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The Ongoing New Comics Thread


Is that new Wild Storm I can see in the corner there? Excellent.


Looks like a pretty big haul for me today, Batman #37, Dark Nights: Metal #4, Super Sons #11, Superman #37, Wild Storm #10 and Marvel 2-in-1 #1.




DC needs to space their top-tier books out a little bit.


Agreed. I usually prefer 3 books a week.

I’m not going to complain too much though because things are so good right now.


Everything you say to me puts me one step closer to the edge.


And I’m about to break!


I need a little room to breathe?


OK, everyone, spread out a bit.


It looks like the first issue of Ed Piskor’s X-Men: Grand Design is out today too. I plan on waiting for the collections that are supposed to be similar to the oversized Hip-Hop Family Tree collections.


It almost seems a waste of time splitting it into 2 issues. The first one I just saw on Comixology is pretty expensive.


I think Piskor is doing something similar with his Hip-Hop Family Tree books now. Maybe some people prefer the standard comic size or something. I really like the oversize trade stuff.

Edit: Also, it looks like the first trade is out April 3rd.


I’ll read it on Unlimited. I love Hip-Hop Family Tree but the main reason I do is because I was learning loads of new stuff reading it. As a complete X-Men nerd, especially for the eras he’s covering, he’s basically going to be recounting what I already now.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised but it’s the reason, despite being a big fan of his work, I’m not overly excited by this project.


Is this the comic book equivalent of “Meh, I’ll wait for cable.”? :wink:

I’m curious to see how he condenses so many years of X-Men history. I think he’ll add a fun spin too.


Cable? Oh wait, you meant cable.


I’m going to buy a little more of Priest’s Justice League but maybe not too much. He’s a great writer but his approach of integrating realism and geopolitical issues into superheroes is better served on books like Black Panther and Deathstroke than on the Justice League I think.

So far this arc is about (among other things) a terrorist grabbing Wonder Woman’s sword and stabbing a nun with it, making a lot of people very upset. The arc is called “the People Vs the Justice League” and I dunno…is this what we want from a Justice League comic?

I do like the way he’s portraying the JL as first responders and this strategic special task force responding to various emergencies but so far the run is underwhelming. I’m not into the art either, which never helps.


JL is already reminding me of when Joe Kelly took over after Mark Said left way back when. I feel a precipitous drop is coming on the title.


Holy great comics, Batman! I only read 3 of the 6 comics I picked up but they were amazing.

Batman #37 - Wow. This issue was a fun double date with Clark, Bruce and their significant others. King’s depiction of Lois and Selina really steals the show. I hope they become one of the new great friendships in the DCU. Clay Mann’s art is also fantastic. It’s like a perfect blend of Jim Lee and Travis Charest. He’s such an amazing storyteller that he even makes this somewhat slice of life issue incredibly visually interesting. I was just going to pick up these two issues but now I’ll likely give the Wonder Woman Leg of the Super Friends story a shot.

Dark Nights: Metal #4 - Another suitably insane issue. I love how wide reaching this issue is as far as DCU mythos. The alternate Superman at the beginning were pretty cool designs as well especially Superman in the Lex armor. Even a lame villain like Starro is made useful and cool here. I love how they’re using continuity to their advantage when necessary and letting it go when not. The editor’s note below is a perfect example of how they’re just having fun with everything. I was running kind of cold on this book due to the space between main title issues but I’m very much on board again with Snyder and Capullo’s opus to awesomeness.


Marvel 2-in-1 #1 - If you’re going to restart the Fantastic Four, this is how you do it. I love the intrigue and ideas for the road back to uniting the Four that Zdarsky is laying out. It really pays homage to everything the team stands for and what has brought them to this moment while telling a new and incredibly interesting story. Cheungs art just screams “classic” while being incredibly modern. I’m curious to see the adventure they have planned for Ben and Johnny and will look forward to more of this.


Didn’t you like the Kelly run? I thought it was pretty awesome. Very much the “All New All Different” JLA. A nice mix of new and old characters, pretty epic storylines, and some fantastic Mahnke artwork. I thought it was a massive improvement over the Waid run that preceded it (which was all rather safe and somewhat bland).


Cheung’s only on the first issue. If he’d managed to do a few issues, at least, I’d probably have been game to give it a go too.