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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Well, Doomsday Clock takes place 1 year ahead of the current Rebirth chronology. So I’m guessing some writer is going to get enlisted to set that [Supermen Theory up soon.

Agreed about the rest. It’s much more a standard cape thing than going for Watchmen-tones which clashes with the Watchmen-tones. Funnily enough.


Yeah I understand what you mean. That was mainly focused on the DCU and the books so far have been 90% Watchmen pastiche. I was expecting something different based on those. I’m not really sure what it is.


In defense of Johns, the Ozymandias plan was stupid, and Moore wrote it in himself with Rorschach’s journal being delivered to the tabloid at the end. That was the whole point. Veidt does this psychotic thing, outsmarts all his friends…basically anyone who could’ve prevented it…but that was as far as he’d thought it out. And that was Moore’s critique, that comics never progressed past the point he himself had become a fan. It was all still comic book logic. Loathe as he would be to admit it now, because at this point his ego is too involved, Moore would be happy to know there are writers who can think outside the box. Whether Johns is truly doing that with Doomsday Clock remains to be seen. In a lot of ways it’s his latest rephrasing of things he’s done in Infinite Crisis, 52. Hoping that this time it’ll leave a lasting impression. It’s the scope, the approach he changes each time. Again, we’ll see.


Some good comics this week. Here’s a few to start with, more later:

Detective Comics #971 - “Fall of the Batmen” part #3 - sees the Victim Syndicate’s attack in full swing, and their chosen target demonstrates their hypocrisy perfectly. At the same time, the fractures between the Gotham Knights continue to deepen. There’s a new artist on the book this issue - Miguel Mendonca - who mimics Bennett’s style almost perfectly; it’s hard to tell them apart.

Teen Titans #15 - “Super Sons of Tomorrow” part #3 - sees future Tim Drake take on a new identity in the ruins of Titans Tower (boo - I liked Bat- Tim), and the Titans of Tomorrow get an extended cameo (that I hope turns into something more in the next instalment or I’m going to be quite disappointed), whilst the current Teen Titans find their loyalties torn. Art is by Ed Benes and Jorge Jiminez, instead of the advertised Francis Manapul - nice enough, I suppose, but I really struggle with Benes’ style these days, and Starfire is in this issue. :smirk:

Doomsday Clock #2 - I enjoyed this. Both Johns and Frank are on fine form here - it looks absolutely amazing. It is clearly trying to evoke Watchmen, but at the same time, Johns isn’t Moore and I don’t think he’s trying to be. He’s wisely doing what he does best instead. This is a very deliberately paced book. It’s intimate, and is taking its time with the characters involved. It’s also a 12 issue maxi- series that is supposed to standalone as an evergreen title in years to come, and we’re clearly only in Act I here. Given the cliffhanger, I suspect there are bigger fireworks and more overt connections to Rebirth/ the Button to be made next issue, but this doesn’t feel as if it’s going to ramp up to Infinite Crisis/ Darkseid War style craziness. And, I think that’s a good thing. A more subtle exploration of the power of hope vs. cynicism seems more appropriate in the times we live in.

p.s. Hey, look at me defending Geoff Johns here. What’s the world coming to?

p.p.s. I love that DC have this coming out at the same time as Metal. Two very different flavours, but both equally amazing. Great times to be a DC fanboy.


Speaking of which:

Metal #4 was pretty intense. There’s a palpable feeling of darkness in this book, as the odds keep stacking up against our heroes. However, you turn the page and there’s the World’s Finest standing shoulder to shoulder, and you just know everything’s going to work out fine. Amazing work from Snyder and Capullo.

The regular Davis-Hunt cover to Wildstorm #10 is probably my favourite cover of the year. It’s amazing. Whoever coloured it deserves much praise too for the effect of movement they managed to convey. The story inside was marvellous too; Ellis is on fine form here.

