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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Issue #2 is listed with Cheung too.

I do wish they would keep him on books longer. It’s rare to see him on more than a couple issues.

I honestly think this has hurt artists’ profiles on Marvel books. I saw Cheung at C2E2 earlier this year and there was no one in line at his table. My brother and I just walked up. That struck me as incredibly odd when not long ago he was one of their top talent Young Guns.


That was 2004, Ronnie.


Hahaha. Fair enough.

He’s still an artist that they put on a book launch to try to drum up attention but then he’s off within a few issues.


As someone who would buy a book because of art over writing, the practice of replacing an A-list artist with a mid-tier guy is pretty annoying for me. It happens so often (especially with Marvel) that I’ve been conditioned to wait for the first trade to come out and then see the state of the creative team. I guess it means that I’m more likely to buy their prestige titles than anything from the monthly grind.


What are you? The Calendar Police?

People age, Paul. Some better than others. Sometimes, when you’re not watching, it sorta sneaks up and bites you on the as you were saying?


Captain America #696 was an amazing issue. Close your eyes for a moment, and think about the perfect Waid & Samnee Captain America issue. How it would start, what would happen in it, how it would wrap up. Got it? Well, #696 was everything you just imagined. Right down to the letters page editorial. Awesome.

Defenders #8 was a bit of a let down after prior issues. There’s a nice bit of Kingpin’s history, illustrated by Mike Oeming; and some fun with Deadpool. But, overall, it’s a pretty quiet unremarkable issue, of an otherwise great series.


Loved the new issue of Batman. King comes across as really confident on this book now when his stuff felt a little tentative to begin with. This is all a character piece with Bruce and Clark and Lois and Selina out on a double date at the fair.

Metal - I don’t know if I’ve ever properly understood what the hell is going on in this book but for some reason the sheer fun everyone is having means I don’t really care. The Starro bit was wonderfully ridiculous. Looks great of course with Capullo drawing.


I think he was just saying that it was a while ago that Cheung was considered one of Marvel’s aces. The company may still appreciate him, but the fans have been taking him for granted for years.


Fans still seem to love Cheung when I hear him discussed. I think Marvel have just been a bit unable to manage selling artists very well since they started double shipping stuff. The ‘hot names’ seem to be shuffled around and it’s hard to keep track of which books they are on.

It’ll be interesting to see if that plan changes a) because CB Cebulski is a big art guy who has mainly been dealing with artists for a decade or more and b) how the new DC initiative of their artist driven line works sales-wise. Following some Image books like Saga they are crediting artists first even when Scott Snyder is writing.


I wonder how that DC program is going to work out for them, in the long run. We already know four of the launch titles that are going to struggle keeping the “big name” artist for more than the initial few issues. What are they going to do then? A substitute artist isn’t going to cut it, when Jim Lee is the main selling point, is it?


Haven’t DC been assigning groups of artists, with complementary styles, to individual books? It shares the load and enables them to keep it coming out and still looks good.


On the main Rebirth books, yes. But on these New Age of DC Heroes books, where the artist comes first, they are all being sold on the back of the artist’s star power.


Ah, hadn’t seen that news - oh 1 Dec it came out? Then it is pretty new.

Fuck, Lemire-Reis on The Terrifics? And there’s a good few others like that too.

Damn, if they get this right and schedule and signpost it accordingly, this could really pay off for DC. Be interesting to see how it works out.


Lee is always a worry because of his day job. Sook as well has not been good with any concept of a long run.

I can see though that they are ring-fencing these books away from the twice a month shipping stuff. I wonder if they may take it a but further along the lines of the likes of Saga and Chew and do maybe 9 issues a year. I’ll be honest I don’t really care or notice that they don’t do a full once a month schedule as long as they keep to what they have planned. The delays that hurt are when a book disappears for long stretches.


There are a bunch that I’m interested in, don’t get me wrong, but I can’t see Lee or Sook or Kubert lasting more than a 2-3 issues on a monthly book. If they relax the schedule to 8 or 9 issues per year? That would be more believable, certainly.


I fully understand your scepticism Vikram and it’s a good point. (Although I’d say Kubert at least could do it, he has in the past, so has Lee but without a second very important job). Sook’s longest run ever is 6 issues 14 years ago!

I do think people would forgive a relaxation of the monthly grind but only as long as books don’t go AWOL as they tend to have done. I’ll be honest I’d be perfectly happy with a bi-monthly artist led book.


Marvel comics have a letters page?!


Marvel’s correspondence sheet has a comic?!


I didn’t say there were any letters on it (just an editorial) :wink:


Artists also need to hold up their end too if they want to be the focus. I don’t think fans need to be convinced, sales on books go huge when Jim Lee is on for example, no creator past the 90s boom has more titles launch at over 200k issues sold. There are books I will buy solely because of the artist.

They can’t always play the victim if they can’t deliver. If Ryan Sook can only do 3 issues a year and the rest are fill-ins then he can’t argue there should be more artist led books.