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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


It also perfectly suits the kind of work Davis-Hunt does. Ellis is very experienced now as a writer and I think he really knows how to play to the strengths of his collaborators.


In this case I think he picked the collaborator to go with the direction, to be fair.


I finally got around to Metal, which I thought was fun even if I’m losing the thread a little bit. It also feels late in the series for issues that are mostly exposition, but nobody has ever accused Snyder of brevity.

Batman was pretty great, lots of nice moments. It’s funny, if that issue had come out in the 80s or 90s, all of the same points would have been made but there is a 100% chance that someone like the Riddler would have popped up and they’d have fought him too. Decompression is a funny thing.


I don’t know if new comics were bumped to Thursday because of the holiday but let me know if Watchmen is worth buying. I’m on the fence with continuing this series…not sure I want to spend $55 on the remaining issues.


They’re bumped until tomorrow in the UK :confused:


Doomsday Clock #2 continues my assessment from last month that this is a pretty alright cape comic. The only misstep being a moment where Johns tries to make this a mature comic and it comes off as laughably off-color. But other than that - nice moments and art.


Yeah I bought it. Looking forward to it.


It does seem to sit in a weird place that way. The first issue had a lot of use of the word ‘shit’ which isn’t allowed normally in DCU books. The lead in books didn’t. Content and tone wise it is a little like having a crossover between The Flash and The Walking Dead on TV.

I’ve always found Johns has problems with that area anyway, including his infamous Avengers sex thing with Hank and Jan (which I believe has since been removed from the MU versions).


Here’s my pull for the week.

Action Comics #994
Doomsday Clock #2
Hawkman Found #1


My LCS didn’t have Hackman Found for some reason. Is it worth checking out when they get it?


It was ok. Like an extended flashback to explain where Hawkman has been.


It was light on Story, true. but… Hitch’s art was fantastic :heart_eyes:


Hitch and NOLAN. :slight_smile: Together it’ some of the best I’ve ever seen Bryan’s art look.



Action Comics #994 - It’s fun seeing Jurgens back on writing and art duties and the Superman/Booster Gold teamup is fun too but I’m not really into this story. I’m still looking forward to issue #1000.

Doomsday Clock #2 - I’m really not into this story. It’s really more because of the Watchmen connection than the DCU one. Even the pieces of the DCU that make an appearance feel more like an alternative universe than either pre-Flashpoint, New 52 or Rebirth DCU. I’m not sure whether I’ll keep going or not.

Hawkman Found #1 - There wasn’t a whole lot to this story and was just an extended dream sequence to explain where Hawkman has been. The real highlight is the @bryanhitch art.


Funny how things work out. Nick Pitarra and I have gotten chummy (yes, we both enjoy throwing fish guts to sharks) and he shared some cover work for Redneck #8. I know how much work went into this one.

That’s about 1/4th of the entire image.


Teen Titans 15 I was looking forward to this Super Sons of Tomorrow story, but so far it’s not doing a lot for me. It feels to close to the recent Detective arc with future Tim. Releasing the two stories so close together feels like an odd move.

Seeing Conner, Bart and Cassie again is cool, but I could really have done without Tim adopting a new superhero identity mid battle. It felt a bit silly.


Redneck is a good book, Ive read the first volume & enjoyed it a lot.


I only know Nick Pitarra from his Image work with Jonathan Hickman, but his work is very impressive. Thanks for sharing that, @Miqque.


It’s a weird creature. Read the second issue today.

Johns set up in the last issue that Ozymandias’ plan was a complete and utter failure almost instantly. Which kind of makes Watchmen pointless as it’s about the dilemma of whether his actions were justified for the greater good or not.
So then he meets Lex Luthor who points that out and is brushed off with ‘well I’m still really clever, probably, because I say so’. Some complete techno babble has them cross over into the DCU in the owl machine, we see a scenario about the Supermen Conspiracy that bears no regard to anything happening in the Rebirth DCU that I know of.
The new Rorshach (Reggie?) continues to have the same speech patterns as someone as far as we know he’s never met. “hurm”.
The climax is typical Johns, splash of character thought to be dead. Surprise! He pulls that stunt with every book I’ve read of his

I think really they should take the Metal approach and just go balls to the wall silliness with it. Trying to be all serious and true to Watchmen just exposes all the problems with it.


I think my real issue is that it doesn’t seem to be following up with what was set up in Rebirth or The Button. Maybe this is all precursor to that but it really feels like something completely different.