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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


What’s the old Excalibur cover doing there?


It’s the X-Men Gold Annual, I think.


It looks to be a homage, Kitty and Rachel aren’t in their 90s costumes.


What’s that old Suicide Squad cover doing there?


What’s that old Vampirella cover doing there?

(Oh sorry, that what Harley Quinn looks like now.)


Yup it’s the X-Men Gold annual, Davis homaging (if that’s a verb) himself for the 30th anniversary of Excalibur.

Suicide Squad another homage I’d imagine, it has the right issue number and trade dress to be the new one.


Mister Miracle #6: Kind of a waste of an issue. I would honestly have liked this one a lot more if the previous issues hadn’t been quite similar. It feels like the sort of juxtaposition that works when there’s something to work against. As it stands, good sequences from Gerads, but dull execution of the other stuff.

Scooby-Apocalypse #21: Clearly has been saved from cancellation, given that I have been following news of this series and there have been hefty divergences from what was originally been said to be going on. Clear “stretching out the plot” tactics. Double edged sword since the series is already pretty stretched out. I’ve enjoyed it so I hope it settles down soon.

Youngblood #8: This series continues to be a delight. The team has come together and it still feels to hit a good verve with their youth and interpersonal issues. I hope that what is set up here doesn’t get CW-ish but there’s enough good so far that they have the benefit of the doubt.

Stray Bullets: Sunshine & Roses #31: Great issue. Very weighty and succinct. But this story-arc needs to end. Soon.


Looks like Action Comics #995, Mister Miracle #6 and Cable #153 for me.


Is there something up with Mister Miracle #6? I had it in my cart on ComiXology but it was deleted from my cart when I went to purchase it as it said it was “restricted”. Now I can’t find it anywhere on the site.

Edit: This is the place where it should be on the site.


Misprints they recalled it.

My review still stands though. Only the last two pages were affected.


Damn. This was the comic I was most looking forward to today. I hope they plan on fixing it within the day.

Is the misprint something that would be difficult to fix digitally? I understand a physical fix would obviously require reprints.


Oh it’s only a digital misprint.

So, there’s all chance it should be fixed soon.


The physical book didn’t have the same misprint?


Nope, apparently something with the scanned pages or files went snafu’d.

Reviewers mention their physical issues being fine.


Isn’t digital misprint an oxymoron?


Yes, but our lexicon isn’t up to pace with the rapid advancements technology has made.


That’s interesting. I would think the digital copy would be more native to how they process the comic than the printed one at this point.


Glad to see Nightcrawler is back in the Cockrum costume, maybe Top 5 costume designs ever. I don’t think he’s ever looked good in much else; especially whenever they put an X-shield on him.

Rachel’s costume also looks quite good, after years of weird ones.


Agreed, don’t try and fix what ain’t broke. :smile:


Tough week.
Lots of disposable stories and decompressed storytelling that will ultimately end up being given away and leaving those recipients utterly confused with 18-22 pages that make no sense when taken out of the 6 issue story arc context.

I have at least 4 books that could of skipped 1-2 issues and you would be none the wiser.

My main beef is with storylines which are driving plots with characters that have been given zero development and holding the protagonists up to a certain level of importance wherein the reader is expected to recognise some form of earned value where in fact none exists.

Hey remember these guys from 20 years ago!?!
We are just going to retell their story, ignore any previously relevant plot points pertaining to them and expect you to care about them and that they mean business.

Not going to shame and Name but this is Chuck Austin X-men Level of storytelling

Mr Miracle was awesome though.