’d like to put up some comments about later are

the further adventures of nick wilson # 1 from marc andreyko

days of hate # 1 from Ales Kot and the brilliant Danijel Zezelj, which I think looks really good

ice cream man # 1 which I’m buying for the cover

All 3 are new image books - I like to give the first issue a try of some of the new books that appeal to me, by creators I’ve enjoyed some stuff by that are not by creators who I follow staunchly - then I’ll pick up the trade

strangers in paradise XXV relaunches the series by Terry Moore who I really like, but this will go straight to trade - pretty big book though and wasn’t sure how many were aware of it

Also looking forward to Damage # 1 whichbis the first of the new Age of Heroes books and Tom has mentioned it upthread


days of hate
Doesn’t quite sit with me. It’s similar to what Chaykin is doing, but Chaykin is showing his utter contempt to both sides, left and right (which is where I stand on things just now)

Kot appears to be focussing his hatred towards one side and I’m not saying he’s advocating violence on the right, but it’s not far off it.
I won’t let the actions of characters in a book influence what I think the writer’s position is though. He is not the characters. But the hate is burning through.

I’ll pick this up in trade, it’s a 12 issue series so it may be one volume. I want to read more but I hope it’s going to be a more balanced outlook in future issues.


damage was ok - I started off quite cynical about it and it kind of won me over in the end, I think enough to pick up a second issue.
I’d agree with Tom that it’s maybe a bit decompressed and there’s next to no characterisation - however what initially felt like a bit of a rubbish concept kind of grew on me and became quite interesting.


Yeah, it’s cliche in spurts like the “Don’t kill me!/Should have killed me!” thing we’ve seen millions of times before but if it develops Ethan somewhat - the whole Firestorm dynamic they have could be engaging.


Hahahahaha - in a better time, maybe it would be, but that ain’t now.