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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


I’ve been chomping at the bit for a new fanstastic four series.

marvel 2 in 1 has killed off that enthusiasm.

Cheung’s art is great, but he doesn’t have much interesting to draw.
The writing here from Zdarsky, who I used to like, is the oposite of 30 Days of Night.
It’s poorly paced, flows terrible and it’s wordy as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Wordyis ok when the writer is good with those words.
Detective Comics has been wordy, but every sentence serves a purpose in that it either furthers the story or the characters.

This is just padded out bullshit.
An incredibly boring comic book.

The Unfantastic 2zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Not a fan of 30 Days. That was one of those books in the early/mid 2000s where the creators (or Niles anyway) openly discussed how he shopped the story around Hollywood and nobody wanted it so he made it into a comic to get the film optioned. I think it was one of the books that led to a lot of cynicism around indie and Vertigo comics at the time…I’m not fan.

To my knowledge Niles has not done anything of note since that book but I could be wrong.


Olyphant was fantastic though, in all earnestness.


Join me and together we will restore your … credit.


I think part of the problem with Niles is that he only writes horror comics, which is not the way to go if you want big hits - although his big success was pretty sizeable.


I did but must have forgotten it. In my defense, the last couple of days have been pretty crazy.

Wha?!? I really enjoyed this one.


Sorry man, I hate to poop on stuff other people have enjoyed. I couldn’t remember what the reception was like on here.

Maybe i wasn’t in the mood but I found it a really turgid read.


Just giving you a hard time. You like what you like. :wink:

Here’s a link to where I reviewed it a couple weeks ago.


Captain America #697 - This book continues to impress me and is so perfect of a Captain America story that I forget what the character had been previously drug through until the opening summary reminds me. It’s hard to see where Mark Waid’s writing ends and Chris Samnee’s art begins. They just seem so in sync with each other. I would have never thought a Cap vs Kraven story would be this good but man was it. That fact that these have basically been done-in-one stories so far makes them that much better. The Wolverine “post credit” cameo at the end even fit in perfect. It’s hard to believe that we are blessed with such riches but it’s really great to look forward to this book every month.

Superman #38 - This was a bit of a dud ending to a crossover that started out so great. I can’t fault it too much though. They did manage to do a 4-part, 3-book crossover in just a few weeks and really move things along. I can’t help but feel this was actually meant to set up a new identity for the Titans Tomorrow Tim Drake which also seems a bit odd with him being an alternate continuity character. It also doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for this book. I’m actually glad they’re willing to try stuff like this.


I’m reading Niles’s Batman: Gotham After Midnight right now. Picked it up solely because of the Kelley Jones artwork–which is really good so I don’t regret buying it. Niles’s script, on the other hand… he certainly comes up with lots of cool shit for Jones to draw. But his dialogue is overly wordy and obnoxious and he writes the worst Batman and Bruce Wayne I’ve ever seen. Batman is talkative and unguarded, even with randos, and Bruce is an annoying sleazebag.

I remember liking the 30 Days of Night movie way back so I figured this would be a fun horror-tinged Batman story. But any fun in the comic comes solely from Kelley Jones.


I love the barely-restrained madness of Kelley Jones. Also glad I don’t have to pay his ink bill!


I was going to post my reviews too, but long story short: “What he said :+1:t3:


I remember being so excited for this, given Niles’ horror credentials and Jones’ art. It was such a disappointment.


My man!


I do so enjoy Kelley’s art without all the words in the way.


I will say it’s some of Kelley Jones’s best art ever. It doesn’t look like anything he’s ever done before. Michelle Madsen’s colors are a great match for him.


That’s insane. I quite like it.


That comic could’ve been much much better. Started promising, but then lowers into mediocre. First Niles’ story. I mean, throughout 12 issues Batman has to figure who’s serial killer , only we to realize that better solution would be “butler did it”. Also, Jones’ art is the worst I’ve seen from him. It’s like he drew on the pressure to deliver for the monthly issues.


Now, that we are here, the rare video with Kelley Jones is on yt.