Michael Cray #3 - I continue to struggle with the art on this book, but I’m going to stop going on about it. Hill’s writing more than makes up for that. It’s weird as hell to see the continued corruption of stalwart DC heroes in this book, but these new versions still somehow make sense. This is a great spin off. I wonder what the next one will be?


Consider checking out his and Hawkins’ Postal series Vik.


What’s the elevator pitch for that, Ben? I literally know nothing about it.


Image’s site puts it quite well:

The townsfolk of Eden, Wyoming wake up to the first official murder the town has seen in 25 years. Their reaction to this isn’t normal, and there’s a reason for that. Eden operates as a haven for fugitive criminals who remain here while new identities, often including facial reconstruction, are created for them. There is zero tolerance for any illegal activity that might draw attention to the town and an “official murder” is the last thing they want. A single, tight-knit family runs Eden with the youngest oddball son Mark Shiffron overseeing the postal branch, the only means of shipping in or out of the city. THE FBI has repeatedly been foiled trying to insert an undercover here; they see Mark as the weak link to exploit. This murder gives them a new opportunity.


I just finished Uncanny Avengers #30. the cover, i believe, is meant to be a bit of a shocker(but is actually a very minor point in the story) and the story is just vignettes(one with Beast and Jarvis is the best) but two very interesting things happened.

The inhuman member of the unity squad got seriously hurt and they revealed that Medusa set up New Attilan General Hospital on a university campus in Rochester, NY. Being a resident of Rochester, i know that we have two major universities one of which also runs the hopsital that I was born in,. That is so cool to think that Strong Memorial, where I was born, could be the hospital treating Inhumans in the MU.

the other interesting point is it reveals a teaser for the big Avengers event starting next month because they included a mysterious woman on the Iconic Avengers Founders statue during the rebuild of Avengers Mansion.


Postal is great. I’d second the recommendation for sure.


And thirded!


Have any of you been reading anything from the black crown imprint at IDW, which is Shelly Bond’s baby?

Black Crown Quartely tried to hard to be cool for my liking and I won’t be reading it again as most of it was bollocks.

However, Kid Lobotomy by Pete Milligan and Tess Fowler is excellent.
This is like 90s Vertigo, but not in the sense of it being a cover band version of 90s vertigo like some of the Young Animal stuff feels like, but it genuinely feels like something that Milligan could have wrote back then.

Milligan is one of my favourite writers of all time and he’s had a good few years recently, this is him on form.

Tess Fowler is quite the find, I’ve never heard of her before but she’s so assured and so creative, I love her art.
Her work looks a little bit like Phillip Bond, which is a great coincidence because that’s Shelley’s husband - it must be a style that resonates with her.

I really like the idea of what the Black Crown imprint is doing, especially with its sense of community and back matter, even if I don’t pick up the quartely book there’s plenty of flavour in the Kid Lobotomy book that it’s not necessarily.

Highly recommended.

Speaking of Pete Milligan I’ve read the first 4 issues of his Dan Dare book from Titan now and it’s really great still.

I’ve went back and bought his Mummy mini series in a Comixology sale, it didn’t appeal to me really at the time but he’s on fire just now so I’m picking up everything he’s doing.


action comics 993 & 994

I’m going to need to bang on about this again, but this is the strongest period of Superman comics I have seen in my 30 (ish) years of either reading them or ignoring them.

They just keep churning out the massive, entertaining storylines and they are not running out of fuel.

Currently in Superman we’ve had the brilliant Imperius Lex storyline on Apocalypse, then the Super Sons crossover.
And in Action Comics we’ve had the Oz Effect and now this Booster Gold guest appearance.

This is classic stuff and Dan Jurgens has become a bit of a master of this kind of thing - I never really liked him in the 90s (I’m not sure if that was my teen cynicism or whether it was his style) but I’ve grown to really appreciate him as a writer and artist now.

