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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


They say on the inside cover when it was originally presented.

Surprisingly they actually get distributed all the way out here in most bookshops. They seem to rotate between a new story and a reprint from what I can see when browsing through them.

I wonder how many other comics have reached over issue 5000.


As Gar says it states clearly on the inside front cover.

The banners on the front also give a bit of info too (Silver and Gold collections are reprint editions).


Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses is never going to end.

Good issue, but holy moley it’s another intermission.


Oh ya. It’s New Comics Wednesday again!

Looks like Superman #26, possibly Justice League #24 and a little book we’ve all been waiting for, Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #5.


Man, Jupiter’s Legacy. What a superhero book.

A distillation of the whole genre in just a few pages. Incredible work.


Circle and Legacy are possibly the finest 2/3rds of a superhero saga I’ve ever read.

I can’t wait for Requiem, because…with all 3, it’s an opus in itself.

Much like how I feel the Kick-Ass trilogy was for very fun “cape-sploitation”, but on the opposite spectrum.


Sitting with Black Magick #6 (from last week) and Jupiter’s Legacy and really wishing for physical copies, dang it!


Excellent, now those going on about when its coming out will be happy.


It’s an amazing issue and well worth the wait. I can’t wait to read the finished version.


Well, you know what I’ll be buying…


Has there been any word on when JL 2 will be available in trade? If there has been, I’ve missed it.


In the back of this week’s issue, it says the trade will be out in August.

(Image’s website indicates 30 August.)


Cool :slight_smile:

Really surprised (in a good way) that it’s that soon after the series finished.


I think, with the new issue of Sabrina, it becomes apparent that without the momentum the Archie Horror line originally had - that the series are nothing but patchwork quilts of ideas, lines, characters, and moments from other horror films and not a single original spark to them.
Sacasa’s penchant for “homaging” has become too rampant.

The art is good though.


There seems to have been a bit of lull in those books though…That probably hasn’t helped. Francesco Francavilla seems to be doing a Spirit book now. I was quite enjoying Afterlife with Archie, despite not really being familiar with the characters.


Afterlife with Archie is…really bad with the characters, and the whole effect of “Archie with Zombies” is lost because of that. But it wasn’t bad, and I think Sacasa had enough good sense not to pull from every zombie related movie to make a plot from them…

Totally different case with Sabrina, whose plot is literally everything we’ve seen before. From the Witch, to Rosemary’s Baby, to Stephen King. Sacasa is copy and pasting and it’s utterly dire.


I probably missed that point, not really having any knowledge of the characters. To me it was just a horror story based in a small American town (nor I hasten to add have I watched Riverdale). I liked it well enough. I never got the feeling that it was a premise that had a long shelf like or should work as anything more than a short term gimmick.

I agree with you about Sabrina. I read it. The art is fantastic. The book isn’t really my cup of tea.


Yeah, that’s why I said it wasn’t bad - because as a teen book about zombies, it’s rather tightly written and well done. It’s just not making use of the actual characters as they were. It’s like if you did “Tintin with Zombies” and Tintin was just some regular dude who lived at home and had no adventures. Sure, it might be well done overall…but could you say it was a good “Zombie Tintin” story?

Sabrina though, in this issue, had Eddie Munster being mentored by Roman Castevet, who tells him about Steven Marcato, and he grows up to marry Mia Farrow - and I just wondered if the horror line can survive with 2-3 issues of this every year.


Batman and Superman for me this week, with a side of Deathstroke.

Batman was very, very good, brilliantly paced and shocking with some incredible moments, but I also feel like this arc will read better in trade than floppies.

I wouldn’t have bought Superman if I’d known it was a fill-in issue for both writing and artist but it ended up a pretty good one, with nice thoughts on Pa Kent’s raising Clark and how Clark has applied that to raising Jon. The art is bit coarse but the story is strong.

Haven’t yet read Deathstroke closely yet but on a quick first pass it’s good stuff and a new approach to Slade.


I just found out that Bendis’ Defenders #1 and #2 came out in June. I didn’t realise the series had started yet.

Has anyone tried it? Is it any good? I’m tempted to give the first issue a go on Comixology but the £2.99 price tag has put me off a bit.