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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


…and it’s back up on Comixology @RonnieM


…and bought. Thanks for the assist, guys.


A little late on these.

Action Comics #995 - Not hating it but this storyline is still not hitting the sweet spot for me. Only 5 more issues until issue #1000!

Mister Miracle #6 - Still enjoying this book. It feels so different than anything else with the themes it’s exploring. It’s almost closer to the The Punisher Netflix show in that respect. Maybe it just hits a sweet spot of identification in a superhero wrapper for me.

Cable #153 - Still digging this book. It feels like old school X-Force which will always have a huge soft spot for me. @JonMalin continues to wow. It makes me scratch my head why this team is moving on (likely with me) after this storyline.


moon knight 190 is some twisted brilliance.

I’ve been trying to figure out whose style Max Bemis reminds me of and the penny dropped that it’s Gail Simoni.
If someone revealed that it was Simone under a pen name tomorrow it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Burrows is totally on point here as well. I hope he sticks to this book and manages a regular schedule, he’s definitely a big part of what’s working.
There’s something really nasty bubbling away here - Burrows of course is a master of this now, evidenced by his work with Alan Moore & more overtly, Garth Ennis.


Quite. Your and other reviews are the only reason I’ll overcome my great reluctance to buy Marvel paperbacks on Cable Volume 2, but how Marvel expect a book to establish itself with the consumers when they keep changing it is anybody’s guess.


It would probably surprise all the fans of Bemis’s band though.



I had no idea he was in a band

Obviously it’s not the same person, I’m just labouring the point.


Allow me to blow your mind: Gail Simone is a pen name



One of Cebuluski’s?


She just uses a pen name to keep her personal and professional lives apart.


How could she have been misleading us all this time??? :wink:


No word of a lie, there was a stupid internet drama about 10 years back where a guy who ran conventions that were little more than attempts to bilk ticket money from fans and not pay the guests, and when she confronted the con organiser about it online he claimed that she was at least as dishonest as him because she used a pen name.

Shockingly, nobody cared about this shocking revelation.


Her real name is George Eliot.

Pen names for authors are as old as the hills, anyone trying to get upset about it is an arse. Saying that I had a discussion with D’Israeli and Frank Quitely the other day and they were dead against.


I wonder how Moebius would feel about it.

Not to mention Stanley Lieber and Jacob Kurtzberg.


He’s dead, Jerry.


That’s why I added “would”


I felt personally betrayed when I discovered Chip Zdarksy’s real name was French Fry Zdarsky.


I didn’t know many people were aware of Frank Quietly and Jock’s real names.


There’s a baseball hall of famer named Rickey Henderson that used to check into hotels as Rick Henderson to throw off fans and media.


Lots of people use pseudonyms. Lots of people use them that probably shouldn’t. Michael Keaton? Yeah, he’s Michael Douglas. Just not that one!

Lots of this started in the film industry, where there are rules - per different guilds and unions - of whether or not your name is unique. If somebody already used your name, you get to change yours!