He makes it all look so simple and he keeps the reader interested by splitting the story into 3 sections as Superman travels back in time to Krypton to check if another ship left Krypton as it was being destroyed, aside from his own ;

  • Superman in Krypton investigating
  • Booster Gold in the present looking for Superman
  • And another thread with Lois finding out her dad may be about to get executed, as Jon listens in

Similarly his art is just as clean as his story, stripped back to perfect storytelling elements with no narcissistic artistic flourishes or experiementing with panel layouts and design, that ultimately detract from the storyline and cause the reader to focus on the art.
That’s a young mans game and Jurgens has none of the insecurities of the young artist - he doesn’t need to stand out in the crowd.
This means everything is down in service to the story and nothing detracts from it.

So on the one hand this is never going to win over fans looking for the big books of 2017 - it’s not a Tom King on the Vision or Greg Smallwood on Moon Knight…on the other hand this is a PERFECT example of good, traditional superhero comics and the sort of stuff that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside when I read it.

I can’t stress it enough; DC Rebirth is the probably best DC have been in my lifetime and that’s taking into consideration that I should be jaded with all this as I reach my 40th year with over 30 of those spent reading DC comics.




It’s that day again. What’re you picking up? What’re you reading? What’re you loving? Tell us!

I should be picking up Batman #38, Superman #38 and Captain America #697, all books I’m anticipating. It looks like a good week for me and such a great time to be reading comics.


Wow is it Wednesday - I’ve totally lost track - I was determined to get up to date before getting this week’s books but I don’t think I’m going to manage.

End of the week is probably a more realistic target.

Once I’m up to date it mean I can participate properly on this thread as well.


With it being ongoing, it makes it easier to throw stuff in as you read. It’s why I try to spoiler stuff that might be of that nature and not do a lot of summarization in my reviews unless something really sticks out.


Shouldn’t take him long to find out there have been so many ret-conned ships escaping from Krypton, I’m not entirely sure anyone actually died there.


Transformers Vs The Visionaries #1

I’m exclusively a trade-waiter these days, but I thought, as a massive Visionaries fan, I’d show some support for this, their first new comic in 30 years, and buy the single issue (digitally, on Comixology, which is the first time I’ve used that and it’s more of a ball-ache than I imagined).

The new designs for the Visionaries themselves has been a bit divisive on the fanbase (yes, there is one) and while I wasn’t keen on the similar changes made to MASK, I actually quite like these. Leoric as, essentially the Lion King logo, is just as valid a take as his original (circus lion tamer). I could live without the face paint stuff and I wonder how good they’ll look when drawn by other artists, but here, under Fico Ossio’s pen, they look good.

The story’s not too bad either, although it springs out of a cross-over (First Strike) I’ve not read and wasn’t expecting. Not much happens, admittedly, but I think that’s partly the trade-waiter in me not being used to reading just a single issue any more. We only really get a look at Virulina, Leoric and Cindarr (and some of the TFs) and they feel fairly authentic to their originals, except Cindarr who is here presented as a pipe-smoking intellectual instead of a kind hearted moron, but I suspect that’s leading to him turning out to be the supposedly dead Darkstorm in disguise. There’s a panel showing him sitting in a throne under a massive statue of Darkstorm (in his original design and with his snail totem even!) which seems like foreshadowing. So I can live with that for the moment.

The problem comes with the Transformers element. Ossio’s not great at drawing them, as was seen in Revolution, and their presence means the Visionaries become just another bunch of human(oids), really. At no point in this issue does any Visionary turn into their totem form, which, I don’t know, given its the main selling point of the property, seems like the kind of thing to include in their first proper appearance. If I was part of the young Transformers comics audience (and there is one) who had no knowledge of the Visionaries going into this, I’m not sure I’d get why they’ve got small animal symbols on their armour, because literally no mention is made of it or demonstrated. That seems like a pretty heavy oversight.

Anyway, this is much better than it could have been and I’m happy enough to stick with it monthly.


First Strike is possibly the most pointless crossover I’ve ever read. It’s 6 issues of meandering rubbish followed by surprise Visionaires.