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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Which is why I prefer Kal-El as the sole survivor.


I’m torn on the question. Naturally I wouldn’t want to lose Supergirl or Krypto, but at times in the Silver-Age it got too ridiculous even for me, and post-Byrne Superman has gone back the same way.


Only two books this week:

Koshchei the Deathless #1, another Mignolaverse mini-series to fill the void left by the completions of the Abe Sapien and Hellboy in Hell books. So sad to think that the current BRPD series has a definite ending planned, which may very well be the coda to the story Mike Mignola began 25 years ago.

Paper Girls #19, the latest issue of the Brian K. Vaughan/Cliff Chiang that I’ve been enjoying (almost) monthly.


Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles #1: The newest Hanna-Barbera comic from Mark Russell. It’s pretty good. I definitely miss the Porter art from the prologue that was released last year though. Still, well structured scenes and beats are worked in throughout and sets the stage for what should be a great miniseries.


I would happily sacrifice Kara and Kandor on that pyre. It’s why I like the current and previous Superboy (both Jon and Conner) because they weren’t beholden to the same continuity dodge.

How many Kryptonians are running around now with Zod and his lot loose out of the Phantom Zone?


So I should pre-order the trade immediately? TFWiki notes that the end of First Strike doesn’t even line up properly with this, which is pretty indicative of IDW’s editorial decline over the past couple of years.




Nah, I’m with Ronnie on this one.
Neither really has stood the test of time.


Heh heh.

In other news, what happened to the next part of Superfriends in Batman. It looks like there’s a fill in issue.

Also, what was Part Three of the Super Sons of Tomorrow story?


teen titans


That’s what I suspected. Thanks, Don.


Did that come out today, Tom?


While I’ll miss it when it gets there, unless Act 3 is way, way shorter, we’ve some way to go as War of Frogs was 12 trades, Hell on Earth was 15!

Plus, we know they will keep spinning stories within the overall structure.

I like that they’ve got a clear sense of where they’re going, unlike some that shall not be mentioned.




Regarding Phoenix Ressurection

[spoiler]sigh I just don’t get it.
In 2 issues the following has happened
Issue 1

3 pages of kids coming across other weird kids
3 pages X-men gold team discovering weird kids in coma
3 pages of xmen meeting to say they dont know whats happening except a similar enrfy profile was found in 3 spots
11 pages of the x-men splitting into 3 groups to investigate and coming up against Seamus Mellencamp(Mont St Francis), OG Wolverine (North Pole) and the Hellfire club (assumed NY) then the threats just disappearing. then a bright pheonix shaped light shining in the sky in all 3 places simultaniously.
7 pages of a version of Jean Grey seeing the same thing in the sky “Elsewhere” then going about her day as a waitress whilst interacting with long gone x-characters.

Issue 2
1 page of an astronaut in space seeing a flash
2 pages of jean waking up and rushing to work unaware of her telekinetic powers
2 pages of the x-men saying all their psychics are down except for Cable and its the phoenix coming for them
2 pages of jean in the diner serving Eric
3 pages of cable using Cerebro unsuccessfully
2 pages of jean in diner with long dead characters. Essentially jean feels weird
6 pages of the x-men splitting up AGAIN to 4 locations this time. Jamaica Bay,Genosha, Morlock tunnels,Savage land and an uncredited location were they fight Magneto who seems disappears back to the diner mid fight (Im going with Psychic ghosts or echos here)
2 pages of diner chat where jean looks out window again to see Phoenix lighting town of “Elsewhere” on fire.

So I just don’t see how issue 2 was necessary.
I cant see how anything set up there couldn’t of been done in the space provided in the first issue.

And here’s the thing.
I don’t blame Matt Rosenberg one bit.
I think he pitched his story and was asked to add more character moments and interactions for those out of touch x-readers who might be sampling the series to come back but… it’s just unnecessary.

I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’ve missed something and it will all come right in the long run.

But at £3.99 for 4 books and the last issue at £4.99 that’s £21 or $28 US or even worse $40 NZ I just cant in good conscious continue with the individual issues.
I’ll trade wait and even then the ending is already spoiled and the trade has already been announced at being £14.99 on amazon.

I dunno guys.
think I might just about be a trade only guy from now on.
The benefits of weekly books just don’t seem to be there anymore.
Talk me out of it. Please.


Nope, not gonna talk you out of it. I bought Resurrection #1 and the end convinced me not to buy #2. Jean is in her happy place with her best Annie, her boyfriend Scott, and her folks. I knew that the only reason for 4 issues was to make $ and the story was going to be very padded.


Did you not read my reviews from last week, Ronnie?! :wink:


No, come to the trade side. It is your destiny.



IDW/Steve Niles/Piotr Kowalski have done a kind of reboot of 30 Days of Night

Now i don’t know how many of you have read the original, but it was a fantastic high concept idea, but it was very raw - not in the least Ben Templesmith’s art, which, as much as it pains me to say it, is style over substance.

There is a place for it, definitely, but it does not lend itself to good story telling.

Now, I don’t know if this is a retelling, an ongoing, whether it will still involve vampires or whether Niles has something different planned - but this is cinematic comic book storytelling at its finest.

It’s a quick read but an entirely atmospheric and pleasurable one.

I’m curious as to what this is going to be.