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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Which reminds me – did Bryan Hitch ever finish his REAL HEROES mini at Image?


No, and as much as I love Bryan it fits into the same category, he was able to complete several issues of DC books afterwards.

Mark Millar also takes an incredible amount of fan criticism for late or uncompleted books where his scripts were all done and dusted way in advance.


I know, right? This was a great book.


Superman #37 was stunning. A really great, bombastic start to the “Super Sons of Tomorrow” crossover. Jorge Jiminez is on art, and draws the heck out of this issue, featuring the return of Bat-Tim, from the recent Detective Comics arc. Once again, he’s travelled back in time to save the future, and he efficiently takes out both Bruce and Clark this issue before moving on to his main target.

The story continues in Super Sons #11, with Tim making his move against the Teen Titans, and revealing some of the motives behind his mission. Ryan Benjamin’s on art this issue, and is alright, if a little bit uneven. The final page made me smile, with the return of Cassie, Connor and Bart!


It’s like we have the same brain sometimes. :wink:

I need to get the rest of my reviews up.


Superman #37 (Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 1) - What an amazing issue. I’ve honestly never been a huge Tim Drake fan but this issue really utilizes the future Batman version of him well. Gleason and Tomasi continue to be on fire. Like @Vikram said, Tim’s take down of Batman and Superman in a single issue was pretty stunning. I previously thought Jiminez was one of the weaker of the rotating artists but he is really taking his game up a notch and was incredible here. As much as this whole “someone doesn’t trust Superboy” type story is getting old, they’re just being told so well. I’m looking forward to more.

Super Sons #11 (Super Sons of Tomorrow Part 2) - I really like the way they’re working these two books together. So a proper crossover now that Super Sons has established a bit of its own identity is a perfect idea. It helps that Tomasi and Gleason are involved in both. I’ll admit I’ve never been a Teen Titans fan but I do like how it affects the interaction between Jon and Damian. Once again, I agree with @Vikram that Benjamin is probably not my favorite but there weren’t any huge storytelling missteps. So I understand that might just be personal taste. Really looking forward to where this story goes and love the inclusion of the future Justice League/former Teen Titans at the end.

Wild Storm #10 - Let me start by saying that I really enjoy this book and love a lot of the concepts it’s throwing out. However, it is getting a little exposition heavy. This would make it work great as a TV show with a constrained budget. However, this is comics, the medium with the least budgetary constraints to show us truly insane and exciting shit. Also, it seems to be quite beholden to the wink, wink, nudge, nudge of old Wildstorm stories. I’ll admit that while I read some of that era in this universe, I’m far from versed in it and definitely not versed enough to pick up all the references that seem to be being dropped. So I will continue as the book is interesting I just wish Ellis would show us something rather than just talking our ear off.


Pretty apt described of Wild Storm. I think that this issue had a few pay offs though, at least in feeling like we’re reaching the midway point. Although maybe I’m just biased off of Jack goddamn Hawksmoor


I agree but even the pay off felt like it required prior knowledge. Luckily for me, it was something I actually knew as Authority is one of the books I have read.


I don’t remember the Kelly run fondly. I did like Major Disaster, but the weird Native Americans, and the lack of follow thru, the Bruce/Diana relationship, and the dumb, dumb, dumb Atlantis story …

I also liked the Martian Manhunter story, though …


That was my favorite scene of the entire relaunch to this point.


It’s tied for me with any scene where Deathblow deathblows or Grifter grifts.


I loved the Bruce-Diana relationship.


Hitch’s run was so great I got spoiled on JL. His stories were so epic I almost feel like I need to take a break while I readjust my expectations.


I feel like it worked as a payoff for some (those of us who are old school readers) and a weird, intriguing hint of things to come.

I loved it, myself. He’s my fave.


I agree and enjoyed it too but like I said, it’s largely a wink and nudge to old fans.


As a new fan I’d be really into a scene as weird and touching as that, I think.

The detail - “he always appears just when it seems like no one cares” - placed just so is what made it.


I agree with that as well. Maybe it’s my weird quasi state of knowing some Wildstorm mythology but not all of it. I pick up on some things but feel like I’m missing something in other places.

I do think this book would make a great pitch for a TV show.


Yeah I think that’s clearly the thing with the whole Wildstorm universe. They’ve ultimatized the Wildstorm U – and even more so, the DCU, in Michael Cray, they’ve taken it to the logical conclusion of the Ultimates style revamp.


Yeah absolutely I can see exactly what Ellis is doing and applaud it. He’s done the ‘widescreen’ version with anything goes and massive universe changing events on every page. This is meant to be smaller and subtler. Going back to the exact same well rarely works out fantastically.


Just finished Wildstorm #10. this was a very heavy Authority issue. The Doctor and Jenny. The engineer. and the Mayor. I think that title is actually better than the God of Cities. Like @garjones said, it is subtler.

I can not deny the first few pages with the CAT discussion were too wordy for me but I did enjoy Kenesha’s manic behavior “EXPLODY”

My favorite part was the end where Priscilla sees Jack and realizes what is going on. Hopefully she will appear more often as she is my favorite Wildcat.